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EZEKIEL 44–48.

LECTURE 1354-1362.

44. 15. The ordinances of the priest- 1354. The functions of the Chris-


tian ministry marked by simpli-


45. 1. Land allotted to God's ser- 1355. The wisdom of providing for

vice, to the city, and to the prince. God's service first of all.

45. 9. Ordinances for the prince, 1356. Princes and their subjects

and for his offerings.

dealt with alike in Scripture.

46. 1. Ordinances for the prince 1357. What distinctions are allow-

and for the people in worship. able between men, and what not.

46. 16. The portion of the prince, 1358. The supreme importance of

and the chambers of the priests. all relating to Christ.

47. 1. The vision of the flowing 1359. The grace of the Gospel

waters, and their virtue.

compared to living waters.

47. 13. The borders of the land, and 1360. The excellency of our inle-

regulations for allotting it. ritance in the Gospel.

48. i. The apportionment of the 1361. The good things provided

land in several parts.

for the Christian church.

48. 21. The apportionment of the 1362. How much we lose for lack

land. The gates and name of the of faith and devotion.



Lecture 1363-1376.

1. 1. The taking of Jerusalem by 1363. The symbolical language of


prophetic dates.

1. 3. The training, diet, and pro- 1364. That our best way to be
motion of Daniel.

happy is to be holy.
2. 1. The dream of Nebuchadnez- 1365. Of praying to God and giv-
zar is revealed to Daniel.

ing Him thanks.
2. 24. Daniel telleth unto the king 1366. God's goodness both in sav-
his dream.

ing and revealing.

2. 36. Daniel interpreteth the king's 1367. The nature and growth of


Christ's kingdom.

3. 1. Nebuchadnezzar dedicateth a 1368. That we ought to fear not
golden image.

man but God.
3. 19. Shadrach, Meshach, and 1369. The blessedness of believing
Abed-nego are delivered.

when we cannot see.
4. 1. Nebuchadnezzar proclaimeth 1370. The acknowledgmentswhich
the account of his dream.

Christian rulers owe to God.
4. 19. Daniel interpreteth Nebu- 1371. The general nature of the
chadnezzar's dream.

decrees of the most High.

4. 28. Nebuchadnezzar's abasement 1372. Our way to be truly great.

and restoration.

5. 1. Belshazzar's feast. The hand- 1373. The wicked in extremity
writing on the wall.

resorting to Christ's ministers.
5. 17. The writing on the wall is 1374. Of our mortality, and pre-
interpreted, and fulfilled.

paration for death.
6. 1. Daniel prayeth notwithstand- 1375. The irrevocableconsequences
ing the king's decree.

of our transgressions.

6. 16. Daniel is taken up safe out 1376. That we are saved by believ-

of the den of lions.

ing, and ought to propagate our


of sowing sin.
9. 1. Israel is further warned of 1397. Traces of mercy mingled
the coming judgment.

with judgment.
10. 1. Israel, charged with dis- 1398. Of enjoying God's good gifts

obedience, is exhorted to repent. with thankfulness.

Hosea 11--14.

LECTURE 1399-1402.
11. 1. The unthankfulness of Israel. 1399. That we ought to walk ac.
The forbearance of God.

cording to our calling.
12. 1. All the tribes are reminded 1400. Our privileges will not pro-
of God's favour to Jacob.

fit us without faith.
13. 1. Vengeance on sin is denounc- 1401. Mortality is swallowed up

ed, with a promise of redemption. of life through Christ.
14. 1. Israel is urged to repent 1402. Directions and encourage-

with promise of forgiveness. ment in turning unto God.


LECTURE 1416-1417.

1. 1. The destruction of Edom is 1416. Of regarding all men as bre-

1. 17. The house of Jacob shall be 1417. Of kindling faith and love
delivered and restored.

in each other.

Jonah 1.

of Christ and also of Christians.



Jonau 2–4.

Lecture 1419-1421.
2. 1. The prayer and thanksgiving 1419. Of praying and giving thanks
of Jonah within the fish.

to God when in peril.
3. 1. Jonah preacheth to the Nine- 1420. Various and strong motives
vites, who repent.

to repentance.
4. 1. Jonah murmuring is reproved 1421. The ends for which God
by means of a gourd.

chastises us.

Nahum 1—3.

LECTURE 1429-1431.

1. 1. The burden of Nineveh. 1429. The manifestation of God's
The attributes of the Lord.

attributes in the day of judgment.
2. 1. The siege of Nineveh ; its 1430. Of endeavouring to advance
spoiling, and desolation.

in holiness continually.
3. i. The crimes and punishment 1431. That the tidings of God's
of Nineveh are declared.

judgment are glad tidings.


LECTURE 1432-1434.
1. 1. The prophet deploreth the 1432. The wickedness of vanity,
prosperity of evil doers.

the holiness of God.

2. 1. God's government of the 1433. Of living by faith in things

world is shewn to be just.

3. 1. A devotional hymn of prayer 1434. Of praying with resignation

and praise.

and rejoicing in God's glory.

work rather than our own.


LECTURE 1441 – 1456.

1. 1. Zechariah declareth the first 1441. The joy of angels in pro-

portions of his vision.

claiming peace on earth.

1. 12. Zechariah proceedeth with 1442. That both angels and men

his vision.

fulfil the work of God.

2. 1. The measuring of Jerusalem. 1443. The blessed results of Christ's

The joy of Sion.


3. 1. Satan is rebuked, Joshua jus- 1444. The footing on which God

tified; and the Branch promised. accepts his people in Christ.

4. 1. The golden candlestick, and 1445. The glory of the church

the two olive trees.

when enlightened by grace.

5. 1. The flying roll. The woman 1446. The prevalence of wicked-

seated in an ephah.

ness in the Christian church.

6. 1. The four chariots come forth. 1447. How we may serve for a me-

The crowns for Joshua.

morial of Christ's coming.

7. 1. The reproof of them that 1448. Of doing all to God, and to

fasted amiss.

his glory.

8. 1. God assureth his people of 1449. The glory of which we may

renewed prosperity.

lawfully be ambitious.

9. 1. The enlargement and triumph 1450. The means by which the

of the Church.

Gospel is propagated.

10. 1. God promises to renew the 1451. Of praying God to fulfil in

strength of his people.

us his promises.

11. 1. The prophet a type first of 1452. The degenerate state of the

Christ, next ofa foolish shepherd. church accounted for.

12. 1. The restoration and com- 1453. The edifying application of

punction of God's people foretold. unfulfilled prophecy.

13. 1. Idolatry is to be put away. 1454. The effects of the persecu-

The Shepherd will be smitten. tion of the early Christians.

14. 1. The restoration of God's peo- 1455. Of caution in interpreting

ple in Jerusalem.

unfulfilled prophecy.

14. 12. The triumph and the holi- 1456. The restoration of God's

ness of the church.

people spiritually interpreted.

LECTURE 1457-1460.
1. 1. The corruptions of the temple 1457. The worship wherewith we
service are reproved.

Malachi 1--4.

stand pledged to serve God.
2. 1. The priests are rebuked. 1458. The divine sanction of the
Divorces are denounced.

marriage covenant.
3. 1. Of the Messiah and his mes. 1459. That neither God nor his

senger, and the coming judgment. word is variable.
4. 1. The rising of the Sun of right- 1460. The commandments and

eousness. The mission of Elijah. promises of both Testaments.

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