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it was rightly inserted to prevent doubt; and the omis- rately and completely effected. I may, however, obsion of the exception in this bill, without any declara- serve that it would seem that the 7th and 8th sections tion of what was intended by that omission, can hardly of the Irish act, which represent the 6th and 7th secbe sufficient to effect the intended object, especially as tions of the English act of James II, ought to have the repeal of these very customs in cases of testacy has been repealed as well as the first six. been effected by express enactments—4 Will. & M. Other small inaccuracies make it appear that the bill c. 2; 7 & 8 Will. 3, c. 38; and 11 Geo. 1, c. 18; which has been hastily and carelessly drawn. The 5th section last-mentioned act, moreover, (relating to the custom begins, " That there be no representation,” &c., whereof London), expressly preserves the custom in cases of as the form of the other sections is different: in the intestacy, by its 18th section; or, even admitting that it 7th section “his” is put for “ her.” could be established by ingenious arguments that such The general absence of any attempt to make the lanan omission was equivalent to a repeal, what reason is guage plain and concise has been already noticed. there for effecting by elaborate inferences from peculiarities of construction, and comparisons with a former act “in pari materia,” what might be done easily, clearly, and effectually by a simple declaration of the

Court Papers. intention that the customs should be repealed ?

2 and 3. As to the extension of the rules as to advancements to the case of advancement by the mother,

EQUITY SITTINGS, MICHAELMAS TERM, this seems to be properly effected; but the way in

1855. which the same rules are extended to lands descending

Court of Chancery. on a younger son by the custom of borough English is open to objection. It is effected thus—the act of Car, 2

Before the LORD CHANCELLOR, at Westminster. provides, that in case any child other than the heirat-law shall have any estate by settlement from the in- Friday ...... Nov. 2 Appeal Motions and Appeals. testate, or shall be advanced by the intestate in his

At Lincoln's Inn. lifetime, such estate must be brought into hotchpot Saturday 3 Petitions and Appeals. before such child takes any share of the intestate's Monday

57 personal estate; and the way in which the proposed Tuesday alteration of the law is effected is by adding the words Wednesday 7 “ by descent;" so that the passage runs,

other than Thursday

Appeals. such child or children (not being heir-at-law), who Friday

9 shall have any estate by descent or by settlement,” &c. Saturday

10 It is conceived that though the meaning of this provi- Monday.. 12 Appeal Motions and Appeals. sion might perhaps be arrived at by a good lawyer Tuesday, 13

14 after some consideration, it is not expedient to make / Wednesday alterations in the law in this uncertain manner, and

Thursday 15 Appeals.

Friday that it would be more proper to express distinctly the


17 intention of the Legislature. It may be added, that

Monday.. 19 Appeal Motions and Appeals. there is some ground to contend that the terms used


20 are altogether inadequate, for it may be said that Wednesday 21 “heir-at-law” is not equivalent (as it seems to be here Thursday 22

Appeals. considered) to “ eldest son,” but has no meaning except Friday with reference to something to be inherited, and that a Saturday 24 Petitions and Appeals. youngest son is just as much "heir-at-law” of lands Monday....

- **** *• 26 Appeal Motions and Appeals. subject to the custom of borough English as an eldest son is heir-at-law of other lands; in which case, to speak of a child taking by descent, not being heir-at- Before the LORDS JUSTICES, at Westminster. law, is a contradiction in terms.

Friday ....... Nov. 2 Appeal Motions. Passing to the expediency of these alterations of the law, the intended repeal of the customs of York and

At Lincoln's Inn. London seems advantageous; but with regard to the extension of the rule as to advancements, it is sub

Saturday ... 3 { Petitio appea. Motion. Bankruptcy, mitted, that though, if retained as to a father's estate, Monday.... 5) it is reasonable that it should be extended to a mother's, Tuesday..

6 it would be far better to repeal the rule as to both, as

Wednesday 7

>Appeals. it is inconvenient, leads to doubts and family disputes, Thursday 8 and probably defeats the intentions and expectations Friday 9 { Petitions pe peretem and Bankruptcy, of the parents.

Saturday 10 Appeals. In addition to the general objections above urged,

Monday... 12 Appeal Motions and Appeals. there are several points of detail in which the bill is

Tuesday.. 13 open to animadversion.

Wednesday 14 Appeals. In the first place, as an alteration in the testamentary Thursday 15 jurisdiction of the country is so immediately contemplated, this seems an inappropriate time for re-enacting

Friday .... 16 { Petition ppea. Peticioned Bankruptos, the old rules as to the mode of granting administration, Saturday 17 Appeals. the form of administration bonds, &c.

Monday.. 19 Appeal Motions and Appeals. Secondly, if it was proper to re-enact the provision Tuesday.. 20 of the 22 & 23 Car. 2, c. 10, as to administration bonds, Wednesday 21 Appeals.

22 &c., there are some other old enactments which ought Thursday to have been incorporated and repealed, as the 31 Edw.3, Friday .. 23 st. 1, c. 11; 21 Hen. 8, c. 5; 43 Eliz. c. 8; and the 30

and Appeal Petitions. Car. 2, st. 1, c. 7.


"ver. 24 Appeals.

Monday-oo Thirdly, as regards the extension of this bill to fre

cov...v. 26 Appeal Motions, land, I am not able to judge whether it has been accu



{ la Bankruptes,

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17{"and General Paper.


Monday.. Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE ROLLs, at

19 Motions and General Paper. Westminster.


20 Wednesday

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

21 Friday ...... Nov. 2 Motions.


Claims, and Further Directions.

22 At Chancery-lane.


23 Petitions and General Paper. Saturday 3 Petitions in General Paper.


Short Causes and Claims, and General

24 Monday.. 5


Monday........ 26 Motions and General Paper.
Wednesday 7 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

8 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood, at Westminster. Friday

9 Saturday 10

Friday Nov. 2 Motions. Monday.. 12 Motions.

At Lincoln's Inn. Tuesday..

13 Wednesday 14


3 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

and General Paper. Thursday 15

5 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Monday.. Friday 16


6 Saturday 17

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Wednesday 7 Monday.. 19 Motions.


Claims, and Further Directions, Tuesday. 20)

Friday ...
Wednesday 21 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,
22 Further Directions, and Exceptions, Saturday

and Paper.

Monday.. 12 Motions and General Paper. Saturday 24 Petitions in General Paper.


13 Monday.. 26 Motions.

Wednesday 14 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, N.B._Short Causes, Short Claims, Consent Causes, Un. Thursday

15 Claims, and Further Directions. opposed Petitions, and Claims, every Saturday, the Unopposed Friday

16 Petitions to be taken first. Notice.-Consent Petitions must be presented, and copies

Petitions, Short Causes and Claims,

Saturday left with the Secretary, on or before the Thursday preceding Monday... 19 Motions and General Paper. the Saturday on which it is intended they should be heard. Tuesday

20 Wednesday 21 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Thursday

22 Claims, and Further Directions. Before Vice-Chancellor Sir RICHARD T. KINDER SLEY, at Friday

23 Westminster.


Petitions, Short Causes and Claims,

and General Paper. Friday ...... Nov. 2 Motions.

Monday........ 26 'Motions and General Paper.
At Lincoln's Inn.

3 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

EQUITY CAUSE LISTS, MICHAELMAS TERM, Tuesday.. 6 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

1855, Wednesday 7 Claims, and Further Directions. Thursday 8

*** The following abbreviations have been adopted to Friday 9 Petitions and General Paper.

abridge the space the Cause Papers would otherwise have occuSaturday 10 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. pied:-A. Abated-Adj. Adjourned-A. T. After Term-4p. Monday 12 Motions and General Paper.

Appeal—C. D. Cause Day-C1. Claim-C. Costs—D. DeTuesday: 13

murrer-E. Exceptions—F. D. Further Directions-M. MoWednesday


Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, tion-P. C. Pro Confesso—Pl. Plea-Ptn. Petition-R. ReThursday

Claims, and Further Directions.

hearing-S. O. Stand Over-Sh. Short.
16' Petitions and General Paper.

Court of Chancery.
Saturday 17 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.
19 Motions and General Paper.

Tuesday.. 20
Wednesday 21
Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,


Claims, and Further Directions. 22

Lake o. Brutton (3) After T. Cobbett o. Brock Friday 23 Petitions and General Paper.

Bulkeley v. Hope, Hil. Term Bewley o. Hancock Saturday

24 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Baker v. Bradley (Part heard) Shaw o. Fisher Monday. 26 Motions and General Paper.

Hope v. Corporation of Glou. Morley o. Morley (3)

Hele 6. Bexley (12)
Bold v. Hutchinson

Simpson o. Chapman
Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. STUART, at Westminster.

Single v. Terrell

Jebb v. Tugwell
Hindle v. Taylor

Scales o. Maude
Friday...... Nov. 2 Motions.

Edwards v. Hall (3)

Nantes v. Terrell
At Lincoln's Inn.

Hunt v. Dorsett

Wilshere o. Norfolk Railway

Co. Saturday

Wickenden . Rayson

Bartlett v. Salmon Monday..

Turner. v. Irlam 5

Horsfield o. Ashton Tuesday..

Foster v. Cantley 6 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Worthington o. Wiginton Wednesday 7 Claims, and Further Directions.

Band v. Fardell

Mortimer o. Mortimer (2)
Rabbeth 0. Foreman

Pariente o. Lubbock
9 Petitions and General Paper.

Field v. Brown (5)

Stoddart o. Nelson (2)

Maybery v. Brooking Saturday

Youle v. Cose

Attorney-Gen. v. Stephens Monday... 12 Motions and General Paper.

Collinson o. Lister (2) Cowlishaw v. Harding. Tuesday..

13 Wednesday

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

14 Thursday

Claims, and Further Directions.

Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE ROLLS.
16' Petitions and General Paper.

CAUSES, &c. Saturday Short Causes and Claims, and General Att.-Gen. v. Blizard (M for Davies v. Hodgson (E to ans.)


Irby v. Irby (3) (FD, C, Pt)




Tipewell v. Browne (Cause) Johnson o. Morton (M for de. Ommanney o. Stilwell (Cause) | Stephens o. Staley (M for de. Stewart o. Orchard (M for de. cree)


cree) cree)

Wilson v. Emmet (Cause) Curlewis o. Earl of Morning. Armstrong n. Buckland (Fur. Stewart 6. Grapel (Cause) Nanney o. Williams (M for ton (M for decree)

ther consideration) Baxter o. Ritchie (Cause) decree)

Hanbury v. Tyrell (Cause) Rooke o. Kensington (M for Fenwick v. Kirkpatrick (M for Danby v. Hotham (Cause) Martin 0. Brunning (Cause) decree) decree) Smith o. Oakes (M for decree) Sh

Simms v. Simms (CI) Lough o. Clark (M for decree) Musgrove o. Smith (2) (Cause) Lindus v.

Davies (Cause) Sh Attorney-Gen. v. Earl Onslow Skey o. Butter (M for decree) Banks v. Rooksby (M for dec.) Rooth v. Rooth (M for decree) (Further consideration) Pasmore v. Huggins (M for Brockley o. Booth (CI) Friend v. Grove (2) (Further Attorney-Gen. o. Mason (Fur. decree) Griffith 0. Titley (CI)

consideration) SK

ther consideration). Spurgin 0. Withaim (M for Stevenson o. Long (Á for de. decree) cree)

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir RICHARD T. KINDERSLEY. Gouldin v. Howell (Cause) Fryer 0. Fryer (2) (M for dec.) Marryat v. Marryat (M for Harrison v. Tendant (M for

CAUSES, &c. decree)


Church 0. Marryat (Cause, French o. Smith (3) (Cause) Marryat v. Marryat (Cause) Hill o. Merrett (M for decree) part heard)

Holroyd o. Griffiths (Cause) Thompson v. Armitage (Cau.) Marlow o. Warwick (2) (Cau.) Ramsden o. Hirst (M for de. Dimsdale v. Dimsdale (Cause) Clapham o. Manby (M for de- Preston v. Webb (M for dec.)

cree, part heard)

Knight v. Knight (3) (FD, C) cree)

Harford v. Criddle (Further Eckford o. Roome (F D, C, Earl of Craven o. Ure (M for consideration)

part heard)

In re Blakely's Estate (Fur. decree)

King o. Vials (F D, C) Saunders v. Saunders (D) Blakely o. Blakely con.) Philpot o. St. George's Hos- Official Managers of the New. Saunders v. Saunders (D) Grazebrook v. Gratrex (Canse) pital (Cause)

castle, &c. Banking Co. o. Saunders v. Saunders (D) Stray v. Stray (Fur. cons.) Sh Hope o. Liddell (Cause) Gibbon (Further considera.) | Lord o. Colvin (Cause)

Etches v. Etches (Fur. cons.) Liddell v. Norton (M for Scott o. Jackman (CI) Colvin 0. Lord (Cause)

Stretton o. Ashmall (Cause) decree)

Clarke o. Mansfield (Further Tennant o. Parker (Cause) Tarrant o. Stoakes (CI) Hartoppo. Hartopp (M for consideration)

Jenkyn v. Vaughan (Cause) Cook v. Gregson (2) (Further decree) In re Mary Gambrill, de- Andrews v. Pugh (Cause)

consideration) Bowyer 0. Fern (Further con. ceased

Clavering v. Ellison (Cause) Jackson o. Naden (M for dec.) sideration) Sh

Goldfinch v. Bartlett (Fur- Jordan v. Frost (M for decree) Lee v. Burton (FĎ, C) Wedderburn v. Wedderburn ther consideration)

Smith v. Foster (Cause)

Anstrather o. Roberts (Cause) (5) (E, F D, C)

Greaves v. Neilson (Cause) Taylor o. Taylor (M for dec.) Davis v. Viscount Combermere Wedderburn v. Wedderburn Howes v. Francis (M for de. Durning o. Matber (CI) (3) (F D, C) (5) (E, F D, C)

cree) Sk
Newman v. Cook (CI)

Lewes v. Davies (2) (F D, C) Wedderburn v. Wedderburn Winniett v. Chard (F D, C) Byam o. Wellum (2) (Cause)

Ludlam o. Elliott (Fur. cons.) (5) (E, F D, C)

Read v. Gooding (Special case) Deeks v. Stanhope (4) (Cause) Hunter u. Holliday (M for Dolman o. Nokes (Cause) Falkner o. Jeffery (M for dec.) Bunny o. Turner (Cause)

decree) Davies v. Dunkin (Cause) Wrigley o. Sykes (Cause) Woodhouse v. Slater (CI) Haynes 0. Haynes (M for Att.-Gen. 0. Master, &c. of Curzon v. Bromley (3) (F D, Ross v. Raven (Cause)

decree) Trinity College, Cambridge C)

Fallows o. Lowe (M for decree) Whiter v. Bunny (Cause) (Cause) Robinson 0. Anderson (Fur. Wilton v. Colvin (Special case)

Clark v. Stevens (Fur. cons.) Payne u. Little (Cause) ther consideration)

Melling 0. Leak (CI)

Garratt o. Lancefield (3) (E, Walker 0. Armstrong (Cause) In re Gawne

Harrison v. Guest (Cause) FD, C) Willes v. Greenhill (Cause) Pedder o. Gelling (Further Hodson v. Buxton (Cause) Rommieu 0. Hearn (Further Ancrum o. Miller (CI)


Willoughby o. Sanders (M for consideration) Tepper o. Whitelock (CI) Wilkinson v. Crook (Cause) decree)

Walmsley v. Harrison (M for Abbot o. Middleton (M for Watson 0. Moore (Further Henderson o. Dodds (2) (M decree) decree) consideration)

for decree)

Ward o. Hide (Further cons.) Moxon o. Moore (M for dec.) Whitworth v. Brogden (2)

In re John Hodgson

(Further Hallpike o. Rowden (2) (Ca.) | Smith v. Andrews (Cause) consid., Thurnall o. Rayner (Cause)

Stilwell o. Mellersh (Further Hodgson v. Kay (E of plaintiff)

Sumns.) Lubbock o. Murphy (4) (Ca.) consideration) Whitworth o. Brogden (2) In re Stanhope

Darby v. Darby (Cause) In re Mellersh's Es. (E of deft. J. Brogden) Good v. Ģray (Further con

(Fur. Ingleman


0. Worthington Whitworth c. Brogden (2) sideration)


Stilwell v. Mellersh

cons.) (F D, C)

Gardner v. Eyton (F D, C) Viscountess Lake 0. Currie Trimmer 0. Danby (3) (Fur. Billingham v. Norrish (M for Heath o. Lewis (2) (Further (M for decree)

ther consideration) decree)


Pearce o. Duesberry (Cause) Hobbs v. Hobbs (Cause) Samuelo. Ward (M for decree) Ellis o. Clough (Cause) Coulthard v. Heslop (M for Miller v. Daniel (Cause) Haddelsey v. Adams (Cause) Tyndall 0. Annesley (Cause) decree)

Att.-Gen. 0. Mayor, &c. of Palmer o. Mills (Cause) Scotland v. Johnson (CI) Bunny v. Cannan (M for dec.) Gloucester (Cause) Purdue v. Sharp (M for dec.) | Williams v. Page (Cause) Wilton v. Hill (Cause)

Lovelock v. Turner (Cause) Tanner v. Heard (M for dec.) Birds o. Askey (Cause) Charles v. Clark (Cause)

Benson 0. Hardingham (5) Danford o. Pell (M for decree) Parr v. Brown (Cause) Finch o. Finch (Cause)

(Further consideration) Brown v. Blenkinsop (Cause) Price o. Loaden (Cause) Law v. Thorp (M for decree). Linford o. Cooke (For. cons.) Bond o. Bourdillon M for de. Matthews o. Miller (5) (F D, Thomas v. Jones (M for dec.) M'Gowan o. Smith (M for cree)


Smith v. Baker (M for decree) decree) Seaman o. Woods (M for dec.) Blake v. Mowatt (Cause) Blake v. Honywood (M for Ashton v. Withnell (Further Hughes o. Naylor (Cause) Higgins o. Green (CI)


consideration) Westcar 0. Westcar (M for Phillips o. Hewlett (M for Sharpe 6. Tappenden (M for Lewes о. Gwynne (2) (F D,C) decree) decree)


Brain v. Brain (Further cons.) Smith o. Caulfield (M for dec.) Blagden 0. Sibery (M for de Edwards' v. Martin (M for Hughes v. Wadsworth (F D, Ripley v. Hampstead Junc- cree)


c). tion Railway Co. (Cause) Danger v. Kittow (CI) Wilkinson o. Wilkinson (CI) Goodman o. Joze (M for dec.) Malcolm v. Malcolm (Cause) Tyndale v. Wilkinson (M for

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. STUART. Chichester v. Chichester (CI) decree)

CAUSES, &c. Barron v. Nicholls (Cause) Morgan v. M‘Mahon (Further Ramsden v. Walker (D).

Hunter o. Nockolds

(Furth. Jones o. Robinson (E)

Goode v. Hollier (Cause)


Vincent v. Hunter Harell o. Wright (CI) Alder o. Walters (M for de. Ince o. Ince (Cause, Ptn)

Ptn) Field o. Simpson (CI)


Hassell v. Booth (Cause) Firth v. Jackson (CT)




Ashworth o. Sowerby (M for, Rooks o. Bell (Further con.) Billson v. Scott (CI)

Newman o. Engineers' Madecree)

Bruce o. Morice (4) (Further Cobden v. Bourne (Cause) sonic, &c. Life Assurance Cheffins v. Cheffins (Cause) consideration)

Selby v. Fremlin (Cause) Society (Cause) Stevenson v. Stevenson (M Langdale o. Briggs (Further Hopps v. Wood (M for decree) Wyllie v. Green M for dec.) for decree)


Crawford 0. North-eastern Deere v. Notley (Cause) Ord v. Johoston (3) (Cause) Maltby v. Poole (M for dec.) Railway Co. (M for decree) Cook 0. Cook (Further conBeavan v. Lord Oxford (Ad- Shillibeer o. Jarvis (Cause) Sparrow 0. Barrell (Cause) sideration) journed summons)

Lord v. Lord (Further con.) Swan v. Bryan (Cause) Griffith v. Jones (Special case) Beavan v. Lord Oxford (Ad. Wright v. Wills (Cause) Cattley o. Arnold (Cause) Young 0. Freeman (Further journed summons)

Westley v. Bark (M for dec.) Ledward v. Hassells (M for consideration) Maclennan v. Lane (2) (Cau.) Williams o. Edwards (M for decree)

Sugden o. Crosland (M for deStnpart v. Arrowsmith (Cause) decree)

Wills v. Lane (Cause)

cree) Hooper v. Hooper (Cause) Ratcliffe v. Hampson (M for Plumbers' Co. v. Corbett (M Wenn v. Notley (M for dec.) Plumptre v. Oxenden (Cause) decree)

for decree)

Neal v. Harrison (Cause) Phillips o. Phillips (Cause) Griffith v. Edwards (Cause) Roddam 0. Morley (M for Ashton v. Wood (M for dec.) Rogers o. Quarterman (Fur- Smith o. Wright (Cause) decree)

Forbes o. Forbes (Cause) ther consideration)

Hodgson v. Clarke (M for d.) Jones v. Renouf (M for dec.) | Arklay v. Stedall (Cause) Rawlins o. Druitt (Further Bishop o. Webb (Further con- Cochcroft o. Sutcliffe (M for Draycott o. Wood (2) (Further consideration) sideration) decree)

consideration) Green v. Morris (Further con- King o. Sinclair (Cause) Farina ó. Silverlock (M for Ulyet v. Osborn (M for dec.) sideration) Nettleship v. Allen (CI) Sh decree)

Smith v. House (M for dec.) Grieves o. Rawley (F D, C) Bowman v. Cope (Further Green o. Wauchop (Further Peed 0. Johnson (Cause) In re Bishop's Estate (Adj. consideration)


Martineau v. Rogers (Special Ogborn o. Vickers sum.) Pegden v. Mockett (Cause) In re Pellegrini ) (Further case) Falcke o. Falcke (Cause)

Rosay o. Pelle- cons. from Cave v. Cave (Special case) Malins v. Greenway (3) (FD, Soan v. Thorn (Cause) Sh grini

chambers) Nightingale v. Clements (Ca.) Jones o. Hughes (Cause) Sh Dodson o. Kinsey (M for de- Bryant o. Baker (Cause) Neal v. Shaw (FD, C) Thirkell v. Heppenstall (F D, cree)

Taylor v. Baker (Cause) Blanshaw v. Hollihead (Ca.) C)

Groves v. Wright (Cause) Bradley v. Raynar (M for deHollihead 7. Nortcliffe (Ca.) Brookman v. Whetehouse (2) Hebblethwaite v. Hebbleth. cree) Clarke v. Strickland (Cause) (F D, C)

waite (M for decree) Spring v. Haslett (Cause) Sh

Birchall 0. Bradshaw (Cause) Vause v. Singleton (CI) Coleman o. Fraser (Cause) Cullen o. Carter (Further con- Lancellot o. Ballachey (Fur- Wright v. Metcalfe (M for de. Pike v. Bullock (Farther sideration) ther consideration) cree)

consideration) Colchester v. Colchester (F D, Brown 0. Vernon (Further Tee v. Ferris (Further cons.). Billson o. Owen (F D, C) C)


Earle v. Elderton (M for dec.) Hare 0. Earl of Listowell Singleton v. Hopkins (Cause) Wallis v. Bell (Cause) Leyson v. Wood (Cause)

) In re Mutter Mutter v. Hudson Casim. to Watson o. Roscoe (Farther Ridgway v. Kynnersley (M for Everson 1. Mathew (A for add tod.) consideration).


decree) Marsh v. Marsh (3) (Further Hadden 0. Bennett (M for d.) consideration)

Sheldrake 0. Lock (Further Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood.

Jones v. Howell (M for d.) consideration)

Job v. Banister (M for dec.) Hewson c. Baker (M for de.) Causes, &c.

Chappell v. Atkinson (Further Sykes o. Bloomfield (M for Pemberton 0. M'Gill (E to Armitage v. Walker (Cause) consideration)

decree) answer)

Wallgrave v. Tebbs (M for Nicholls v. Nicholls (M for Mould o. Cox (Further con.) Beale v. Cooper (E to answer) decree)


Pettit o. Jaques (Cause) Manchester, Sheffield, &c. Furnell v. Mackay (M for dec.) Selwyn v. Smith (Cause) Forman o. Hudson (M for d.)

Railway Co. o. Local Board Ellerton 0. Darby (M for de- King 0. Powell (Cause) James o. Homes (Cause) of Health for the District cree, part heard)

Suffell o. Thompson (Cause) Fisher v. Ward (Further con.) of Worksop (E to answer) Field v. Bradley (CI)

De Pontigny o. De Chatelain Roberts v. Evans (Further Crofts v. Middleton (Cause) Thomas v. Thomas (Cause) (M for decree)

consideration) Last v. Goldsmith (F D, C) Shribley v. Lambert (2) (Cau.) Goodchap o. Weaving (F D, Hearn v. Baker (Further con.) Lake v. Russell (Cause, part Richardsono. Lightfoot Can.) C)

Lee v. Howlett (Further con.) heard)

M.Murray v. Spicer (Cause) Collins v. Cave (Cause) Linfoot o. Smith (CI) Legge v. Edmonds (Cause) Payne o. Evans (Special case) Ward o. Cartwright (2) (FD, Scovell 0. Neale (Farther Clarke v. Zotti (Further cons.) Hopkinson o. Bunny (Cause) C)

consideration) Attwood v. Cripps (M for de Bass v. Fraser (Cause) Blount o. Warwick and Nap- Head o. Haswell (Cause) cree)

Moody o. Cooper (Cause) ton Canal Ca. (3) (Further Smith 0. Warren (Cause) Sk Riccard v. Prichard (M for Snow v. Booth (Cause)


Badcock o. Thomas (4) (F D, decree)

Lyle v. Truscott (Cause) Clements 0. Nightingale (M C) Olliver o. King (Cause) Bowen . Jones (M for decree) for decree)

Lee v. Olding (M for decree) Rowley o. Unwin (Cause) Buckley v. Newton (Cause) Tolmides 0. Hoskins (M for Horn v. Kilkenny, &c. Rail. Cuerton v. Bunnett (Cause) Scarisbrick o. Tunbridge (M decree)

way Co. (M for decree) Williams o. Salmond (Cause) for decree)

Morrell o. Morrell (Further Roberts o. Cooper (Further Nicholson v. Tutin (M for de. Cogswell o. Armstrong (M for consideration)

consideration) cree)


Morrell.v. Morrell (M for de Bosley v. Homes (M for dec.) Wallis o. Woodyard (Cause) Dacre o. Strachan (Cause) cree)

Briokenden u. May (Further Wood o. Scarth (Cause) Lady Wellesley v. Earl Morn. Russell 0.M‘Cullock (2) (Fur- consideration) sh Wickbamt. Wickham (Cause) ington (Cause)

ther consideration) Lash v. Miller (M for decree) Buncombe v. Smith (M for Blagrave 0. Routh (Canse) Hick o. Hick (M for decree) Cook v. Walker (Further cos. decree)

Fox 0. Platt (Special case) Jackson o. Jackson (M for de. sideration) Parkinson v. Chambers (Cav.). Atcherley o. Du Moulin (Spe- cree)

Bennion o. Poyser (Farther Malden v. Maine (Cause)

cial case)

Holmes v. Godson (Sp. case) consideration) Thorne o. Kerr (Cause) Raworth v. Parker (M for de. Symers v. Wilkinson (Cause) Grainger t. Newnham (Fur. Weston o. Sterne (Cause) cree)

Bass v. Gow (Cause)

ther consideration) Pellew v. Horsford (Cause) Woodcook v. Couchman (M Leete 0. Jenkins (C) Blinston o. Warburton (SpeAubin v. Holt (Cause)

for decree)
Wood o. Jackson (M for de.)

cial case) Simpson o. Morley (M for Purday o. Purday (CI) Lord o. Hammond (M for d.) | Holborow t. Ricketts (M for decree) Meek o. Hebden (M for dec.) 'Bullock v. Bullock (CI)



Nor. 13 (and not Nov. 30, as advertised in last Tuesday's JOSEPH BROWN, Weymouth, Dorsetshire, leather seller,
Gazette) at 11, Liverpool, div. sep. est. of John David Neill. Nov. 13 and Dec. 11 at I, Exeter: Off. Ass. Hirtzel; Sol.
-Andrew Dempster, Liverpool, stonemason, Nov. 16 at 11, Stogdon, Exeter.-Pet. f. Oct, 26.
Liverpool, div.-Thomas Clements, St. Helens, Lancashire,

MEETINGS. grocer, Nov. 16 at 11, Liverpool, div.

Thomas George Shaw and Joseph Lane, Old Broad-street, CERTIFICATES.

London, and Manchester, merchants, Nov. 9 at half-past 11, To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on er King-street, Hammersmith, linendrapers, Nov. 9 at half-past

London, aud. ac.-Vincent Snook and John Thomas Snook, before the Day of Meeting.

ll, London, aud. ac.-Francis Blackwell, Peterborough, Thomas George Shaw and Joseph Lane, Old Broad-street, Northamptonshire, currier, Nov. 10 at 1, London, aud. ac.London, and Manchester, wine merchants, Nov. 16 at half- John Dawson, High-street, Shadwell, tobacconist, Nov. 10 at past 11, London.-Vincent Snook and John Thomas Snook, half-past 2, London, aud. ac.-Jacob Frankenstein, Bishops, King-street, Hammersmith, linendrapers, Nov. 16 at half-past gate-street Within, tobacconist, Nov. 10 at half-past 2, Lon1, London.-Thomas Barnes, Southampton, woollendraper, don, aud. ac.-William Grant, Brighton, newsvender, Nov. Nov. 27 at half-past 12, London.- Henry Paine, Strand and 9 at half-past 11, London, aud. ac. - James Gutteridge, Charing.cross, and Doddington-lodge, Battersea-fields, Bat- Elizabeth-street, Eaton-square, horse dealer, Nov. 9 at half. tersea, tailor, Nov. 20 at half-past 11, London.-T. William- past 11, London, aud. ac.-James Standing, Batten's-terson, Truro, Cornwall, draper, Dec. 6 at 1, Exeter.-James race, High-street, Peckham, china dealer, Nov. 9 at half-past Meadows and Richard E. Bibby, Manchester, lime merchants, 11, London, Lichtenstein, Great St. Helens, Nov. 21 at 12, Manchester.-Bryan Kiernan, Manchester, London, merchant, Nov. 15 at 1, London, aud. ac.- -Solomon clothier, Nov. 21 at 12, Manchester.-Wilfred Latham, Li- Clegg and James Fox, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, woollen maverpool, commission merchant, Nov. 16 at 11, Liverpool.- nufacturers, Nov. 27 at 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.Wm. R. Forster, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, and Liverpool, ferry John David Neill and Henry Sanderson, Liverpool, ship proprietor, Nov. 19 at 11, Liverpool.- Abraham Taylor, Ha- brokers, Nov. 12 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.—William Parry, lifax, lime merchant, Nov. 19 at 1, Leeds.--Henry Hudson, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, tailor, Nov. 12 at 11, Liverpool, Huddersfield, cattle dealer, Nov. 16 at 11, Leeds.-Henry aud. ac. Thos. Parker, Southport, Lancashire, hotel keeper, Beauvoisin, Sheffield, file manufacturer, Nov. 17 at 12, Shef. Nov. 12 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.-Philip. Rufford, Francis field.- Bryan Hebden, Filey, Yorkshire, innkeeper, Nov. 16 Rufford, and Charles John Wragge, Stourbridge, Worcesterat 11, Leeds.-Aaron Marks, Sheffield, merchant, Nov. 17 shire, bankers, Nov. 21 at half-past 10, Birmingham, aud. ac.; at 12, Sheffield.-Wm. Marshall and Wm. Smith, Sheffield, Nov. 28 at half-past 10, div. sep. ests. of Philip Rufford and edge tool manufacturers, Nov. 17 at 12, Sheffield.- Joseph Francis Rufford.John Roberts, Tividale Wireworks, near Meeke, Sheffield, draper, Nov. 17 at 12, Sheffield.-Wm. J. Dudley, Worcestershire, wire drawer, Nov. 26 at half-past 10, Mackarsie, Clay-cross, Derbyshire, surgeon, Nov. 17 at 12, Birmingham, and. ac.-Wm. Johnstone, Birmingham, miller, Sheffield.

Nov. 22 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.- Robert Turner, BirTo be granted, unless an appeal be duly entered. mingham, gas lamp manufacturer, Nov. 22 at 11, Birmingham, Thomas John Latimer, Brighton, clothier.—John B. Ser aud. ac.; Nov. 29 at 11, div.-William Rumsey, Coventry, geant, Portsmouth, wine merchant.-James Henry Langdon, tailor, Nov. 22 at 11, Birmingham, and. ac.- Alfred Reynolds, Exeter, merchant.-Joseph Whittle, St. Helens, Lancashire, Birmingham, iron merchant, Nov. 22 at 11, Birmingham, provision dealer.-James Potts, Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire, aud. ac.—Joseph Baxter, Birmingham, builder, Nov. 22 at brickmaker. Richard Goodacre, Nottingham, grocer.-J. 11, Birmingham, aud. ac. - Richard Russell, Leamington Hall, Nottingham, broker.

Priors, Warwickshire, printer, Nov. 22 at ll, Birmingham, aud, ac.; Nov. 29 at 11, div.-John Bailey, Cannock, Staf.

fordshire, baker, Nov. 22 at 11, Birmingham, aud. ac.; Nov. TUESDAY, Oct. 30.

29 at 11, div.-Wm. Marshall and Wm. Smith, Sheffield, BANKRUPTS.

edge tool manufacturers, Nov. 10 at 12, Sheffield, aud. ac.ROBERT TAYLER, Watts-terrace, Old Kent-road, Cam. John Howard, Norwich, butcher, Nov. 20 at 12, London,

berwell, baker, Nov. 14 and Dec. 4 at half-past 1, Lon- fin, div.-Benjamin Peach, Gravesend, discount broker and don: Off. Ass. Graham; Sol. Sandom, Duke-street, London commission agent, Nov. 21 at 1, London, div. - Thomas bridge.-Pet. f. Oct. 26.

Webber Richards, Goswell-road, Middlesex, linendraper, FREDERICK LONG, King-street, Cheapside, and Iron. Nov. 21 at 1, London, div.-John Barrington Elworthy,

monger-lane, dealer and chapman, (carrying on business Bridgewater, Somersetshire, draper, Nov. 23 at half-past 11, under the style or firm of Thomas Lamb Atkinson, and London, div.-John Walley, Derby, boiler maker, Nov. 27 at also at Manchester, under the style or firm of Oliver Long 10, Nottingham, div.- Joseph Wilson Brooke and Joseph & Co., and residing at Earl's-court, Old Brompton, Mid Wilson, Liverpool, merchants, Nov. 21 at 11, Liverpool, fin. dlesex), Nov. 13 at half.past 12, and Dec. 4 at 12, London: div.-Clifford Firth and John Archer, Liverpool, brokers, Off

. Ass. Lee; Sols. Smith & Co., 3, Basinghall-street. Nov. 21 at 11, Liverpool, div. joint est., and div. sep. est. of Pet. f. Oct. 26.

Clifford Firth.-D. Ainsworth, Manchester, warehouseman, STEPHEN STRINGER, Nottingham-street, St. Maryle. Nov. 21 at 12, Manchester, div.-Robert Robinson, Man

bone, coach ironmonger, Nov. 13 at half.past 1, and chester, provision dealer, Nov. 22 at 12, Manchester, div. Dec. 11 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Lee; Sols. Bicknell &

CERTIFICATES. Bicknell, 79, Connaught-terrace, Edgeware-road.-Pet. f. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or Oct. 29.

before the Day of Meeting. WILLIAM LOWE, Birmingham, dealer and chapman, Nov. Herman Hirschberg, Cheapside, merchant, Nov. 20 at 11,

10 and Dec. 1 at li, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Christie; London.--Thos. Brown, Great Guildford-street, Southwark, Sol. Cast, Birmingham.- Pet. d. Oct. 27.

brass founder, Nov. 22 at half-past 11, London.-T. Godfrey, JOHN GRIFFITHS, Wednesfield, Staffordshire, iron dealer, Forston-street, Shepherdess-fields, egg merchant, Nov. 21 at

Nov. 14 and Dec. 3 at half-past 10, Birmingham: Off. Ass. 1, London.—Thomas Bacon, Colchester, Essex, printer, Whitmore; Sols. Motteram & Knight, Birmingham.-Pet. Nov. 21 at 12, London.- John W. P. Graham, King's-road, d. Oct. 25.

Chelsea, insurance broker, Nov. 23 at half-past 1, London. WILLIAM TAMBLING, Stoke, Stoke Damerel, Devonshire, To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered.

builder, Nov. 12 and Dec. 17 at 1, Plymouth : Off. Ass. James Standing, Battens-terrace, High-street, Peckham, Hirtzel; Sols. Beer & Rundle, Devonport; Hartnoll, Exe- china dealer.- William Whaley, Charles-street, Camberwell ter.-Pet. f. Oct. 22.

New-road, builder.-John Solomon, Circus, Minories, general THOMAS FRANCIS FEATHERSTONE, York, dealer merchant.--Henry Ellis Skinner, Tiverton, Devonshire, sad

and chapman, Nov. 9 and Dec. 14 at 11, Leeds: Off. Ass. dler.—Thomas Crowden Tiptaft, Taunton, Somersetshire, Young; Sols. Holtby, York; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.-druggist's assistant. Pet. d. Oct. 26.

PETITION ANNULLED. MARY SHOOTER, otherwise ANN BUCKLOW, Shef. Enoch Jones, Finsbury-terrace, City-road, mercer. field, licensed victualler, Nov. 3 and Dec. 8 at 12, Shef.

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. field : Of. Ass. Brewin; Sol. Fretson, Sheffield.-Pet. d. William Stockley, James Thompson, and Barton Wrigley, Oct. 15.

Liverpool, attornies.

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