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of Livy, 539, extraordinary power of Vienna, remarkable salutary effects
its snout, 341.

of vaccination in that city, 106.
Sylsurgirls, F. memoir on his life Viper, Dr. in Foote's trip to Ca.
andwritings, 539.

jais, account of that original cha..

racter, 131, note.

Volcanoes. See Desmarest.
Tabasheer, analysis of, 467.

Voss, Professor, on the Hecate o
Teneriffe, some account of, 341.

the Greeks, 544.
Tenon, M. on the bones of the pels Vraic, recommended as manure,
vis, 65. On the sporgy sub- 419
stance of the uterus, 468. On the

Uterus, inverted, case of, 145.
membranous bag of the uterus,

See Tenon.

Tentyris, temple of, acc. of, 488. Wagstaff, Mr. on reclaiming
Teredo. See Home.

wastes, 414.
Tetanus, case of, 144.

Warton, Dr. particulars of his life,
Thenard See Fourcroy.

226. & seq. Specimens of his
Thomas, of a blue-coloured poetry, 231.
child, 144.

Waste-lands, mem. on reclaiming
Thrym, song of, 356.

them, 414.
Tobacco water, its use in preserv- Wernsdorf, M. on some readings
ing crope of fruit, 418.

On Cicero's ora.
Toussaint, ihe black General of St. tions, 543. On a coin of Con.

Domingo, high character of, 296. stanvine, 544. On the Charistia
Townsend, Rev. Mr. on the food of the Romans, ib.
of Plants, 414.

IV beat. See Fourcroy.
Trees, exper on the inverted ac. Wheels, treth of, remarks on the
tion of their alburnous vessels,

form of, 240.

Wilford, Capt. on the Sacred Isles
Trinity geometrically proved ! 327.

of the West, 495-
Trowbridge, commodore, his noble Wilian, Dr on the effects of dram.

conduct towards defeated Nea. drinking, 654
politan insurgents, 202.

Wilson, Dr. bis letter to the Re.
Tugwell, Mr. on drag harrows,

viewers, 112.
414. On slating, 419.

Wines, family, on the utility of
Tumour, fatty, in the thorax, case making, 420.

Witena gemot, remarks on that al-

sembly, 120.

Wool, bistorical deductions respect-
Variations, calculus of, memoir ini's 262. Value of English
on, 453

wool, 264–5. Merino, produce
Vanqueiin. See Fourcroy.

of ten ficeces of, 415.
Vedus, memoir on, 496.

Work-houses, parish, trifting earn.
Vegetables, their constiiuent prin. ings in, 4'9. Principles for re-

ciples( umeraas, 16. See De. gulating them, ib.
candolie. See Plants.

Worm-shells, account of a rare spe..
Venturi, M. on cylinders of cam-

phor, 458.
Perbs, origin and properties of, Yaws, dissert. on that disease, 144.
observations on, 45.

Young, Mr. A. on manures, 416.

of, 145.

cies of, 159


Strahan and Pre on,
Princess-Street, London.


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