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Then the next thing

They made a swing, But Jill set up a big cry,

For the swing gave way

In the midst of their play, And threw her into the pig-sty.

The sow came by;

Says Jack, “I'll try
If I can't ride this prancer;

She's a good hack,—

I'll mount her back
And fancy myself a lancer."

The sow ran and squalled,

And Jack loudly bawled, And Jill joined in the choir ;

Dog Ball being near,

Caught the sow by the ear, And threw Jack in the mire.

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Though Jack was not hurt,

He was all over dirt, I wish


had but seen him ! And how Jill did jump

With him to the pump, And pumped on him to clean him.

Hearing the rout,

Dame Gill ran out,
And the sow,—still held by Ball,-

Against her came,
And the


old dame Over both of them did fall !

To help the dame

Her children came,
And matters were all set right;

Then all the three

Went in to tea,
And wish you now "good night.”

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