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Hearts unto wisdom, apply our, 822.
Heart's core, wear him in my, 138.

current lends the cup its glow, 636.
deep well, 683.
desires be with you, your, 66.
hope and home, 574.

supreme ambition, 377.
Heartache, end the, 135.
Heartfelt joy, sunshine and, 319.
Hearth, clean fire and clean, 508.

cricket on the, 250.

vanished from his lonely, 486.
Heartsome wi' thee, 671.
Heart-stain, ne'er carried a, 519.
Heart-strings, jesses were iny dear, 153.
Heart-throbs, count time by, 654.
Hearty old man, 500.
Heat, cold that mouerates, 792.

fantastic sunner's, 81.
for the cold and cold for the hot, 792.
have neither, nor light, 180.
ma'am it was so dreadiul, 461.
not a furnace for your foe, 98.
of conflict, through the, 476.
of the day, burden and, 840.
one, doth drive another, 36.
one draught above, 7+.

that Promethean, 156.
Heath, land of brown, 489.

my foot is on my native, 493.
Heathen Chinee is peculiar, 669.
Heath-power dashed the dew, from the,

Heating, warm without, 312.
Heat-oppressed brain, 119.
Heaven a time ordains, 252.

all places alike distant from, 190.
all that we believe of, 280.
all the way to, 259.
all things in, and earth, 31.
alone is given away, 658.
and earth, more things in, 133.
and earth untolds, 57.
and happy constellations, 238.
and home, points of, 485.
approving, 335.
around our infancy, 658.
around us all, 522.
ascribe to, 73.
beauteous eye of, 79.
beholding, feeling hell, 526.
below, like a little, 302.
better than serve in, 224.
breaks the serene of, 507.
breath of, 416.
bright sun of, 101.
bring with thee airs from, 130.
but tries our virtue, 380.
cannot heal, no sorrow that, 524.
commences, his, 396.
confess yourself to, 141.
dear to, is saintly chastity, 245.
dearest foe in, 128.
deeds are the sons of, 368.
doth with us as we with torches, 46.
drowsy with the harmony, 56.
every heart aspires to, 534.
overy purpose under the, 830.

Heaven, every virtue under, 329.

exhaled and went to, 308.
face of, so fine, 107.
fantastic tricks before high, 48.
farther off from, 583.
fault to, 127.
fell from, 225.
fiercest spirit that fought in, 226.
first taught letters, 333.
first-born, offspring of, 230.
floor of, is thick inlaid, 65.
fragrance smells to, 362.
from all creatures hides, 315.
from, it came, 508.
from yon blue, 624.
gained a friend from, 386.
gates of, to the, 473.
gems of, 233.
gentle rain from, 64.
gives its favourites early death, 546.
gluttony ne'er looks to, 246.
God alone to be seen in, 553.
God is in his, 644.
good sense the gift of, 322.
grants before the prayer, 269.
great eye of, 27.
had made her such a man, 150.
harbingers to, 221.
has no rage like love to hatred turned

has not power upon the past, 274.
has willed we die alone, 569.
hath done for this land, what, 510.
he cried, 0, 513.
he gained from, a friend, 386.
hell I suffer seems a, 231.
high hope for a low, 54.
hills whose heads touch, 150.
his blessed part to, 100.
how art thou fallen from, 833.
husbandry in, 119.
in each heart a little, 288.
in her eye, 237.
in hope to merit, 510.
invites hell threatens, 307.
is heard no more in, 23).
is love for love is heaven, 487.
is not always angry, 289.
is shining o'er u8, 675.
is there care in, 28.
itself would stoop to her, 246.
journey like the path to, 244.
joy of, to earth come down, 672.
just are the ways of, 34.
kindred points of, 485.
lay up treasures in, 838.
leave her to, 132.
led the way to, 313.
legs of earth than, 491.
lies about us in our infancy, 477.
light from, 447, 549.
light of, restore, 340.
livery of the court of, 588.
made him, every man is as, 788.
man alone beneath the, 488.
matches are made in, 192.
moderation the gift of, 698.
my offence is rank it smells to, 139

Heaven nothing can cover bis fame but, | Heavens, spangled, a shining frame, 300 198,

that which we call the, 717. nothing true but, 524.

Heaven's best treasures, 357. of charms divine, 343.

breath smells wooingiy, 117. of hell, in itself can make a, 224

chancery, flew up to, 379. of invention, the brightest, 90.

cherubim horsed, 118. offspring of. 230.

decree, curst by, 398. on earth, 232.

ebon vault, 568. one minute of, 526.

eternal year is thine, 270. opened wide ber ever-during gates, first law, order is, 319. 230,

gate, the lark at, 150. opening bud to, conveyed, 500.

gates, she claps ber wings at, 32 or bell, suinmons thee to, 119.

hand, argue not against, *29. path to, 24.

help is better than early rising, 780. permit to, 210.

immortal noon, 566). Persian's, is easily made, 519.

last best gift, 235. pities hapless man, 313.

lights, godfathers of, 54. places shall be hell that are not, 41. melodious strains, 610. points out an hereaiter, 293.

own light, 496. prayer ardent opens, 309.

pavement, riches of, 225. quite in the verge of, 307.

Sovereign saves, 308. recompense did send, 386.

sweetest air, 162. remedies we ascribe to, 73.

wide pathless way, 250. report they bore to, 307.

Heaven-born band, 405. riches flow from bounteous, 346. Heaven-directed to the poor, 321. sends us good meat, 388.

Heaven-eyed creature, 486. she did but dream of, 270.

Heaven-kissing hill, 140. shed, light which, 522.

Heavenly blessings, 302. silent finger points to, 481.

days that cannot die, 409. so much of earth so much of, 172. empire of the, 29. Boul look down from, 277.

gift of poesy, profaned thy, 270. soul white an, 197.

habitants, converse with, 245. sounds my fame, 344.

harmony, from, 271. spires point to, 481,

hope is all serene, 535. starry cope of, 234.

host, ye, 278. steep and thorny way to, 129.

jewel, have I caught my, 34. stole the livery of, 588.

lays, pure delight by, 477. succour dawns from, 492.

maid was young, 390. sweetened by the airs of, 597.

paradise is that place, 485. taken quick to, 37.

spirits, is there love in, 28. the selisame, that frowns, 98.

Heaven-taught lyre, 377. things are the sons of, 368.

Heaviest battalions, soi. thy hues were born in, 574.

Heariness, spirit of, 834. to be young was very, 476.

Heavy and red, eyelids, 585. to earth, doth glance from, 59.

change, but I the, 247. to gaudy day denies, which, 551. Hebrew in the dying light, 589. to the weary head, 584.

Hecuba to him, what 's, 134. too, all this and, 282.

Hector still survives, while, 338. tries the earth, 658.

Hedge a king, divinity doth, 142. 't was whispered in, 't was muttered in Hedgehog rolled up, lies like a, 584. hell, 674.

Hedgehogs dressed in lace, 635. upon earth, that, 584.

Heed for himself, will take no, 470. visits, places the eye of, 80.

take, lest he fall, 845. wanted one immortal song, 267. Heedless, unwise to be, 715. was all tranquillity, 527.

Heeds not he hears not, 666. were not heaven if we knew what it Heel, at his, a stone, 405. were, 256.

of the courtier, 143, when earth was nigher, 644.

tread each other's, 308. will bless your store, 433.

tread upon another's, 143. winds of, visit her face, 128.

Heels, Cæsar with a senate at his, 319. with all its splendors, 658.

detraction at your, 76. Heavens blaze forth the death of princes,

I took to my,

703. 112.

of pleasure, treads upon the, 295. bowed the high, 23.

slippers good to the, 637. declare the glory of God, 819.

with an income at its, 415. hear these tell-tale women, 97.

Height, objects in an airy, 287. hung be the, with black, 93.

of man, measure of the, 719. should fall, if ever the, 771.

of this great argument, 223.

Heights by great men reached, 016. Helm, pleasure at the, 393. other, in other lives, 645.

when the sea is calm, 710. the soul is competent to gain, 480. Hellespont and the Propontic, 155. Heir of all the ages, C20.

Helmet for a blow on the head, 764. of fame, great, 251.

shall make a hive for bees, 25. the world creatiou's, 394.

that is Mambrino's, 786. to, shocks that flesh is, 135.

Help, angels make assay, 139. to the first, each second stood, 149. encunibers him with, 370.

with all her children wants an, 321. hindrance and a, 472. Heirs of truth and pure delight, 477.

his ready, was ever nigh, 366. unknown, 321.

in trouble, a very present, $20. Helen, like another, 272.

me Cassius or I sink, 110. Helen's beauty in a brow of Egypt, 59. me, who ran to, 535. Helicon's harmonious springs, 382.

of man, vain is the, 821. Helios, Antigonous the son of, 740.

others out of a fellow-feeling, 185. Hell, agreement with, 605, 834.

past, should be past grief, 77. all places shall be, 41.

themselves, God helps them that, 300 beholding heaven feeling, 526.

thyself and God will, 206, 797. better to reign in, 224.

Helper, our antagonist is our, 411. blasts from, 130.

our, he amid the flood, 770. broke loose, all, 231.

Helter-skelter hurry-scurry, 506. characters of, to trace, 383.

Heinpen string, sing in a, ist. contains no fouler tiend, 315.

Hen gathereth her chickens, 811. cunning livery of, 48.

Hender, no one nigh to, 639. damned use that word in, 108.

Henpecked you all, 555. detests him as the gates of, 338. Heraclitus would not laugh, what, 484, fear of, 's a hangman's whip, 418. Herald Mercury, like the, 140. for hoarding went to, 95.

no other, after my death, 101. for horses, England, 192.

of joy, perfectest, 51. for women, Italy, 192.

Herald's coat without sleeves, 87. from beneath is moved, 833.

Heraldry, our new, is hauds, 155. grew darker at their frown, 229.

the boast of, 381. guests in the depths of, 825.

Herbe, dainty tlowre or, 28. has no fury like a woman scorned, 294. Herbs and other country messes, 248. I suffer seems a heaven, 231.

better is a dinner of, 826. injured lover's, 235.

powerful grace that lies in, 106. into the mouth of, 628.

Hercules do what he may,

115. is full of good intentions, 372.

he is a second, 722. is full of good meaniugs, 205.

no more like than I to, 128. is moved for thee, 833.

Herd, the lowing, 384.
it is in suing long to bide, 29.

Here a little and there a little, 834.
itself breathes out contagion, 139. I and sorrows sit, 79.
long is the way out of, 227.

in the body pent, 497.
making earth a, 510.

is the whole set, 442. milk of concord into, 124.

's to the housewife, 442. myself am, 231.

's to the maiden, 442. no fiend can match in, 296.

's to the widow of fifty, 442. of heaven in itself can make a, 224. lies a truly honest man, 259. of waters, 545.

lies our sovereign, 279. of witchcraft, 163.

nor there, neither, 156. paved with good intentions, 372.

rests his head, 386. procuress to the lords of, 632.

we will sit, 65. quiet to quick bosoms is a, 513. Hereafter, points out an, 298. rebellious, 110.

Hereditary bondemen, 541. riches grow in, 225.

Heritage, I have a goodly, 818. shall stir for this, all, 93.

noble by, 285. summons thee to heaven or to, 1.9. of old age, 608 terrible as, 228.

of woe, lord of himself, that, 551 threatens heaven invites, 307.

service is no, 73. to choose love by another's eyes, 57.,

the sea, our, 537. to ears polite, never mentions, 322. Hermit, a sceptred, 677. trembled at the hideous name, 229. dwell a weeping, 390. 'twas muttered in, 674.

dwell, shall I like a, 26. which way I fly is, 231.

man the, sighed, 513. within him, 231.

of Prague, the old, 77. within myself, I feel a, 218.

of the dale, gentle, 402. Hell's concave, tore, 224. Helm, Palinurus nodded at the, 332.

Hermitage, take that for an, 260.

Hero and the man complete, 299.

Hero as in life a friend, 310.

he who aspires to be a, 374.
made by murder of millions, 425.
perish or sparrow fall, 315.
see the conquering, 281.

to his valet, no one is a, 740.
Herod, out-herouls, 137.
Heroes as great have died, 310.

hail ye, heaven-born band, 465.

of old, my peers the, 650.
Heroic deed, counsel and, 456.

enterprise is gone, 109.
poein a biography, 578.

stoic Cato, 559.
Herostratus lives, 219.
Herring, nor good red, 13.
Herringe, Douglas in red, 563.
Herte, seson priketh every gentil, 2.
Herveys, men women and, 461.
Hesitate dislike, 327.
Hesperus that led the starry host, 233.
Heterodoxy another man's doxy, 808.
Hew and hack, somebody to, 211.
Hexameter, in the, 504.
Hey-day in the blood, 110.
Hic jacet, its forlorn, i69.

these two narrow words, 27.
Hid, murder cannot long be, 02.
Hidden soul of harmony, 219.
Hide her shame, 403.

man within him, 49.
myself in thee, let me, 432.
offences to bare to, 101.
the fault I see, to, 331.
their diminished heads, 231.
those hills of snow, 49, 184.
thou wear a lion's, 79.

your diminished rays, 322.
Hides a dark soul, 244.

a shining face, 123.
beauties while she, reveals, 378.

from himself his state, 305.
Hideous, makes night, 331.

making night, 131.
Hiding-place, dark and lonely, 501.
Hierophants of inspiration, 568.
Hies to his confine, erring spirit, 126.
High ambition lowly laid, 187.

and low, death makes equal, 9.
and paliny state of Rome, 126.
characters cries one, 257.
converse, hold, 356.
erected thoughts, 34.
estate, fallen from his, 271.
hope for a low heaven, 54.
hopes, stirred up with, 254.
instincts, 478.
life, high characters from, 320.
mountains are a feeling, 543.
of the most, cometh healing, 837.
on a throne of royal state, 226.
over-arched, 224, 239.
thinking and plain living, 472.

to Him no, no low, 316.
High-blown pride broke under me, 99.
High-born Hoel's harp, 383.
Higher law than the Constitution, 595.
Highest, peppered the, 399.

Highest thing is truth, 4.
Highland Mary, spare his, 618.
Highlands, muy heart's in the, 10.
High-lived company, 402.
Highly fed and lowly taught, 73.

what thou wouldst, 117.
Highness' dog at Kew, 331.
High-road to England, 370.
Highways, rivers are, 799.
Hill apart, sat on a, 228.

by the wind-beaten, 515.
city that is set on an, 838.
cot beside the, 155,
had clinbed the highest, 673.
heaven-kissing, 140.
king of France went up the, 686
on the 'customed, 386.
that skirts the down, 428.

yon high eastward, 127.
Hits ancient as the sun, 572.

and valleys dales and fields, 40.
cattle upou a thousand, $20.
far across the, they went, 627.
happy, pleasing shade, 381.
hewn on Norwegian, **?4.
of snow, hide those, 19, 184.
of the stormy north, 511.
over the, and far away, 318, 027.
peep o'er hills, 333.
rock-ribbed and ancient, 572.
strong amid the, 134.
to the reverberate, 75.
where spices grow, 302.

whose heads touch heaven, 150.
Hillside, conduct ye to a, 233.
Him, from, that hath not, 811.

no high no low to, 316.

of the western dome, 268.
Himself a host, 337.

from God he could not free, 598.
Hind mated by the lion, 73.

rational, Costard, 54.
Hinders needle and thread, 585.
Hindmost, devil take the, 211.
Hindrance and a help, 472.
Hinge nor loop, 154.
Hinges, golden, moving, 236.

grate harsh thunder, 229.
pregnant, of the knee, 137.
Hint a fault, just, 327.

to speak, it was my, 150.

upon this, I spake, 151.
Hip and thigh, smote them, 814.

have ye him on the, 18.

I have you on the, 65.
Hippocrene, blushful, 575.
Hire, labourer is worthy of his, 842.
His faith might be wrong, 260.

time is forever, 260.
Hiss for the fly, the Lord shall, 833.
Historian of my country's woes, 342.

poet naturalist and, 367.
Histories make men wise, 168.
History, anything but, 304.

assassination has never changed, 607
best studied, 590.
bloom upon the stock of, 486.
dignity of, 304, 593.

History, ever hear by tale or, 57.

Holland lies, where, 395.
hath triumphed over time, 26.

Hollow, all was false and, 226.
he has invented, 801.

blasts of wind, 317.
in a nation's eyes, 385.

murmurs died away in, 390.
is philosophy teaching by examples, oak our palace is, 537.

Hollows crowned with summer sea, 629.
must be false, 304.

| Hollow-eyed, sharp-looking, 50.
oi England written with knowledge, Hoily branch on the old oak wall, 582.

Holy angels guard thy bed, 302.
picture of human crimes, 801.

ground, call it, 5711.
portance in my travels', 150.

haunted ground, 511.
register of crimes, 430.

text around she strews, 385.
repeats itself, SOX

time is quiet as a nun, the, 470.
strange eventful, 09.

writ, old odd ends stolen out of, 96.
truth of anything by, 724.

writ, proots of, 154.
what is her, 75.

Homage, all things do her, 31.
with all her volumes, 546.

from contemporaries, 591.
Hit, a very palpable, 145.

of a tear, the, 511.
the nail on the head, 183.

of thoughts unspoken, 616.
Hits the mark, 161.

vice pays to virtue, 705.
Hitch your wagon to a star, 603.

worthless pomp oi, 571.
Hitches in a rhyme, 328.

Home, anchor of our peace at, 435.
Hitherto shalt thou come, 817.

at ease, live at, 170,
Hive for bees, his helmet a, 25.

at evening's close, hie him, 386.
Hiring wisdom, 514.

behold our, 550.
Hoar antiquity, ways of, 403.

best country ever is at, 394.
Hoard of maxims preaching, 626.

day's march nearer, 497.
Hoarding went to hell, for his, 95.

deep imaged in his soul, 345.
Hoarse rough verse, 324.

draw near their eternal, 221.
Hoarseness of his note, 423.

dream of, 525.
Hoary head is a crown of glory, 826.

exile from, 568.
my days but dull and, 261.

filled one, with glee, 570.
Hobby-horse is forgot, 138.

God who is our, 477.
Hobgoblin, consisteucy is a,


his footsteps he hath turned, 488.
Hobson's choice, 857.

homely features to keep, 246.
Hocus pocus science, 350.

I am going, 598.
Hoe, tickle the earth with a, 597.

in a better place at, 67.
Hoel's harp, to high-born, 383.

in the ambush of my name strike, 47.
Hog in Epicurus' sty, fattest, 393.

is home though ever so homely, 508.
Hogs eat acorns, greater ease than, 210. is on the deep, 514.
Hoist with his own petar, 141.

kiss till the cow comes, 197.
Hold a candle, 351.

keep his only son at, 392.
enough, cries, 126.

make friends at, 722.
fast that which is good, 847.

makes her loved at, 447.
high converse, 356.

man goeth to his long, 831.
his peace hereafter, forever, 850.

next way, farthest way about, 204.
makes nice of no vile, 79.

no place like, 568.
the fleet angel, 362.

of the brave, 517.
the fort I am coming, 681.

old England is our, 605.
the mirror up to nature, 137.

on the rolling deep, 679.
thou the good, 632.

out of house and, 89.
to have and to, 850.

points of heaven and, 485.
with the hare, 12.

revered abroad and loved at, 447.
Holds fast the golden mean, 424.

sweet home, 568.
Hole, Cugar might stop a, 114.

that dear hut our, 362.
in a' your coats, 449.

there's nobody at, 336.
like a poisoned rat in a, 292.

though never so homely, 568.
mouse of one poor, 206, 336.

to men's bosoms, 164.
of discretion, the little, 56.
Holes, foxes have, 839.

to roost, chickens come, 606.

uneasy and confined at, 315.
triangular and square, 461.

when you knock is never at, 415.
where eyes did once inhabit, 96. Homes, forced from their, 395.
Holiday, to make a Roman, 546.

homeless near a thousand, 465.
Holidays, all the year were playing, 83.
Holiday-rejoicing spirit, 509.

of England, the stately, 569.

of silent prayer, eyes are, 632.
Holiest thing alive, 502.

Home-bound fancy, 594.
Hobily, that wouldst thou, 117.

Home-bred kine, beeves and, 474.
Holiness, in the beauties of, 823.

Home-keeping youth, 44.

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