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Complete in One Volume, post 8vo, with Illustrations

and a Map. 78. 6d.

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Beautiful and enchanting volume of foreign talk and travel.”Daily Telegraph.

“She has an artist's eye for the details of scenery and colouring, and her descriptions, even of subjects so well known and often handled as the coral. reef, have a freshness which is all their own ; while by the kindred power of instinctively seizing on the most effective points, she carries her readers with her through many a quaint and picturesque scene of native life, with the evervarying and beautiful background of sea-coast or forest or river-bank, and enables them to realise her keen sense of enjoyment in it all. She gives us interesting details of the potters' work, in which Fiji stands pre-eminent throughout the Pacific. .......From Fiji Miss Gordon Cumming visited New Zealand, and saw the wonders of the great volcanic and geyser district of the North Island. Her account of her adventures here, though the journey was hurried, is excellent, and has nearly all the merits which give their peculiar charm and interest to the letters from Fiji.”—Athenæum.

" As the picturesque record of a sojourn in little-known lands, and a thrilling account of customs which are happily becoming things of the past,

At Home in Fiji' is a very interesting and readable work.”—Saturday Review.

“Miss Gordon Cumming has an intense appreciation of the beauties of nature, combined with a sympathetic interest in humanity. Her letters are instinct with life; the Fijians and their picturesque habits are depicted in vivid sketches which remain in the memory, and give a better idea of our new territories than could be conveyed in a more exhaustive history.”Land and Water.

Anything more pleasant, amusing, and magnificently descriptive of places and people than this volume of notes has seldom been written about any place, much less of Fiji.”The World.

"This book has been much praised, but never enough. Miss Cumming is another of our wonderful lady travellers. ...... This new book will be useful to people who are interested in colonisation questions, but it will be infinitely more useful and pleasant to those who are interested in human nature. The volume tempts one to return to it again and again."-Vanity Fair.

"We heartily commend this most captivating work to students of British and Colonial history.”Christian Union.


“We must record our unqualified pleasure in this bright, sparkling, fascinating book of travels.”The Watchman.

“ Her

pen and her pencil enable the reader to thoroughly enjoy the innumerable scenes of tropical beauty that are to be found among the wild mountains and palm and coral fringed coasts of these fertile and lovely islands. Not less will they appreciate the accounts given of the Fijian customs, and of the remarkable evidences of the native taste and skill displayed in the graceful and artistic mékés or descriptive dances, and their pottery and cloth manufactures,

.. In the matter and in the manner, the book has every claim to the popularity which it will doubtless secure."-Scotsman.

“Miss Gordon Cumming is one of the most engaging of travellers, and this record of her experiences in Fiji is one of the most engaging of books - Truth.

“We have never come across a more ably written, entertaining, and thoroughly useful volume than this with which we are now concerned."Whitehall Review.

" At Home in Fiji' is full of all sorts of information, and is quite as interesting to the archæologist as to the missionary....... The descriptions of the beautiful scenery of the Fijian group of islands will be found most delightful reading."-Illustrated London News.

“She has produced a volume of very great interest. Not only is it highly amusing—there is scarcely a dull page from cover to cover-but it contains a great number of important facts and statistics that will be in the highest degree useful to any one interested in Fiji.”-Sunday Times.

“In this admirable volume, so well written and so full of interest throughout, beyond most telling and instructive descriptions of the country, and of the customs and manufactures of the people, and of their state and conduct when in their barbarous condition, we have also their conversion and religious character and general conduct honestly exhibited.......As a book of travel it is full of incident-riveting attention from beginning to end.” Methodist Recorder.

“She has given us the most entertaining and popular account yet written of our new annexation in the Pacific."- Manchester Examiner.

“All Miss Gordon Cumming says is invested with a grace and freshness and sprightliness suggestive of vigorous health, of keen enjoyinent of life, and of intense appreciation of all the beauties of nature.”Glasgow Herald.

Miss Gordon Cumming and Miss Bird are, perhaps, the most delightful lady travellers of the day.”Liverpool Mail.

“Miss Cumming revels in description of scenery.”Literary World,





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