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the table, which was lost-yeas 5, (Messrs. Cobb, on Foreign Affairs, stating that if referred the Davis, Grinnell, Hale, Trowbridge,) nays 112. comunittee would report upon it. The motion

Mr. Schenck moved this as a substitute: was agreed to-yeas 87, nays 35, as follow: Resolved, That the President of the United

YEAS—Messrs. Alley, Allison, Delos R. Ashley, James Y States, in the opinion of this House, should re- Ashley, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Baxter, Beaman, Bidwell. consider the policy which has been adopted by Biogham, Blaine, Boutwell, Bromwell, Buckland, Bundy, him as between the British Government and that Reader W. Clarke, Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Cook, Cullorza,

Dawes, Defrees, Delano, Dodge, Driggs, Eckley, Farnsworth, portion of the Irish people who, under the name Farquhar, Grinnell, Harris, Hart, Hayes, Holmes, Demus of Fenians, are struggling for their independent Hubbard, Edwin N. Hubbell, Jenckes, Jones, Kasson, kojnationality; and that he be requested to adopt hey, Kuykendall, Laflin, Latham, George V. Lawrence, Wilas nearly as practicable that exact course of pro- Ruer, Mercur, 'Miller, Morrill, Morris, Moulton, Myers, cedure which was pursued by the Government O'Neill, Orth, Paine, Perham, Phelps, Pike, Plants, Price of Great Britain on the occasion of the late civil Rice, Ross, Rousseau, Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield, Shella. war in this country between the United States barger, Sloan, Spalding, Thayer, Trowbridge, Upson, Ward, and rebels in revolt, recognizing both parties as Welker, Whaley, Williams, James F. Wilson, Stephen F. lawful belligerents, and observing between them Wilson, Windom, Woodbridge—87. a strict neutrality,

Nays-Messrs. Ancona, Bergen, Boyer, Chanler, Coffroth,

Darling, Davis, Dumont, Eldridge, Finck, Glossbrenner, Mr. Hale moved to table it; which was lost, Grider, Ilale, Aaron Harding, Hogan, James M. IIumphrey, yeas 8, (Messrs. Cobb, Davis, Dawes, Dodge, Johnson, Kerr, Ketcham, McCull nigh, Niblack, Pomeroy, Griswold, Hale, Sloan, Trowbridge,) nays 113. Samuel F. Randau, Ritter, Rogers, šitgreaves, Smith, Stii Mr. Banks moved to refer to the Committee Wright35.

well, Strouse, Taber, Taylor, Thornton, Trimble, Winfield,

XI. .



Suffrage in District of Colambia. qualifications other than those founded on caste

or color, to wit: ·

First. Those who can read the Constitution of January 10, 1866–Pending this bill, offered

the United States. by Mr. Kelley, December 5, 1865, and reported from the Judiciary Committee by Mr. James F.

Second. Those who are assessed for and pay Wilson, December 18, and then postponed till this taxes on real or personal property within the

District. day:

Third. Those who have served in and been A Bill extending the right of suffrage in the honorably discharged from the military or naval District of Columbia.

service of the United States, and to restrict such Be it enacted, &c., That from all laws and parts right of suffrage to the classes above named, and of laws prescribing the qualifications of electors to include proper provisions excluding from the for any office in the District of Columbia the right of suffrage those who have borne arme word white”, be, and the same is hereby, against the United States during the late rebelstricken out, and that from and after the passage lion, or given aid or comfort to said rebellion. of this act no person shall be disqualified from January 17, 1866–Mr. Wilson accepted Mr. voting at any election held in the said District Hale's amendment as part of his. on account of color.

January 18-Mr. Dārling moved to postpone SEC. 2. That all acts of Congress and all laws the bill till April 3. of the State of Maryland in force in said District

Mr. Niblack moved to lay the bill on the table, and all ordinances of the cities of Washington which was disagreed to-yeas 47, nays 123, as and Georgetown inconsistent with the provisions

follow : of this act are hereby repealed and annulled. Yeas-Messrs. Ancona, Delos R. Ashley, Bergen, Boyer, After debate, Mr. Wilson moved its recommit- Brooks, Chanler, Dawson, Denison, Eldridge, Finck, Gloss

brenner, Goodyear, Grider, Aaron Harding, Hogan, Chester ment.

D. Hubbard. Edwin N. Hubbell, James M. Humphrey, John. Mr. Hale moved to amend by adding these son, Jones, Kerr, Kuykendall, Latham, Le Blond, Marshall, words: with instructions to amend the bill so as

McCullough, Niblack, Nicholson, Nell, Phelps, Radford,

Samuel J. Randall, William H. Randall, Ritter, Rogers, to extend the right of suffrage in the District of Ross, shanklin, Sitgreaves, Smith, Strouse, Taler, Taylor. Columbia to all persons coming within either John L. Thomas, jr., Thornton, Trimble, Voorhees, Winof the following classes, irrespective of caste or


NAY3-Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ames, Anderson, James M. color, but subject only to existing provisions and Ashley, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barker, Baxter, Beaman,

Ridwell, Bingham, Blaine, Blow, Boutwell, Brandegee, Brom- greaves, Sloan, Smith, Spalding, Starr, Stevens, Strouse, Taber, bell, Broomall, Buckland, Bundy, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney Taylor, Thayer, Francis Thomis, John L. Thomas, jr., Thorn. barke, Cobly, Conkling, Cook, Cullom, Darling, Davis, Dawes, ton, Trimble, Upson, Van Aernam, Voorhees, Ward, Ellihu Jefrees, Delano, Deming, Dixon, Donnelly, Driggs, Eckley, B. Washburne, Welker, Wentworth, Williams, James F. Bugleston, Eliot, Farnsworth, Farquhar, Ferry, Garfield, Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, Winfield-117. rinnell, Griswold, Hale, Abner C. Harding, Hart, Hayes, The bill was then passed-yeas 116, nays 54, Henderson, Higby, Hill, Holmes, Hooper, Asahel W. Hubbard, Demas Hubbard, jr., John H. Hubbard, Hulburd, James as follow : Humphrey, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Julian, Kasson, Kelley, Kelso, Yeas—Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ames, James M. Ashley, Ketchiam, Laflin, George V. Lawrence, William Lawrence, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barker, Baxter, Beaman, Bidweli, Lomn, Longyear, Lynch, Marston, Marvin, McClurg, McKee, Bingham, Blaine, Blow, Boutwell, Brandegee, Bromwell, Mercur, Miller, Moorhead, Morrill

, Morris, Moulton, Myers, Broomall, Buckland, Bundy, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney D'Neill, Ortb, Paine, Patterson, Perham, Pike, Plants, Pome-Clarke, Cobb, Conkling, Cook, Cullom, Darling, Davis, Dawes, roy, Price, Raymond, Alexander H. Rice, John II. Rice, Defrees, Delano, Deming, Dixon, Donnelly, Driggs, Eckley, Bollins, Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield, Shellabarger, Sloan, Eggleston, Eliot, Farnsworth, Ferry, Garfield, Grinnell, Spalding, Starr, Stevens, Stillwell, Thayer, Francis Thomas, Griswold, Hale, Abner C. Harding, Hart, Hayes, Higby, Trowbridge, Upson, Van Aernam, Burt Van Horn, Robert Holmes, Hooper, Asahel W. Hubbard, Demas Hubbard, jr., 1. Van llorn, Ward, Warner, Ellihu B. Washburne, William John H. Hubbard, Hulburd, James Humphrey, Ingersoll, B. Washburn, Welkor, Wentworth, Williams, James F. Wil- Jenckes, Julian, Kasson, Kelley, Kelso, Ketcham, Laflin, son, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, Woodbridge--123.

George V. Lawrence, William Lawrence, Loan, Longyear, Mr. Darling modified his motion so as to post- Lyuch, Marston, Marvin, McClurg, Mercur, Miller, Moorpone until the first Tuesday in March, which Patterson, Perham, Pike, Plants, Pomeroy, Price, Raymond was disagreed to-yeas 34, nays 138, as follow : Alexander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Rollins, Sawyer, Schenck, Yeas—Messrs. Anderson, Banks, Conkling, Darling, Davis, Thayer, Francis Thomas, Trowbridge, Upson, Van Aernam,

Scofield, Shellabarger, Sloan, Spalding, Starr, Stevens, Defrees, Eggleston, Farquhar, Ferry, Griswold, Hale, Hart, Burt Van Horn, Ward, Warner, Ellihu B. Washburne, Henderson, Hill, Hogan, Jas. Humphrey, Kasson, Ketcham, William B. Washburn, Welker, Wentworth, Williams, James Kuykendall, Laflin, Latham, George V. Lawrence, Marvin, F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, Woodbridgo_116. Mercur, Miller, Orth, Phelps, William H. Randall, Raymond,

NAYS—Messrs. Ancona, Anderson, Delos R. Ashley, BenAmith, Stillwell, John L. Thomas, jr., Trimble, Robert T. jamin, Bergen, Boyer, Brooks, Chanler, Dawson, Denison, Tan Horn–34.

Eldridge, Farquhar, Finck, Glossbrenner, Goodyear, Grider, Nays-Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ames, Ancona, Delos R. Harding, Henderson, Hill, Logan, Chester D. Hubbard, EdAshley, James M. Ashley, Baker, Baldwin, Barker, Baxter, win N. Hubbell, James M. Humphrey, Johnson, Jones, Kerr, Beaman, Benjamin, Bergen, Bidwell, Bingham, Blaine, Blow, Kuykendall, Latham, Le Blond, Murshall, McCullough, McBoutwell, Boyer, Brandegee, Bromwell, Brooks, Broomall,

Kee, Niblack, Nicholson, Noell, Phelps, Radford, Samuel J. Bundy, Chanler, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Randall, William H. Randall, Ritter, Rogers, Ross, ShankCook, Cullom, Dawes, Dawson, Deming, Denison, Dixon, lin, Sitgreaves, Smith, Stillwell, Strouse, Taber, Taylor, | Donnelly, Driggs, Eckley, Eldridge, Eliot, Farnsworth, Finck, Thornton, Trimble, Robert T. Van Horn, Voorhees, Winfield Garfield, Glossbrenner, Goodyear, Grider, Grinnell, Aaron-54. Harding, Abner 0. Harding, Hayes, Higby, Holmes, lIooper,

IN SENATE. A. W. Hubbard, Chester D. Hubbard, Demas Hubbard, jr. John H. Hubbard, Edwin N. Hubbell, Hulburd, James M. June 27, 1866—The bill, as reported to the Humphrey, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Johnson, Jones

, Julian, Kel- Senate from its committee amended, was conley, Kelso, Kerr, William Lawrence, Le Blond, Loan, Longyear, Lynch, Marshall, Marston, McClurg, McCullough, Me sidered, the pending question being Mr. MorKee, Moorhead, Morrill, Morris, Moulton, Myers, Niblacle

, rill's motion to insert in the first section tho Nicholson, Noelt; O'Neill, Paine; Patterson, Ranaan, Ries: words in brackets, below: ander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Ritter, Rogers, Rollins, Ross,

That from and after the passage of this act, Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield, Shanklin, Shellabarger, Sil- each and every male person, excepting paupers greaves, Sloan, Spalding, Starr, Stevens, Strouse, Taber, Tay and persons under guardianship, of the age of Van Aernam, Burt Van Horn, Voorhees, Ward, Warner, twenty-one years and upwards, who has not Ellihu B. Washburne, William B. Washburn, Welker, Went- been convicted of any infamous crime, or offence, worth, Williams, James F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Win- and who is a citizen of the United States, and dom, Winfield, Woodbridge-135.

The question recurring on Mr. Wilson's motion who shall have resided in the said district for to commit with instructions, Mr. Schenck moved tion therein, [and excepting persons who may

the period of six months previous to any electo strike from the proposed instructions these have voluntarily left the District of Columbia words : “ Those who are assessed for and pay to give aid and comfort to the rebels in the late taxes on real or personal property within the rebellion,] shall be entitled to the elective frandistrict ;" which was agreed to.

The motion to recommit as amended, was then chise, and shall be deemed an elector and entidisagreed to--yeas 53, nays, 117, as follow :

tled to vote at any election in said District,

without any distinction on account of color or YEA5-Messrs. Anderson, Banks, Blow, Brandegee, Brom.

well, Buckland, Reader W. Clarke, Conkling, Darling, Davis,
Dawes, Defrees, Dulano, Deming, Dixon, Driggs, Eckley, Mr. Morrill moved further to amend by in.
Eggleston, Ferry, Griswold, Hale, Hart, Hayes, Henderson, serting, also, after “therein,” the words and
Hooper, Tulburd, James Humphrey, Jenckes, Kasson, who can read the Constitution of the United
William Lawrence, Longyear, Marvin, Miller, Moorhead States in the English language, and write his
Morris, Myers, O'Neill, Plants, Raymond, Alexander II. Rice, name;" which was disagre to-yeas 15, nays
Van Horn, Warner, William B. Washburn, Woodbridge-53. 19, as follow:

NAY8—Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ames, Ancona, Delos R.
Ashley, James M. Ashley, Baker, Baldwin, Barker, Baxter, ter, Harris, Kirkwood, Morrill, Poland, Pomeroy, Sherman,

YEAS-Messrs. Anthony, Cragin, Edmunds, Fessenden, Fos-
Beaman, Benjamin, Bergen, Bidwell, Bingham, Blaine, Bout- Trůmbull, Wade, Willey, Williams-15.
Well, Boyer, Brooles, Broomall, Bundy, Chanler, Clarke, Cobb,

NAYS—Messrs. Brown, Buckalew, Conness, Davis, Grimes, Cook, Cullom, Dawson, Denison, Donnelly, Eldridge, Eliot, Guthrie, Hendricks, Howard, Howe, Morgan, Norton, Nyo. Farnsworth, Farquhar, Finck, Garfield, Glossbrenner, Goodyear Grider, Grinneli , Aaron Harding, Abner C. Harding, Ramsey, Sprague, Stewart, Sumner, Van Winkle, Wilson,

19 Higby, Hill, Hogan, Ilolmes, A sahel . Hubbard, Chester D. Hubba rd, Demas Hubbard, jr., Jobn H. Hubbard, Elwin Mr. Willey offered this substitute for the bill : W. Hubbell, James M. Humphrey, Ingersoll, Johnson, Jones, Julian, Kelley, Kelso, Kerr, Le Blond, Loan, Lynch, Mar

In all elections to be held hereafter in the shall, Marston, McClurg. McCullougl, McKeo, Mercur, Mor- District of Ccluribia, the following described rill , Moulton, Nillack, Nicholson, Noell

, Orth, Paine, Patter persons and those only, shall have the right to Randall, William H. Randall, John H. Rice, Ritter, Rogers, vote, namely: first, all those persons who were Rollins, Ross, Sawyer, Scofield, Shanklin, Shellabarger, Sit-I actually residents of said District and qualified

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to vote therein at the elections held therein in / James F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, Wood

bridge-104, the year 1865, under the statutes then in force ; second, all


residents of said District who February 8—The bill passed-yeas 112, nay have been duly mustered into the military or 29; the latter all Democrats, except Messrs. naval service of the United States during the Driggs and Latham. late rebellion, and have been or shall hereafter The bill as finally passed provided that ant! be honorably discharged therefrom; third, male January 1, 1867, any person applying for the citizens of the United States who shall have at- benefit of the act shall swear that he has not tained the age of twenty-one years, (excepting borne arms against the United States, or given paupers, persons non compotes mentis, or con- aid and comfort to its enemies.' victed of an infamous offence,) and who, being residents of the ward or district in which they

Habeas Corpus. shall offer to vote, shall have resided in said

IN HOUSE. District for the period of one year next preced

March 20—The bill to amend an act entitled ing any election, and who shall have paid the taxes assessed against them, and who can read, ing judicial proceedings in certain cases," an.

"An act relating to habeas corpus, and regulatand who can write their names.

proved March 3, 1863, was passed-yea: 113, No further vote has been taken up to date of nays 31, as follow: putting this page to press.

YEAS.Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ames, Anderson, Delos R.

Ashley, James M. Asbley, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barker, West Virginia Bill.

Baxter, Beaman, Bidwell, Bingham, Blaine, Blow, Boutwell,

Bromwell, Broomall, Buckland, Bundy, Reader W. Clarke, February 6, 1866—The House passed a joint Conkling, Cook, Cullom, Delano, Deming, Dixon, Drizes resolution giving the consent of Congress to the Garfield: Griunell, Abner c? Harding, Hart, Ilayes, slendertransfer of Berkeley and Jefferson counties to son, Hill, Holmes, Hooper, Asahel W. Hubbard, Chester D. West Virginia-yeas 112, nays 24; (the latter Hubbard, Demas Hubbard, jr., John II. Ilubbard, James P. all Democrats except Mr. Baker.) The SENATE Ketcham, Kuykendali, Laflin, Latham, George V. Lawrence passed it, March 6-yeas 32, nays 5.-Mr.

John- William Lawrence, Loan, Lynch, Marston, Marvin, McClurg son, of Maryland, voted aye; the other Demo McKee, McRuer, Miller, Moorhead, Morrill, Morris, Moulcrats, voting, voted nay.

ton, Myers, Newell, Noell, O'Neill, Orth, Paine, Perham, Phelps, Pike, Plants, Price, William H. Randall, Raymond, John H. Rice, Rollins, Rousseau, Sawyer, Scofield, Shella.

barger, Sloan, Smith, Stevens, Stillwell, Thayer, Trowbridge Extending the Homestead Act.

Upson, Van Aernam, Burt Van Horn, Robert T. Van llorn, IN HOUSE.

Ward, Warner, Ellihu B. Washburne, William B. Wasli.

burn, Welker, Wentworth, Whaley, Williams, James F. February 7, 1866—A bill providing that all Wilson, Windom, Woodbridge—113. the public lands in Alabama, Mississippi, Louis, Coffroth, Dawson, Eldridge, Glossbrenner, Grider, Hale, Aa

Nays-Messrs. Ancona, Bergen, Boyer, Brooks, Chanler, iana, Arkansas, and Florida, shall be disposed ron Harding, Hogan, Edwin N. Hubbell, James M. Hun. of according to the stipulations of the home- phrey, Jones, Kerr, Le Blond, Marshall, McCullough, Nick stead law of 1862, no entry to be made for

more olson, Samuel J, Randall, Ritter, Rogers, Ross, Sitgreaves,

Strouse, Taber, Thornton, Trimble, Winfield-31. than eighty acres, and no discrimination to be made on account of race or color, and the min

IN SENATE. eral lands to be reserved, was considered.

April 20—The bill passed-yeas 30, nay: 4, Mr. Taber moved to add this proviso: as follow :

And provided, also, That nothing in this act Yeas-Messrs. Anthony, Chandler, Clark, Cooness, Crashall be so construed as to preclude such persons gin, Doolittle, Edmunds, Foster, Henderson, Howard, Howe, as have been or shall be pardoned by the Presi- Poland, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sprague, Stewart, Sumner, Trumdent of the United States for their participation bull, Van Winkle, Wade, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Yatesin the recent rebellion from the benefit of this 30. act.

Nays-Messrs Buckalew, Guthrie, Hendricks, Saulsbury Which was disagreed to-yeas 37, nays 104, as follow:

No Denial of the Elective Franchise on Account YEAR--Messrs. Delos R. Ashley, Bergen, Boyer, Brooks,

of Color. Buckland, Chanler, Eldridge, Finck, Glossbrenner, Grider, Aaron Harding, Hoyan, Chester_D. Hubbard, Edwin N.

IN HOUSE Hubbell, James M. Humphrey, Kerr, Latham, Le Blond, Marshall, McCullough, McRuer, Niblack, Nicholson, Noell, 1866, May 15–Pending the bill to amend the Phelps, Ritter, Rogers, Ross, Shanklin, Sitgreaves, Strouse

, organic acts of the territories of Nebraska, ColTaber, Taylor, Thayer, Thornton, Trimble, Voorhees-37, Nays-Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ames, James M. Ashley,

orado, D Montana, Washington, Idaho, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barker, Baxter, Beaman, Benjamin, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, of which this Bidwell, Bingham, Blaine, Blow, Biutwell, Brandegee, is the ninth section : Bromwell, Broomall, Bundy, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Conkling, Cook, Cullom, Darling, Davis,

That within the territories aforesaid there Dawes, Defrees, Deming, Donnelly, Driggs, Eckley, Eggles- shall be no denial of the elective franchisn to Abner o. Harding, llart, llayes, lligby, Hill, tlooper color, and all

persons shall be equal beforo the ton, Eliot, Farnsworth, Farquhar, Ferry, Garfield, Tlale, citizens of the United States because of race or Jenckes, Julian, Kasson, Kelley, Kelso, Kuykendall, Laflin; law. And all acts or parts of acts, either of Marston, Marvin, McClurg, McIndoo, Mercur, Miller, Moor-ritories aforesaid, "inconsistent with the pro: George W. Lawrence, William Lawrence, Longyear, Lynch Congress or the legislative assemblies of the terPaine, Patterson, Perhum, Price, William II. Rındali, Alexvisions of this act, are hereby declared null and ander H. Rice, John II. Rice, Rullins, Sawyer, Schenck, void.” Sloan, Smith, Spilding, Starr, Stevens, Trowbridge, Upson, Van Aernam, Burt Van Horn, Ward, Warner, Ellihu B

Mr. Le Blond moved to strike it out, which was Washburne, William B. Washburn, Wolker, Wentworth, disagreed to-yeas 36, nays 76, as follow:

Yeas-Messrs. Ancona, Delos R. Ashley, Bergen, Boyer, | Jenckes, Julian, Kelley, Kelso, William Lawrence, Loan, Chanier, Dawson, Denison, Eldridge, Finck, Glossbrenner, Longyear, Lynch, Marston, McClurg, McRuer, Mercur, Goodyear, Grider, Aaron Harding, Chester D. lsubbard, Miller, Moorhead, Morrill, Orth, Paine, Patterson, Perham, Edwin N. Hubbell, Kerr, Kuykendall, Latham, Le Blond, Pike, Plants, Price, Rolline, Sawyer, Spalding, Thayer, Marshall, Niblack, Nicholson, Phelps, William H. Randall, Francis Thomas, Van Aernam, Burt Van Horn, Ward, WarRitter, Rogers, Ross, Rousseau, Shanklin, Sitgreaves, Strouse, ner, Ellihu B. Washburne, William B. Washburn, Welker, Taber, Taylor, Trimble, Whaley, Wright--36.

Williams, James F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Win. NAYS-Messrs. Allison, Ames, Anderson, James M. Ash-dom--76. ley, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Baxter, Blaine, Blow, Boutwell, Brandegee, Broomall, Sidney Clarke, Cook, Cullom,

The bill then passed-yeas 79, nays 43. Darling, Davis, Dawes, Deming, Donnelly, Dumont, Eggles

IN SENATE. ton, Farnsworth, Ferry, Garfield, Griswold, Hart, Hayes,

June 29—The bill was considered but not Higby, Holmes, Hooper, Hotchkiss, Asahel W. Hubbard, Demas Hubbard, John H. Hubbard, Hulburd, Ingersoll, voted on.



Union National Platform, June, 1864. defence of their country and in vindication of Resolved, That it is the highest duty of every the honor of its flag; that the nation owes to American citizen to maintain against all their them some permanent recognition of their patrienemies the integrity of the Union and the par- otism and their valor, and ample and permanent amount authority of the Constitution and laws provision for those of their survivors who have of the United States ; and that, laying aside all received disabling and honorable wounds in the differences of political opinions, we pledge our service of the country; and that the memories selves, as Union men, animated by a common of those who have fallen in its defence shall be sentiment and aiming at a common object, to do held in grateful and everlasting remembrance, everything in our power to aid the Government Resolved, That we approve and applaud the in quelling by force of arms the Rebellion now practical wisdom, the unselfish patriotism, and raging against its authority, and in bringing to the unswerving fidelity to the Constitution and the punishment due to their crimes the Rebels the principles of American Liberty, with which and traitors arrayed against it.

Abraham Lincoln has discharged, under circumResolved, That we approve the determination stances of unparalleled difficulty, the great duties of the Government of the United States not to and responsibilities of the Presidential office ; compromise with Rebels, or to offer them any that we approve and endorse, as demanded by terms of peace, except such as may be based upon the emergency and essential to the preservation an unconditional surrender of their hostility and of the nation and as within the provisions of a return to their just allegiance to the Constitu- the Constitution, the measures and acts which tion and laws of the United States, and that we he has adopted to defend the nation against its call upon the Government to maintain this posi- open and secret foes ; that we approve, especialtion, and to prosecute the war with the utmost lý, the Proclamation of Emancipation, and the possible vigor to the complete suppression of the employment as Union soldiers of men heretofore Rebellion, in full reliance upon the self-sacrifi- held in slavery; and that we have full confiving patriotism, the heroie valor, and the undying dence in his determination to carry these and devotion of the American people to the country all other Constitutional measures essential to the and its free institutions.

salvation of the country into full and complete Resolved, That as Slavery was the cause, and effect. now constitutes the strength of this Rebellion, Resolved, That we deem it essential to the and as it must be, always and everywhere, hos- general welfare that harmony should prevail in tile to the principles of Republican Government, the National Councils, and we regard as worthy justice, and the National safety demand its utter of public confidence and official trust those only and complete extirpation from the soil of the Re- who cordially endorse the principles proclaimed public; and that, while we uphold and maintain in these resolutions, and which should characthe acts and proclamations by which the Govern- terize the administration of the Government. ment, in its own defence, has aimed a death-blow Resolved, That the Government owes to all at this gigantic evil, we are in favor, further- men employed in its armies, without regard to

of such an amendment to the Constitution, distinction of color, the full protection of the to be made by the people in conformity with its laws of war ; and that any violation of these provisions, as shall terminate and forever pro- laws, or of the usages of civilized nations in hibit the existence of Slavery within the limits time of war, by the Rebels now in arms, should or the jurisdiction of the United States.

be made the subject of prompt and full redress. Resolved, That the thanks of the American Resolved, That foreign immigration, which in people are due to the soldiers and sailors of the the past has added so much to the wealth, develArmy and Navy, who have periled their lives in lopment of resources, and increase of power to


this nation—the asylum of the oppressed of all American citizens in States where civil law exnations-should be fostered and encouraged by a ists in full force; the suppression of freedom of liberal and just policy.

speech and of the press; the denial of the right Resolved, "That we are in favor of the speedy of asylum ; the open and avowed disregard of construction of the Railroad to the Pacific coast. State rights; the employment of unusual test:

Resolved, That the National faith, pledged for oaths, and the interference with and denial oi' the redemption of the public debt, must be kept the right of the people to bear arrus in their de. inviolate, and that for this purpose we recom- fence, is calculated to prevent a restoration of mend economy and rigid responsibility in the the Union and the perpetuation of a governmen: public expenditures, and a vigorous and just deriving its just powers from the consent of the system of taxation; and that it is the duty of governed. every loyal State to sustain the credit and pro Resolved, that the shameful disregard of the mote the use of the National currency.

Administration to its duty in respect to our felResolved, That we approve the position taken low-citizens who now are, and long have been, by the Government that the people of the United prisoners of war in a suffering condition, de States can never regard with indifference the serves the severest reprobation, on the score attempt of any European Power to overthrow alike of public policy and common humanity. by force or to supplant by fraud the institutions Resolved, that the sympathy of the Demo of any Republican Government on the Western cratic party is heartily and earnestly extended Continent; and that they will view with ex- to the soldiery of our army and sailors of our treme jealousy, as menacing to the peace and navy, who are, and have been in the field and independence of their own country, the efforts on the sea, under the flag of their country; and, of any such power to obtain new footholds for in the event of its attaining power, they will Monarchical Governments, sustained by foreign receive all the care, protection, and regard that military force, in near proximity to the United the brave soldiers and sailors of the Republic States.

have so nobly earned. Democratic National Platform, August, 1864. Call for a National Union Convention, 1866.

Resolved, That in the future, as in the past, A National Union Convention, of at least two we will adhere with unswerving fidelity to the delegates from each congressional district of all Union under the Constitution as the only solid the States, two from each Territory, two from the foundation of our strength, security and happi. District of Columbia, and four delegates at larga ness as a people, and as a framework of govern- from each State, will be held at the city of Phila. ment equally conducive to the welfare and pros- delphia, on the second Tuesday (14th) of August perity of all the States, both northern and next. southern.

Such delegates will be chosen by the electors of Resolved, That this convention does explicitly the several States who sustain the Administration declare, as the sense of the American people, in maintaining unbroken the Union of the States that after four years of failure to restore the under the Constitution which our fathers estabUnion by the experiment of war, during which, lished, and who agree in the following proposiunder the pretence of a military necessity, or tions, viz: war power higher than the Contitution, the The Union of the States is, in every case, inConstitution itself has been disregarded in every dissoluble, and is perpetual; and the Constitupart, and public liberty and private right alike tion of the United States, and the laws passed by trodden down and the material prosperity of Congress in pursuance thereof, supreme, and con: the country essentially impaired-justice, hu- stant, and universal in their obligation; manity, liberty and the public welfare demand The rights, the dignity, and the equality of the that immediate efforts be made for a cessation of States in the Union, including the right of rep: hostilities, with a view to an ultimate conven- resentation in Congress, are solemnly guaranteed tion of the States, or other peaceable means, to by that Constitution, to save which from over: the end that at the earliest practicable moment throw so much blood and treasure were expended peace may be restored on the basis of the Fed in the late civil war; eral Union of the States.

There is no right anywhere to dissolve the Resolved, That the direct interference of the Union or to separate States from the Union, either military authorities of the United States in the by voluntary withdrawal, by force of arms, or recent elections held in Kentucky, Maryland, by Congressional action; neither by the secession Missouri, and Delaware, was a shameful viola- of the States, nor by the exclusion of their loyal tion of the Constitution; and a repetition of and qualified representatives, nor by the National such acts in the approaching election will be Government in any

other form; held as revolutionary, and resisted with all the Slavery is abolished, and neither can, nor ought means and power under our control.

to be, re-established in any State or Territory Resolved, that the aim and object of the Dem- within our jurisdiction; ocratic party is to preserve the Federal Union Each State has the undoubted right to preand the rights of the States unimpaired; and scribe the qualifications of its own electors, and they hereby declare that they consider that the no external power rightfully can, or ought to, administrative usurpation of extraordinary and dictate, control, or influence the free and volun. dangerous powers not granted by the constitu- tary action of the States in the exercise pf that tion; the subversion of the civil by military law right; in States not in insurrection; the arbitrary mili The maintenence in violate of the rights of the tary arrest, imprisonment, trial and sentence of States, and especially of the right of each State

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