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Note.-The words and sentences inclosed in brackets in the following acts and resolutions were in the bills and resolutions as passed by the Legislature, but not in the enrolled copy as approved by the Governor. It should, however, be borne in mind that under a decision of the Supreme Court, 57 Mich. 128, “Bracketed words, which were not in the law as approved by the Governor, have no proper place in the statute."



Act No.

1. Repealing act providing for the inspection of salt.

2. Repealing act providing a board of jury commissioners for Berrien county.

3. Amending act relative to organization, division, etc., of townships.

4. Amending act relative to organization, division, etc., of townships.

5. Amending home rule act for cities.

6. Act fixing number of police justices in cities over 250,000 inhabitants.

7. Appropriation for Michigan School for the Blind; additions, etc., to water


8. Amending act providing for publication, etc., of laws and documents.

9. Amending general banking law; consolidation.

10. Amending general banking law; examining committee.

11. Amending general banking law; surety bonds, etc.

12. Amending act relative to county schools of agriculture, manual training,

13. Amending primary election law; proof copies of ballots.

14. Amending act relative to jurisdiction, powers, etc., of circuit courts in


15. Amending act relative to payment of debts and legacies.

16. Amending indeterminate sentence act; first friend.

17. Amending act relative to taxation of inheritances.

18. Amending act relative to appointment of Dairy and Food Commissioner.

19. Amending act revising the laws organizing asylums for the insane.

20. Repealing act protecting fish in Branch county; referendum.

21. Act enabling the payment of tuition to another school district.

22. Act protecting the snowy heron and American egret.

23. Act transferring certain retaliatory fees to State Fire Marshal fund.

24. Appropriation for Michigan Reformatory; building and special purposes.

25. Act organizing the county of Forest; referendum.

26. Amending general banking law; reserve cities.

27. Act relative to status of inmates of Home for Feeble-minded and Epileptic.

28. Amending general banking law; limitations as to loans.

29. Amending act relative to care of feeble-minded and epileptic.

30. Amending act relative to taxation of inheritances.

31. Amending general highway laws; allotment of line roads.

32. Appropriation for State Highway Department; deficiency.

33. Amending general tax law; forms, blanks and record books.

34. Act authorizing the sterilization of mentally defective persons.

35. Amending act relative to elections; closing of polls.

36. Amending general banking law; examination expense.

37. Act providing for collection of registration, etc., fees due State Dairy and

Food Department.

38. Act prohibiting palmistry, clairvoyancy, etc., for money or gain.

39. Amending act relative to Department of Labor; transcripts of statistics.

40. Amending act authorizing appointment of deputy Attorney General; salary.

41. Amending act relative to Albion College; additional trustees.

42. Act providing for creation of county sinking fund commission; referendum.

43. Amending general banking law; salary of examiners.

44. Amending general banking law; investment of savings deposits.

45. Amending act relative to division, etc., of primary school districts; consoli-


Aet No.

46. Amending act establishing board of commissioners for promotion of uni-

formity in legislation.

47. Amending act providing for compulsory education of children; work permit.

48. Amending general banking law; increase, etc., of capital stock.

49. Amending general banking law; loaning of capital stock and surplus.

50. Amending workmen's compensation act.

51. Amending general banking law; examination of receiverships.

52. Amending general tax law; notice given of tax sales.

53. Amending act relative to primary schools; bonding limit.

54. Amending act prescribing manner of conducting general elections; proof

copies of ballots.

55. Repealing section relative to vote on amendments to general banking


56. Amending act prescribing manner of conducting general elections; remov-

ing distinction between peninsulas.

57. Appropriation for transportation, etc., of old soldiers to anniversary of

battle of Gettysburg.

58. Act providing for constructing a State public wagon road from Seney.

59. Act providing for semi-monthly payment of wages to employes.

60. Appropriation for Michigan State Prison; general repairs and special


61. Act providing for organization of automobile insurance companies.

62. Amending act providing for the taking and removal of obnoxious fish.

63. Act regulating the manufacture, sale, etc., of oleomargarine or imitation


64. Act defining and fixing standards of purity for foods, drugs, etc.

65. Amending act relating to certain State officers; salary of deputy State


66. Amending act authorizing incorporation of the Lutheran Bund.

67. Act authorizing and regulating a county agricultural department,

68. Act relating to drunkenness on railway trains or interurban cars.

69. Act providing for State inspection of sugar beet testing, weighing, taring,


70. Amending act providing for sale of perishable property.

71. Amending act allowing mutual fire insurance companies to do business.

72. Amending general tax law; cost of advertising tax sales.

73. Amending act prohibiting adulteration, etc., of articles of food and drink;

imitation cheese.

74. Act providing for free transportation, etc., to persons engaged in securing

settlers for unimproved farm lands.

75. Amending act relative to organization, etc., of fire, marine and automobile

insurance companies.

76. Amending general tax law; redemption certificates.

77. Act requiring railroads to equip locomotives with proper headlights.

78. Amending act providing for the publication, etc., of laws and documents,


79. Amending employer's liability act; accident fund.

80. Amending act revising, etc., laws organizing asylums for the insane.

81. Act providing for treatment of voluntary patients in asylums for insane.

82. Amending act relative to cost of bonds to be furnished by State officers.

83. Amending act prohibiting the taking, etc., of certain fur-bearing animals

at certain times, etc.

84. Appropriation for relief of the suffering and destitute inhabitants of Ohio.

85. Amending act defining powers of boards of supervisors and conferring cer-

tain powers.

86. Amending act relative to county officers; judges of probate.

87. Amending act providing for examination, etc., of nurses.

88. Act authorizing special county tax for advertising agricultural advantages,


89. Amending act relative to powers of townships, etc.; oath of office.

90. Act authorizing boards of supervisors to accept, etc., improve and maintain


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