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Copyright 1909 by Common-Sense Publishing Co. (Not Incorporated)
Entered at Chicago Post-Office as second-class matter, April 2, 1902, at the Post-Office at Chicago, Illinois,

under act of March 3rd, 1879. OFFICES: PAGE BLDG., MICHIGAN BLVD. AND 40TH STREET, CHICAGO 150 NASSAU ST., NEW YORK 15 OXFORD ST., W., LONDON, ENG. 131 CASHEL ST., CHRISTCHURCH, N. Z S. A. Conlan, Representative James Black, Representative

James Rodger, Representative NOTE:-Publishers will kindly obtain permission before using any article in this publication, as it is completely protected. All communications should be addressed COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING CO., MICHIGAN BLVD. AND 40TH ST., CHICAGO. Subscription price, $1.00 yearly; Foreign countries, $1.50 yearly. Advertising rates will be supplied on application. Send money by postal money order, registered letter, check or draft.



"Correct English--How to use it."

The Naturologist

A monthly magazine devoted to teaching the laws
of nature and the various laws governing health.
Subscription price, $1.00 per year; ten cents per
Published by

Waterloo. Iowa.

A Monthly Magazine devoted to the use of English

The Correct Word.
Queries and Answers.

Shall and Will: Should and Would: How to
Use Them.

Pronunciations (Century Dictionary).
Correct English in the Home.
Correct English in the School.
What to Say and What Not to Say.
Course in Grammar.
Course in Letter Writing and Punctuation.
Business English for the Business Man.
Compound Words: How to Write Them.
Studies in English Literature.

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Agents Wanted. $1.00 a Year. Send 10 cents for sample copy. CORRECT ENGLISH, Chicago, Ill.

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Copyrighted 1909 by Common.Sense Publishing Co., (Not Inc. )


AUGUST, 1909

Sut scription price $1.00 per year in advance. Foreign subscription $1.50; Canadian subscription $1.25.

Business conditions today eliminate the all-round man-he is of yesterday. Nobody wants the all-round man-nobody cares for his particular kind of ability. The trained specialist - the man who concentrates his mind and uses his ability to the development of any particular part in the big wheel of business, is the man who has the grasp on the main chance today.

s is it is as it if its affis if it is as if it is as if its affis is its afts afts afts if af afts afts off of its afts if af te

Those who make no effort are exempt from failure. Accident of birth has not made as many million

aires as accident of energy. Life should be a sweet running stream; it was never intended that man should fill a stagnant career. Some lives are like a golf ball, as fast as they are

taken out of the hole, they get into another. Some of us never know what we want until necessity hits us from behind.

Discover an infallible rule to make advertising

pay and make one fortune. “One swallow does not make a .summer," but a banana skin will make one fall.

Success is a matter of desire. You do not desire

to succeed unless you keep continually at your chosen The process of getting knowledge through experi- work. ence and advice is the important thing in all of our lives.

Nothing ever comes to the man who waits, be

cause there is always someone progressive enough to Stagnant water corrupts itself, so does the idle man, “want of occupation is not rest, a mind quite vacant is a mind distressed."


share of the profits as your

salary when business is prosperous, you should not You often hear old men express regret that they balk at the share given you when business is poor. did not study enough and use their mind when it was elastic. These men could better the lives and hap- A sign of nobility is the yearning for growth and piness of younger men and women if only their advice expansion-desire and ambition to rise above present were followed closely—but youth is prone to play conditions is a true sign of progress. To absorb in life's Springtime, giving no thought to life's knowledge and use it to further our ambition is the Autumn.

noblest thing we can do.

go after it.

If you


Did you ever hear of anyone advertising for a lost opportunity?

If you wish others to be dissatisfied with you—be satisfied with yourself.

The man who does not know how to do anything, but tries, will supersede the man who knows how to do, but doesn't.

I hold every man debtor to his profession, from the which, as men do of course seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavor themselves by way of amends to be a help and an ornament thereunto.Lord Byron.

Turn the full power and effort of your life into the building of your character and everything in your lise will unconsciously in time promote that purpose; your very actions and thoughts will move in one direction, and the more pressure that is brought to bear the greater will be your success.


"In this country where 90 per cent of the people are trying to push ahead, where they are racing to get in advance of the other 10 per cent, it is up to those in the rear to try to equal them by using their mental and physical ability. The country has no patience with those who are discontented and abnormal. The applause is for the man in front. The man who attains power and keeps it deserves his success. Carping and complaining will not advance the man in the

He must put his best foot forward and try his hardest."-Speaker Cannon on his seventy-third birthday.

Any Fool Can Knock
Don't you think yourself a censor for the silly human

And just remember as you go, any fool can knock.

Let others, if they must, ignore the voice of age and the teachings of experience, but you get what you can from both.

And when you are finding out from successful men and women the causes of their success, remember that the things that they have not done are at least as important as the things that they have done.

Inside of us there are the voices of the whole animal kingdom, our ancestors far back. And all of the various voices of greed and covetousness and vanity are urging us in different directions. The successful human being is the one that has listened to the good voice and refused to listen to the others.

We are all of us accustomed to the endless magazine articles in which great wealth tells how it got rich. And there are plenty of young men to go to the Sunday school of a sanctimonious young gentleman and hear him tell about the things that he does not understand, because he represents hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the mind, and the experience, of a really good man or woman, of mature years and sound thought, you may learn more than from all the talking millionaires with their more or less foolish explanations of piled-up money.

How to spend time is one thing to know. How to protect your vitality by temperance is another thing to know. How to read with intelligence so that you may build up a foundation of knowledge, and not gather together scattered, disconnected parts, is another thing to know.

How to make friends and to keep them, and what kind of friends to make, is another thing to know. It isn't the money a man has that makes him happyalthough, poverty, of course, is deplorable, as it is slavery.

It isn't millions of dollars that really give a man satisfaction in this life. To be respected, to have a mind well equipped, to know what the world is doing, having an intelligent, comprehensive interest in the great events, those are some of the things worth while.

And best worth while of all is the respect of other men, and especially the gratitude of other men if you can earn it by unselfish work.

Let experience teach you. Listen to those that are old and respected today.

Listen to those that died long ago, whose voices are heard in their books, and in the stories of their lives.

Develop in your minds the faculty lacking to so many of us, that of abstracting knowledge and happiness in life from the experience and the mistakes of


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Don't be a puller-down of fame on other men con

ferred, Don't give a parting kick to one who fell because he

erred. Don't think that you are perfect and the only size in

stock, And now, once more, just bear in mind, that any fool can knock

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