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Since this little work was first projected, and partly executed, several collections of a similar kind have appeared; and it is possible that had any of these been of such a description as materially to interfere with its plan, the intention of bringing it out might have been abandoned. So far, however, as the character of the recent collections of Nursery Rhymes as illustrated works is concerned, the merits of the present volume, whatever they may be in that respect, have not been anticipated ; and as it was conceived that, with regard to the Rhymes themselves, something yet remained to be accomplished in the way of judicious selection as well as of emendation, the ground seemed to be still so far unoccupied as at least to justify the pretensions of the present compilation to be regarded as a novelty, and as having claims which were not possessed by previous publications of a like kind. It may be added, besides, that the delay which, owing to unforeseen circumstances, has occurred in the preparation of the work, has tended to give it the advantage of now having, to a great extent, an open field to itself. It is hoped, therefore, that this addition to the stock of our nursery-literature will not be deemed an unnecessary or undesirable one.

The care bestowed on the compilation of the volume has, in particular, had reference to the exclusion of such Rhymes as, morally speaking, are of questionable tendency; and this with the view of giving to the collection that merely playful, droll, and innocent character which, considering its purpose, it undoubtedly ought to possess.

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158. Daffy-down-dilly has come up to town
60. Dance, little baby, dance up high
66. Dance, Thumbkin, dance
86. Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my boy John
135. Diddlety, diddlety, dumpty
136. Ding, dong, bell, pussy's in the well
163. Do you go before with your bottle and bag

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125. Feedum, fiddledum fee


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52. Gay go up and gay go down .
133. Girls and boys come out to play
46. Goosy, goosy gander, where did you wander?
76. Goosy, goosy gander, who stands yonder ?
154. Great A, little a

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161. Handy Spandy, Jack-a-dandy
156. Hark, hark, the dogs do bark
147. Have you ever heard of Billy Pripgle's pig?
24. Here's a poor widow from Babylon
72. Hey, my kitten, my kitten
134. Hey, diddle, dout, my candle's out
138. Hey, diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle .

13. How many days has my darling to play?
159. Hub a dub dub, three men in a tub
148. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
118. Hush a bye, baby, on the tree-top
157. Hush-a-bye a baa-lamb.

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73. If I'd as much money as I could spend
71. I had a little pony
93. I had a little dog, and they called him Buff

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