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and papers of the association. He shall con-
duct the correspondence of the Exchange, and
keep a record of the closing and opening of
the transfer books for dividends, elections, etc.,
of the various corporations whose stocks are
dealt in at the Exchange, the amount of such
dividends and when payable, and shall post the
same on the bulletin board. He shall also
keep a ledger containing the names of all the
members, with the date of admission, by pur-
chase or otherwise, and all transfers of mem-
bership; also a list of suspended members. He
shall record the fines imposed by the presid-
ing officer, and collect them every month; he
shall also collect all dues from members, and
shall pay over into the hands of the Treasurer
all moneys received by him for account of the
Exchange as soon as collected, and he shall

perform such other duties as the Governing
Committee may direct. He shall act as Secre-

tary of the Governing Committee when request

ed by them to do so, and he shall be required

to give a bond, the same to be in all respects

satisfactory to the Governing Committee.

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It shall be the duty of a Clerk, to be employed by the Arrangement Committee, to attend at the Exchange during the hours of business, to enter in a fair and legible hand, in a book provided for that purpose, all sales made during sessions, those made at any time in the room, properly reported to him by the seller, to announce them in an audible voice as often as he may be directed to do so by the Chairman during the sessions; to furnish members, when requested, with a list of their purchases, sales or contracts; to deposit books of record in a fire-proof vault, so that none but members may have access to them without permission of the President or Secretary, and then only in the presence of an officer of the Exchange. He shall not directly or indirectly deal in stocks on his own account.

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may be served; and it shall be the duty of every member to keep filed with the Secretary a written notice designating such place of business, and similarly to give notice of any change thereof. Any member neglecting to comply with this rule may be considered in default on his contracts, and such contracts may be closed out according to Article XVII of the By-Laws.

SEc. 2. Whenever a member shall form a partnership with another member or person, he shall immediately give written notice thereof to the President, and announcement of the same shall be made to the Exchange by the presiding officer, and a notice of such partnership shall then be posted in the board room for a period of ten days.

Any member failing to comply with this Article shall be suspended at the discretion of the Governing Committee.

SEc. 3. In like manner notice must be given of any dissolution of partnership, and it shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of all partnerships and dissolutions.

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