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Dreated Contributions to the Works: Justicosfor the

proper distribution of the Hearg

RevR. Bavne M.A. Elgin Scor

Thomas Beck. London.......
James Boden .Shilfuld....
David Bogue A.M.Gosport

S. Bottomley. Scarborough - J.Brewer, Birminghum...... Thomas Bryson,

1, London... George Burder, Coventry.

J.Coekin, Halifix.
- A.Duncanfon, Airtrie Sect:

John Eyre A.M.Hackney.
Andrew Fuller, kültering.....
S. Greatheed. Vewport Pagn!
T.Haweis L.L.B.. Ildwinkle

Rev.Jos. Jefferson , Basingstoke

- W. Kingsbury. A.M. Southam" - George Lambert, Hull. Herbert Mends, Plymouth...

Edward Parsons, Leeds...... - Samuel Pearce, Birmingham

W. Roby, Manchester ....

John Ryland. D. D. Bristol _ Rob. Simpson. A M. Herren

John Smart, Stirling sill? -John Towufend. London.

Alex.Waugh.A.M. London

Matthew Wilks, London.... -E.Williams. D.D. Rotherham

Curscives your Servants for Jesus sake. 2 Cor. x.á.

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Volimnie VI.

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THE several efforts made in the course of the past year, by Evangelical

Christians of various denominations, to promote mutual affection, and extend the interest of the Redeemer's kingdom, have by no means disappoint. ed the sanguine expectations we formed at its commencement, froni a review we then took of the state of the religious world.

Three new societies, the Baptift, Congregational, and Itinerant, have been established in London, for diffusing, more extensively, the Gospel of Christ in the unenlightened parts of our own country; a respectable addition has been made to the County Associations, for the same purpose; and several Itinerant Ministers have been employed in this important work, both in England and Scotland, with the happiest prospects of success.

The Catholic spirit also, displayed in the many infances we have recorded, merits our warmest encomium; and will, we hope, increase, till all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in fincerity, are still more closely united; especially as this may be accomplished without giving up the grand diftinguiding principles of the gospel ; or interfering, in any respect, with our educational peculiarities. Much of this spirit of Catholicism has been juity attributed to the institution of Milionary Societies, which have encreased and flourished during the last year, both with us and in America; and we are happy in the prospect of the formation of a fimilar fociety in


We are thankful for the many judicious observations we have been alvoured with on " the means of doing good :" the paper which appears in the present number, on Sunday Schools, may be considered as a lpecimen of the useful information we are thereby enabled to lay before our readers, un that

, and other subjects of the fame kind, which will be brought forward

in their order,

Though brevity has been frequently recoinmended to our correspondents, We never found it more necessary than at present, when the great increase of Religions Intelligence demands fo conliderable a portion of our room. A work like ours requires variety, which cannot be maintained but by hort lively pieces. These are best calculated to attract the general attention of readers, and consequently, if well written, are most likely to be use. ful. Except, therefore, on Biography, or a few other veryinteresting fubje:êts, we with no article may ever exceed two or three pages,




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