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Publicity for the library. “When a town has a library, and the library has the books,

the real work of the library has not commenced.”

Other subjects treated in the exhibit were: Book rebinding; efficiency in library service; library buildings, and training for library work. The following list of library training schools was displayed: New York Public Library School; Pittsburgh Training School for Children's Libraries; Simmons College Library School; St. Louis Public Library Training Class; Syracuse University Library School; University of Wisconsin Library School; Western Reserve Library School; University of Illinois Library School; Atlanta Carnegie Library Training School; California State Library School; Chicago Public Library Training Class; New York State Library School; Pratt Institute School of Library Science; Riverside Public Library School; Los Angeles Library School.


Medical education.Though not primarily an education exhibit in the narrower sense, the American Medical Association exhibit gave some attention to medical education. Several charts showed the improved entrance requirements to medical colleges. The map on page 87 indicates the present status of preliminary education in the various States.

AMERICAN MOUTH HYGIENE ASSOCIATION. Care of the teeth as the basis of good health was emphasized in the exhibit of the American Mouth Hygiene Association. A fully equipped model dental clinic, such as might be installed in any up-todate school system, was exhibited, and there were frequent demonstrations of modern dental work. The Forsyth Infirmary, of Boston, was pointed to as representing the answer of one city to the question of caring for children's teeth.


The exhibit of the American Social Hygiene Association was notable for its emphasis on the educational phase of the sex problem. As an important part of education for social hygiene it was urged that the school should train pupils in “home craft”; encourage parent-teacher organizations; and develop recreation centers. Ten “chapters on social hygiene," directed to the promotion and guidance of sex education, were as follows: I. Parents. II. Home. III. Knowledge. . IV. Recreation. V. Occupation. VI. Marriage. VII. Education. VIII. Religion. IX. Medicine. X. Law. Parents should secure for the child good heredity, good health, good habits, according to this outline. Harmful sex habits are often due to lack of early training in personal hygiene, it was

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An attractive exhibit, free from sensational features, emphasizing the educational aspects of social hygiene.

declared. The home should provide good environment, good playmates, good social training. Training in the social conventions is a moral safeguard for both boys and girls.

Recreation should give a sound body, a sound mind, and a sound environment. Physical exercises and training rules are safeguards. Mental recreation is also needed in the battle for normal sex life. Wholesome social recreation for men and women conserves stand


The life process, nature study, and sex education as illustrated in the social hygiene exhibit.

ards of morality. Through education sound knowledge of social hygiene is diffused, plainly but delicately, without exaggeration or morbid suggestion, and with due regard for parental rights and religious convictions.

Throughout the exhibit the point was emphasized that children can safely be taught the essentials of sex life through nature study without the undue stress that treatment as a separate subject of instruction might involve; and a number of attractive pictures, as well as live pets, were displayed to show how effective these methods could be.

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