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Note.--The words and sentences inclosed in brackets in the following acts and resolutions were in the bills and resolutions as passed by the Legislature, but not in the enrolled copy as approved by the Governor. It should, however, be borne in mind that under a decision of the Supreme Court, 57 Mich. 128, “Bracketed words, which were not in the law as approved by the Governor, have no proper place in the statute."


Act. No.

1. Act fixing the compensation and mileage of members, etc., of the legislature.

2. Amending general election law; county commissioner of schools.

3. Act providing for the preservation of ballots cast in contested elections for

United States senator.

4. Amending act providing for the compulsory education of children.

5. Amending act permitting religious societies, etc., to receive, etc., gifts and


6. Amending act authorizing formation of women's clubs.

7. Amending act providing for the registration of electors; absent voter's reg-


8. Amending act relating to the feeding of the flesh of old, etc., animals and

unwholesome offal to animals or fowls.

9. Amending motor vehicle law; law of the road.

10. Amending act establishing a State sanatorium; salaries of officers, etc.

11. Amending act providing for the publication and distribution of laws, etc.;

binding of the Public Acts, etc.

12. Amending the judicature act; disposition of moneys belonging to non-residents

or unknown heirs.

13. Act requiring all farm tractors to be equipped with fenders.

14. Amending the judicature act; writs of error.

15. Amending insurance code ; term of office of Commissioner of Insurance.

16. Amending general drain law.

17. Amending act providing for supervision of instruction of inmates in State

institutions; qualifications of teachers.

18. Amending general banking laws; liquidation, etc.

19. Act providing for the construction, etc., of trunk line highways.

20. Act providing for the sale of property of the Central Michigan Sanatorium.

21. Amending general banking laws; certificates of deposit, etc.

22. Amending law relating to the preservation of the public health, quarani-

tine, etc.

23. Amending general banking laws; investment of deposits.


Act authorizing revision of the laws relating to corporations.

25. Act prohibiting the employment of certain persons in places where food or

drink is manufactured.

Act creating the Michigan State Police.

Amending general banking laws; establishment of branches in foreign coun-

tries, etc.

29. Amending general tax law; sale of State tax lands.

29. Amending act to prevent the importation, running at large and sale of diseased


30. Amending the judicature act; fees of justice of the peace, constables and


31. Amending act relative to maintenance and construction of county sanatoria ;

tax apportionment.

32. Amending act relative to the regulation of the practice of embalming.

33. Repealing act establishing a county road system.

31. Amending act providing for the health and safety of persons employed in coal

mines; salary of mine inspector.

35. Amending act creating the Department of Labor; extending term of office of

Commissioner of Labor.

36. Act regulating the planting of ornamental trees along the highways of


37. Repealing act providing for the incorporation of the Deutscher Landwehr-


38 Amending law relative to resignations, vacancies and removals; removal of

county, etc., officers.

39, Repealing act granting women the right to vote for presidential electors.

Act No.

40. Amending act authorizing tax, etc., for the purchase of sites for public

buildings or bridges; referendum.

41. Amending act providing for the preservation of the forests of the State ; com-

pensation of fire warden and other employes.

42. Amending general election law; proof copy of official ballot.

43. Amending act to revise and consolidate the laws relating to public instruc-

tion and primary schools; school district may borrow money.

44. Amending act providing for board of commissioners of the Mackinac Island

State Park; authority to receive property by bequest.

45. Amending general election law; "absent voter" defined.

46. Amending act authorizing the county commissioner of schools to call a meeting

of the school officers.

47. Amending act providing for the publication of monthly crop and stock reports;

co-operation with U. S. Department of Agriculture.

48. Repealing act authorizing women to vote in certain cases.

49. Amending act relative to fishing in inland waters of the State; closed season

for brook trout.

50. Act providing for the appointment of traffic officers in townships.

51. Act providing for observance of “Carleton Day.”

52. Appropriation for Agricultural Fair Commission; current expenses.

53. Amending prohibition liquor law : search and seizure, etc.

54. Amending the judicature act; additional judge in the sixth judicial circuit.

55. Act regulating the sale of railroad tracks and facilities in certain cases.

56. Act regulating the discontinuance of service by common carriers, etc.

57. Act providing for the fixing of the salaries of police justices in certain cases.

58. Amending act providing for the establishment of State reward trunk line

highways; list of divisions.

59. Amending act providing for the payment of tuition of high school pupils in

certain cases.

60. Amending act to prevent the importation of dangerous insects and contagious

diseases affecting trees, etc.

61. Amending general election law; membership of State central committee


62. Amending act providing for the protection of game and birds; certain means

and devices illegal.

63. Amending act authorizing State Game, Fish and Forest Fire Commissioner

to issue permits to hunters to take one deer for camp purposes.

64. Amending workmen's compensation act.

65. Act relative to free schools in cities having a population of two hundred fifty

thousand or more.

66. Act providing for the cutting of noxious weeds.

67. Amending act relative to the formation of corporations for the cultivation of

art; real estate.

68. Amending act providing for the incorporation of cities of the fourth class;

single school district.

69. Act to regulate the sale of cold storage eggs.

70. Appropriation for the Executive Office; current expenses.

71. Act providing for a uniform system of accounting in all State departments, etc.

72. Amending act designating days to be observed as holidays in the public schools.

73. Act standardizing the gauge of vehicles used on the public highways.

74. Amending general banking law; banks, combining the business of a commercial

bank and savings bank.

75. Appropriation for the Banking Department; current expenses.

76. Act authorizing aid in paving Oakland Drive in the city of Kalamazoo.

77. Appropriation for the State treasury; current expenses.

78. Appropriation for the State Board of Accountancy; current expenses.

79. Appropriation for the State Board of Examiners in Optometry; current


80. Appropriation for Board of Examiners of Barbers; current expenses.

81. Amending act providing for the establishment of rural agricultural schools.

82. Act prohibiting the molesting of game and insectiverous birds by operations of


83. Amending general highway law; cutting of brush and weeds.

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