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June 2, 1892


Reviews continued.
The Story of the Hills, a Popular Account of Mountains, and The Naturalist in La Plata, W. H. Hudson, Dr. Alfred R.
how they were made, Rev. H. N. Hutchinson, 364

Wallace, 553
The Optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses, J. A Study of Influenza and the Laws of England concerning
Traill Taylor, 364

Infectious Diseases, Richard Sisley, 556
The Evolution of Lise, or Causes of Change in Animal Forms, Anthropogeographie, Zweiter Theil, Die Geographische Ver-
Hubbard Winslow Mitchell, M.D., 364

breitung des Menschen, Freidrich Ratzel, 557
Manual of Chemical Technology, Rudolf von Wagner, trans. Within an Hour of London Town, among Wild Birds and
lated by William Crookes, F.R.S., 386

their Haunts, by a Son of the Marshes, edited by J. A.
Elements of Agriculture, W. Fream, 388

Owen, 557
Further Reliques of Constance Naden, George M. McCrie, Mission Scientifique de Cap Horn, tome vii., Anthropo.

logie, Ethnographie, P. Hyades et J. Deniker, 577
The Realm of Nature, Hugh Robert Mill, 390

Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Frank Clowes and J. Bernard
Grasses of the South-West, Dr. George Vasey, 390

Coleman, 578
Sporting Sketches in South America, Admiral Kennedy, Elementary Mathematical Astronomy, C. W. C. Barlow and

G. H. Bryan, 579
Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S.

Practical Fruit Culture, J. Cheal, 579
Challenger in 1873-76, prepared by the late Sir Wyville Blowpipe Analysis, J. Landauer, edited by James Taylor,
Thomson, F.R.S., and John Murray, Prof. J. W. Judd,

F.R.S., 409

Outlines of Theoretical Chemistry, Lothar Meyer, translated
British Fungi, Phycomycetes and Ustilagineæ, G. Massee, by P. Phillips Bedson and W. Carleton Williams, Prof. M.

Pattison Muir, 601
A Treatise on the Geometry of the Circle and some Exten. Recollections of a Happy Life, being the Autobiography of

sions to Conic Sections by the Method of Reciprocation, Marianne North, edited by Mrs. John Addington Symonds,
W. J. M'Clelland, M.A., 412

Kalm's Account of his Visit to England on his Way to Our Trees, John Robinson, 603
America in 1748, translated by Joseph Lucas, 412

Synopsis of Non-Metallic Chemistry, William Briggs, 604
Euvres complètes de Christiaan Huygens, A. M. Clerke, Chemical Calculations, R. Lloyd Whiteley, with Preface by

Prof. E. Clowes, 604
The Horse, a Study in Natural History, William Henry The Year: book of Science, edited by Prof. T. G. Bonney,
Flower, C.B., F.R.S., 436

F.R.S., 604
A System of Sight-Singing from the Established Musical Handy Atlas of Modern Geography, 605

Notation, based on the Principle of Tonic Relation, Sedley Rew (R. Henry), on the Statistics of the Production and Con-
Taylor, 437

sumption of Milk in Great Britain, 614
The Statesman's Year-book for the Year 1892, J. Scott Reynolds (J. E.), Silver Compounds of Thiourea, 383
Keltie, 437

Ribbentrop (Dr.), Government Forestry in India, 41
The Optical Lantern as an Aid in Teaching, C. H. Botham- Ricardo (David), Principles of Political Economy and Taxa-
ley, 437

tion, 4
L'Homme dans la Nature, par Paul Topinard, 457

Ricco (A.), Earthquakes at Pantelleria, 120; Account of the
The Art and Crast of Cabinet Making, D. Denning, 459

Submarine Eruption North-west of Pantelleria, October 1891,
L'Électricité dans la Nature, Georges Dary, 460

Abstract of ditto, G. W. Butler, 584
The First Book of Euclid's Elements, Rev. J. B. Lock, 460 Richardson (A. T.), Mathematical Exercises, 125
The Ilford Manual of Photography, C. H. Bothamley, 460 Richardson (Dr. B. W., F.R.S.), New Year's Address to
The Advanced Class-book of Modern Geography, William Sanitary Inspectors' Association, 234
Hughes and J. Francon Williams, 460

Richet (Prof.), Death of, 258
The Theory of Determinants in the Historical Order of its Richet (Ch.), the Tubercular Vaccination of the Dog, 576
Development, Thomas Muir, 481

Rigg (Gilbert), Ice Crystals, 319
Anthropogenie, oder Entwickelungsgeschichte des Menschen, Riley (Dr. C. V.), a New Herbarium Pest, 235
Prof. Ernst Haeckel, 482

Ring and Disk Blinds in Micrometic Measurements, on the
Philosophical Notes on Botanical Subjects, E. Bonavia, 483 Influence of, Herr Dr. Walter Wislicenus, 137
The Zoological Record for 1890, Frank E. Beddard, 483 Rings, Atmospheric, Dr. Sprung, 599
Leçons sur la Pathologie comparée de l'Infąmmation faites à Rivers of Central Europe, the Temperature of, 114

l'Institut Pasteur en Avril et Mai, 1891, Élie Metschnikoff, Roberts (Thomas), Death and Obituary Notice of, 303
Prof. E. Kay Lankester F.R.S., 505

Roberts-Austen (Prof., F.R.S.): the Report to the Alloys
Travels in Africa during the Years 1879-83, Dr. Wilhelm Research Committee of the Institution of Mechanical
Junker, translated by A. H. Keane, 507

Engineers, 22 ; Value of Metallurgical Science, 257; Bronze
My Second Journey through Equatorial Africa, Hermann von in the London Atmosphere, 443; Metals at High Tempera-

Wissmann, translated from the German by Minna J. A. ture, 534
Bergmann, 507

Robertson (W. T.), Tea-culture in New South Wales, 260
New Fragments, John Tyndall, F.R.S., 508

Robinson (Dr. A.) the Formation and Fate of the Primitive
A Treatise on Chemistry, Sir H. E. Roscoe, F.R.S., and C. Streak in the Frog, 140
Schorlemmer, F.R.S., 509

Robinson (John), Our Trees, 603
The Oak, a Popular Introduction to Forest Botany, H. Robinson (Margaret), the Nauplius Eye persisting in some
Marshall Ward, F.R.S., 509

Decapods, 450
The Elements of Plane Trigonometry, R. Levett and C. Rochester Academy of Sciences, U.S., 588
Davison, 509

Rockhill (William Woodville), the Land of the Lamas, 98
Les Fleurs à Paris, Culture et Commerce, Philippe L, de Rocks collected by M. Lopatin on the Podkamennaya
Vilmorin, 510

Tunguska, 597
Health Springs of Germany and Austria, F. 0. Buckland, Rodger (J. W.), Theory of Solutions, 342, 487,

Roemer (the late Ferdinand), Proposed Memorial of, 322
The Principles of Chemistry, D. Mendeléeff, translated from Rogers (Fred. J.), Magnesium as a Source of Light, 622

the Russian by George Kamensky, and edited by A. J. Rolling of Ships, 559
Greenaway, 529

Romanes (Prof. Geo. J., F.R.S.), Migration of the Lemming,
A Treatise on the Ligation of the Great Arteries in Con. 249

tinuity with Observations on the Nature, Progress, and Rome (Province), Earthquakes in, 304
Treatment of Aneurism, C. A. Ballance and Walter Roscoe (Sir H. E., F.R.S.): Action of Water-Gas on Iron, 92 ;
Edmunds, Dr. M. Armand-Ruffer, 530

a Treatise on Chemistry, 509
Precious Stones and Gems, their History, Sources, and Rosenberg (Dr.), Assimilation of Diet investigated in a Dog
Characteristics, Edwin W. Streeter, 531

Working on a Treadmill, 599
Air and Water, Vivian B. Lewes, Professor of Chemistry at Ross (Alexander), Journey to Head Waters of Ecayali, Central
Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 531

Peru, 519


Ross (W. J. C.), on the Discovery of Two Specimens of Fossil Rusting of Iron, A. Liversidge, F.R.S., on the, 424

Lepidodendrons in the Neighbourhood of Bathurst, New Rutherfurd's Photographs, Catalogue of, 21
South Wales, and the Inferences to be drawn from their

Occurrence, 424
Rossiter (E. C.), Sulphochloride of Isomeric Dibromonaph- Sabatier (Paul), Sulphides and Selenides of Boron and Silicon

thalene, 263 ; Action of Alcohols on Sulphonic Chlorides as Selenide, 41
Means of producing Ethereal Salts of Sulphonic Acids, 263 ; Sacken (C. R. Osten), Meretrix, Lamarck 1799, versus Cytherea,
Action of Bromine on Mixture of Ortho. and Paranitro-a. Lamarck 1806, 30
Acenaphthalide, 263

Sadtler (Samuel P.), a Hand-book of Industrial Organic
Rotation of Jupiter, W. F. Denning, 473

Chemistry, 125
Rotation of Venus, Herr Loschardt, 210

Saffard (Truman), on the Observation of North Polar Stars in
Rotch (A. L.), Meteorology of French Association at Mar- the Vertical of Polaris, 159

seilles, 189; the Mountain Meteorological Stations of the St. Malo Bay, the Tides of, M, Heurtault, 143
United States, 403

St. Petersburg Electrical Exhibition, 303
Rothamsted, Results of Experiments at, on the Question of the St. Thomas's Hospital, Lectures on Systematic Botany at, 586

Fixation of Free Nitrogen, Dr. J. H. Gilbert, F.R.S., 32 Saline Solutions, Heat Engines and, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S.,
Rothney (E. A. J.), Two Species of Indian Ants, 454

438, 510
Roumania, the Meteorological Service of, 444

Salmon Industry in British Columbia, 279
Rousseau (G.), Manganates of Potash, 288

Salt Lake of Aalia Paakai, A. B. Lyons, 29
Roy (Prof., F.R.S.), Contributions to the Physiology and Salts in Natural Waters, 78; F. H. Perry Coste, 176 ; Robert
Pathology of the Mammalian Heart, 451

B. Hayward, F.R.S., 176
Royal Academy of Sciences of Lisbon, Sir Joseph Fayrer, Samoan Cyclone of March 16, 1889, 161
F.R.S., elected Corresponding Member of, 585

Samoan Hurricane, Everett Hayden, 461
Royal College of Physicians, Sir Andrew Clark elected (fifth Samokvasoff (Prof.) the Slavonians of the First Centuries of our
time) President, 566

Era, 547
Royal Geographical Society, 183; Appointment of Mr. J. S. Sanderson (Prof. J. Burdon, F.R.S.), Obituary Notice of Sir

Keltie to the Assistant-Secretaryship in room of late Mr. H. William Bowman, 564

W. Bates, 402 ; Dr. H. K. Mill appointed Librarian to, 566 Sandwich Islands, Mr. R. C. L. Perkins Selected to Investigate
Royal Institution, Lectures at the, 155, 586

the Zoology of the, 322
Royal Meteorological Society, 95, 215, 335, 431, 551, 623 Sandwich Isles, Ornithology of the, Prof. Alfred Newton,
Royal Microscopical Society, 46, 143, 165, 239, 311, 479, 574 F.R.S., 465, 532 ; Albert F. Calvert, 485, 558; J. E.
Royal Military Academy, Science at the, 563

Harting, 532
Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Branch established in Sanitary Conference, International, 233
London, 544

Sanitary Engineering, C. Napier Bell on, 426
Royal Society, 37, 141, 162, 190, 212, 311, 357, 381, 407, 429, Sanitary Inspectors' Association, New Year's Address, Dr. B.
451, 549, 573 ; Anniversary Meeting, 110 ; Sir William W. Richardson, F.R.S., 234
Thomson's Anniversary Address, 110; Medallists, III; Sanitation in Schools, 185
Officers and Council, 112; Catalogue of Scientific Papers, Sapper (Dr.), the Climate of Alta Verapaz, 41

Sardine, Growth of the Pilchard or, Prof. J. T. Cunningham,
Royal Society of New South Wales, 95; Prizes Offered by, 255

443; Award of Clarke Memorial Medal to Mr. W. T. Sardinia, the Nurhagi of, Dr. Ermling, 114
Thiselton-Dyer, 495

Sarro Savages, Arrow-Poison of, Laborde and Rondeau, 278
Royal Statistical Society, R. Henry Rew on the Statistics of the Saussaye (P. D. Chantpie de la), Manual of the Science of

Production and Consumption of Milk in Great Britain, 614 Religion, 148
Rubens (Dr.): New Method of Determining Dispersion and i Saville-Kent (W.), Oyster-Culture in Queensland, 66

Refraction in Ultra-Violet Rays, 48; the Dispersion of the Scandinavia, Chronology of the Neolithic Age in, Prof.
Ultra-Red Rays, 576

Montelius, 39
Rubi, Alpine, T. D. A, Cockerell, 320

Scheele (Carl Wilhelm), Letters and Memoirs of, 207
Rücker (Prof., F.R.S.): Royal Society Medallist, ill; Speech Scheurer-Kestner (M.), Decomposition of Sulphurous Acid by
at the Royal Society Dinner, 112

Water at very High Temperatures, 384.
Ruffer (Dr. M. Armand), a Treatise on the Ligation of the Schimper (A. F. W.), Die indo-malayische Strandflora, W.

Great Arteries in Continuity, with Observations on the Botting Hemsley, F.R.S., 3
Nature, Progress, and Treatment of Aneurism, Charles A. Schloesing (Th., Jun.), the Fixation of Free Nitrogen by Plants,
Ballance and Walter Edmunds, 530

Rugby School Natural History Society, 520

Schnauss (Hermann), Photographic Pastimes, a Hand-book
Runge (Prof. C.), on the Line Spectra of the Elements, 607 for Amateurs, 5
Russell (F.) Results of Meteorological Observations at Akassa, Schætensack (Dr. O.), the Nephrite Axe found at Ohlau,

Silesia, 379
Russell (H. C., F.R.S.), the Grouping of Stars in the Southern Schorlemmer (C., F.R.S.), a Treatise on Chemistry, 509
Part of the Milky Way, 423

Schorr (Dr. R.), Denning's Comet (6 1892), 569
Russell (H. L.), the Effect of Mechanical Movement on the Schoute (Prof.): Lemoine's Two Problems of Stamps, 72; the
Growth of Certain Plants, 478

Stamp-folding Problem, 335
Russell (Prof. Israel C.): Cirques, 317 ; Geographical Position Schweizer (Dr.), the Behaviour of Spermatozoa towards Electric
of Mount St. Elias, 472

Currents, 599
Russell (J. S. R.), the Abductor and Adductor Fibres of the Science : Electricity in Relation to, Prof. W. Crookes, F.R.S.,
Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve, 573

63 ; Examinations in, 85; Elizabeth Thompson Science
Russell (Lucy J.), Bedford College and the Gresham University, Fund, 91 ; a Text-book of the Science of Brewing, E. R.

Moritz and G. H. Morris, 100 ; Scientific Nomenclature, H.
Russell (Hon. Rollo), Untenability of Atmospheric Hypothesis St. A. Alder, 104 ; Manual of the Science of Religion, P. D.
of Epidemics, 431

Chantpie de la Saussaye, 148; Implications of Science, Dr.
Russell (Dr. W.J., F.R.S.): Town Fogs and their Effects, 10 ; St. George Mivart, F.R.S., 60, 82, 222., 343; Edward T.
Bedford College and the Gresham University, 391

Dixon, 125, 272, 391; Miss E. E. C. Jones, 223, 366; on
Russia : the Grain Production of, Borkovsky, 67; Russian the Relation of Natural Science to Art, Prof. E. du Bois-

Geographical Society, 92; Awards, 444; European, Fre- Reymond, F.R.S., 200, 224; Science in Japan, Prof. E.
quency and Geographical Distribution of Heavy Daily Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 256 ; Royal Society Catalogue of
Rainfall in Russia, E. Berg, 258 ; Mercury Mining in, 305 ; Scientific Papers, 338; Science Museum and Gallery of
Causes of the Famine in, Dr. A. Woeikof, 378; Russian Pre- British Art at South Kensington, 348 ; Science Museum and
historic Antiquities, the Slavonians of the First Centuries of the Tate Gallery, 385, 433 ; Forthcoming Scientific Books,
our Era, Prof. Samokvasoff

, 547 ; Sunflower Cultivation in 476 ; Science at the Royal Military Academy, 563; the New
Southern Russia, 568

York “Scientific Alliance," 544 ; the Year-book of Science,
Rust Fungus in Wheat, 615

1891, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 604


June 2, 1892

Sclater (Dr. P. L., F.R.S.), Opportunity for a Naturalist, 174, Silk Insects of India, the Wild, E. C. Cotes, 520

Silk-producing Moths, Col. Swinhoe, 38
Sclater (W. L.), Catalogue of Mammalia in the Indian Museum, Simla, Capt. Bower's Journey from China to, 615
Calcutta, 50

Sinclair (F. G.), a New Mode of Respiration in the Myriapoda,
Scotland, the Ninth Annual Report of the Fishery Board for, 164

Singer (Dr.), Cloud Pictures, 518
Scotland, Technical Education in, 377

Sirius System, the, Dr. A. Auwers, 617
Scott (Ernest), Electricity in Relation to Mining, 184

Sisley (R.), a Study of Influenza and the Laws of England con-
Scott (Robt. H., F.R.S.): Supernumerary Rainbows observed in cerning Infectious Diseases, 556

the Orkneys, 223; Atlantic Weather and its connection with Skate, the Electric Organ of the, Prof. J. G. Ewart, 451
British Weather, 496

Skinner (S.), Some Notes on Clark's Cells, 47 ; Properties of
Scottish Meteorological Society, 470

Alcoholic and other Solutions of Mercuric and other
Scottish Zoology, Prof. Cossar Ewart on, 17.

Chlorides, 430
Scripture (E. W.), the Study of Psychology as a Science in the Skua in Shetland, the Great, W. E. Clarke, 545
United States, 568

Slater (Chas.), the Differentiation of Leprosy and Tubercle
Scudder (F.), Action of Water Gas on Iron, 92

Bacilli, 450
Sea, Cloud-Observations at, Prof. C. Abbe, 70

Slater's (Prof. J. S.) Improved Armillary Sphere, 134
Sea-borne Sediment, the Precipitation and Deposition of, R. G. Slavonians of the First Centuries of our Era, the, Prof.
Mackley Browne, 598

Samokvasoff, 547
Sea-Fish, Destruction of Immature, Alfred O. Walker, 176; Sleep: Causation of, James Cappie, M.D., 26; Peculiar Case
Ernest W. L. Holt, 240

of Prolonged, 323, 349
Sea-Serpent, Dr. A. C. Oudemans on the, 614

Smart (William), an Introduction to the Theory of Value, 268
Sea-shore, Wood, and Moorland, By, Edward Step, 28

Smith (Charles), Arithmetic for Schools, 247
Seabroke (Geo. M.), Aurora, 605

Smith (Fred. J.), a Simple Heat-Engine, 294, 464
Search Light, Working of the, W. B. Lefroy Hamilton, 587

Smith (W. W.), Hellebore as an Insecticide, 546
Searle (G. F. C.), an Experiment of Sir Humphry Davy's, 47 Smithells (A.): Structure and Chemistry of Flames, 214; Struc-
Seaside Plants, Biology of, W. Botting Hemsley, F.R.S., 3

ture of Luminous Flames, 214
Secular Acceleration of the Moon and the Length of the Sidereal Smithells (Prof.), Origin of Flame Coloration, 305
Day, 137

Smithsonian Institution: Gift by Mr. Thomas Hodgkins to, 37 ;
Secular Variation of Latitudes, 210

Prof. S. P. Langley's Report for the Year, 261
Seebohm (H.), White's Thrush (Turdus varius), 479

Smithsonian Standards for Physical Apparatus, Prof. S. P.
Seemann (Herr), a Weather Lexicon, 208

Langley, 197
Segers (M.), Mussel-Poisoning in Tierra del Fuego, 134

Snakes in the Indian Museum, List of the, W. L. Sclater, 317
Seismometry and Engineering in Relation to the Recent Earth. Snow-Sweeper, Electric, 39
quake in Japan, Prof. John Milne, F.R.S., 127

Snowstorms, Severe, in the Channel Islands and South of
Seismology: Earthquake at Nipon, Japan, 19; Earthquake in England, 586

Japan, 86, 199; Seismology in Japan, 471; Seismological Société de Biologie, Prof. A. Chauveau elected President of the,
Phenomena in Australasia, 423 ; Earthquake at Nicaragua,

471; at Portland, Oregon, 586; Earthquake in California, Society of Arts, Lecture Arrangements, 19
471, 614 (see also Earthquakes)

Solar Activity, State of, Prof. Tacchini, 137
Selection, Topical, and Mimicry, David Syme, 30; Dr. Alfred Solar Activity in 1891, Rodolf Wolf, 307
R. Wallace, 30

Solar Disturbances of 1891, June 17, H. H. Turner, 404
Selective and Metallic Reflection, A. B. Basset, F.R.S., 119 Solar Heat, Dr. Joseph Morrison, 589
Self-registering Weathercock, J. Lawrence Hamilton, 559 Solar Investigation, Prof. Hale, 473
Sellers (Coleman), American Superiority in Mechanics, 157 Solar Observations, Prof. Tacchini, M. Marchand, 352
Sendall's (Sir W. J.) Apparatus for making Accurate Measure- Solar Parallax, Determination of the, A. Auwers, 89
ments with Camera Lucida, 46

Solar Prominences : Measurement of, M. Fizeau, 422; Photo-
Sensitive Water Jets, W. B. Croft, 606

graphy of, Prof. G. E. Hale, 326 ; M. Deslandres, 404,
Shaler (Prof. N. S.), Nature and Man in North America, 220 522
Shark, Large Greenland, Stranded at Lynn, T. Southwell, 546 Sollas (Prof., F.R.S.), the Basal Conglomerate of Howth, 455
Sharp (Dr.), on the Phyllium, 623

Solomon Islands, Collection of Dried Plants from the, 586
Shaw (Jas.), Peculiar Eyes, 104

Solutions : Prof. W. Ostwald, 193, 293, 415, 606; J. W. Rod.
Sheep, Origin of the, in China, Dr. Macgowan, 285

ger, 487, 342
Sherman (O. T.), Zodiacal Light, 381

Somaliland, Skin of Grevy's Zebra brought from, 598
Sherwood (William), Striated Surface under the Cromer Drift, Sorby (Dr.), True Relation of Technical Education to Study of

Pure Science, 38
Shields, Ancient Mexican, Zelia Nuttall, 520

Sound, a Lecture Experiment on, Reginald G. Durrant, 415
Shipbuilding : the Steadying of Vessels at Sea, J. T. Thorny. South America : Adventures amidst the Equatorial Forests and
croft, 570 ; the Influence of Shallow Water upon the Trial Rivers of, Villiers Stuart, 317; Sporting Sketches in,
Trip Speeds of Modern Vessels, W. H. White, F.R. S., 571 ; Admirai Kennedy, 390 ; Aberrant Fossil Ungulates of, 608
on Balancing Marine Engines and the Vibration of Vessels, South Kensington, the Science Museum and Gallery of British
A, F. Yarrow, 571

Art at, 348
Ships, Rolling of, 559

South-West, Grasses of the, Dr. George Vasey, 390
Shipley (A. E.), Onchnesoma Steenstrupii, 450

Southwell (T.), Large Greenland Shark Stranded at Lynn, 546
Shore (Dr.), Action of Lymph in Producing Intravascular Sowerby (William), Intermediate Forms of Azaleas, 519
Clotting, 455

Spanish Quatercentenary Exhibition of Discovery of America,
Shufeldt (Dr.) : Prints of Havesu-pai Indians, 235 ; Weaving as Projected, 64
Practised by the Navajo Indians, 260

Sparrows and Crocuses, B. McLachlan, F.R.S., 441
Sidereal Day, the Secular Acceleration of the Moon and the Spectrum Analysis : Dr. Müller on the Telluric Spectrum, 21

Length of the, 137

Note on the Chromosphere Spectrum, Prof. C. A. Young, 28;
Sidgreaves (Rev. Walter), Stonyhurst Drawings of Sun-spots and the Chromosphere Line Ångström 6676-9, 103; the Chromo-
Faculæ, 261

sphere Line 1 6676'9, Prof. C. A. Young, 198; New Method
Siemens and Halske, Experiments on the Production of Ozone of Determining Dispersion and Refraction in Ultra-Violet
by Electric Silent Discharge, 39

Rays, Dr. Rubens, 48 ; Spectra of the Sun and Metals, F.
Sierra Leone Anglo-French Frontier Delimitation Commission, McClean, 159 ; Analysis of Spectrum of Sodium, Dr. G. J.

the, 64; Government Mission to Investigate Botany of, 64 Stoney, F.R.S., 166; Stars having Peculiar Spectra, Prof.
Sight, Motion of Stars in the Line of, Prof. H. C. Vogel, 280 Pickering, 210; a New Spectrometer, C. Féry, 239; Spec-
Sight-singing from the Established Musical Notation, a System trum of Iron and the Periodic Law, John Parry, 253 ; Colour
of, based on the Principle of Tonic Relation, Sedley Taylor, and Spectrum of Free Gaseous Fluorine, M. Moissan, 260 ;

Observations of the Spectrum of Nova Aurigæ, 345; Dr.

to Nature


Henry Crew, 569 ; J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 429 ; E. W. Stirling (James), Hydrology of the Mitta Mitta, 40
Maunder, 619; the Curves of Luminosity under very Feeble Stirling (Dr.), New Australian Animal (Notoryctes typhlops),
Illumination, Prof. König, 432 ; the Lick Spectroscope, 473 ; J. D. Ogilby, 135
Researches on Samarium, Lecoq de Boisbaudran, 504 ; Stockholm Natural History Museum, Prof. Sven Lovén's
Periodic Heat Maxima observed in Spectra from Flint and Resignation of his Position as Senior Keeper in the, 613
Crown Glass and Rock-salt, M. Aymonnet, 504 ; the Aurora Stokes (Sir G. G., F.R.S.): the Interactions occurring in
Spectrum, Prof. Hale, 522; the Spark Spectra of Gallium, Flames, 430 ; on an Optical Proof of the Existence of Sus-
Lecoq de Boisbaudran, 575; on the Line-Spectra of the pended Matter in Flames, 133
Elements, Prof. C. Runge, 607

Stokvis (Prof.) on Mutual Antagonism, 72
Spence (M.), Supernumerary Rainbows observed in the Orkneys, Stones for Building and Decoration, Geo. P. Merrill

, 222

Stones, Precious, and Gems, their History, Sources, and
Spencer (J.), Physiography, Elementary Stage, 27

Characteristics, Edwin W. Streeter, 531
Spencer (Prof. W. Baldwin): on the Habits of Ceratodus, the Stoney (Dr. G. Johnstone, F.R.S.): Analysis of Sodium
Lung Fish of Queensland, 425; on the Fresh-water and Spectrum, 166 ; proposed Standard Gauge, 598
Terrestrial Fauna of Tasmania, 425

Stonyhurst Drawings of Sun-spots and Faculæ, Rev. Walter
Spermatozoa, the Behaviour of, towards Electric Currents, Dr. Sidgreaves, 261
Schweizer, 599

Storm, Magnetic, of February 13-14, 1892, 493
Sphere, Prof. J. S. Slater's Improved Armillary, 134

Storms, Magnetic, Dr. M. A. Veeder, 557
Spitta (Dr. E. J.), Law of Limiting Apertures, 186

Storms, Winter, of Northern India, Henry F. Blanford,
Sponge Trade of the Bahama Islands, 20

F.R.S., 490
Sponges, Fresh-water in the Buffalo Bay and Niagara Region, Story of the Hills, Rev. H. N. Hutchinson, 364
Dr. Kellicott, 305

Streeter (Edwin W.), Precious Stones and Gems, their History,
Sporting Sketches in South America, Admiral Kennedy, 390 Sources, and Characteristics, 531
Spot, the Red, on Jupiter, W. F. Denning, 272

Strength, the Limpet's, J. Lawrence Hamilton, 487
Spring (Prof.), the Late Prof. Stas's "Silver" (the Results of Striated Surface under the Cromer Drist, William Sherwood,
further Stöchiometrical Investigations), 497

Sprung (Dr.), Atmospheric Rings, 599

Struthious Birds of Australasia, on the Origin of the, Prof.
Squirrels in Winter, C. Fitzgerald, 136

Hutton, 425
Stage, Electricity on the, 259

Struts and Tie-rods laterally loaded, Prof. J. Perry, F.R.S., 192
Standards of Measure and Weight immured in the Houses of Struve (H.), Two New Laws of Celestial Mechanics, 70
Parliament, Examination of the, 543

Stuart (Prof. T. P. Anderson): the Mechanism of the Closure of
Stanton (T. W.), the Stratigraphic Position of the Bear River the Larynx, 357 ; Exchange of Professorial Duties, Prof. E.
Formation, 450

Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 557
Starling (Dr. E. H.): an Introduction to Human Physiology, Stuart (Villiers), Adventures amidst the Equatorial Forests and

Augustus D. Waller, 340 ; a Text-book of Chemical Physio. Rivers of South America, 317
logy and Pathology, W. D. Halliburton, 51

Submarine Eruption North-west of Pantelleria, October 1891,
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