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Before we quit this subject we may briefly refer to

BUSINESS OF THE COURTS. the case of Raphael v. The Bank of England, lately tried at Nisi Prius, and with respect to which a motion The Court of Common Pleas has appointed Monday, for a new trial was unsuccessfully made in the Court the 12th inst., Thursday, the 15th, and Monday, the of Common Pleas on Tuesday last. There it appeared 19th, for hearing appeals from the decisions of Revising that Bank of England notes having been stolen, no- Barristers. The following cases are entered:tice thereof had been sent to the plaintiff (a banker) West Riding of Yorkshire. -Plint, App., Sharpe, Resp. amongst others; such notice had been filed with a great Western Division of Kent.-Anelay, App., Lewis, number of other notices, and two years afterwards the Resp. bank notes came into his possession. The jury found Hertfordshire.—Passingham, App., Petty, Resp. that he had given full value for them, that he had had Borough of Cardigan.-Morgan, App., Parry, Resp. notice of the robbery of the notes, but that at the time of Kent. Godsell, App., Innons, Resp. his taking them he had not actual knowledge, although he had the means of knowledge, if he had taken proper if there are not sufficient cases to occupy the Court on

The Court of Queen's Bench has given notice, that care of the circular. Upon this it was held that he was Crown Paper Days, the Special Paper will be taken. entitled to the verdict as being a bonâ fide holder for value.


SITTINGS APPOINTED IN MICHAELMAS TERM. In Knight v. Pocock (C. P., Nov. 6) an application

ARCHES COURT. was made to set aside a writ of summons issued under First Session

Friday, Nov. 2 the Bills of Exchange Summary Procedure Act, 18 &

Second Session............

Monday, Nov. 12 19 Vict. c. 67, upon the ground that the promissory

Third Session

Wednesday, Nov. 21 note sued upon was not accurately copied on the back Fourth Session

Thursday, Nov. 29 of the writ, according to sect. 1 and the schedule. The Bye-day

Friday, Dec. 7. defect relied upon was the omission of the defendant's

ADMIRALTY COURT. name as the maker of the note; but the Court amended

First Session

Tuesday, Nov. 6 the writ, under sect. 20 of the Common-law Procedure Second Session..... Wednesday, Nov, 14 Act, 1852, (which is incorporated with the Bills of Ex- Third Session

Friday, Nov. 23 change Act), by allowing the name to be added to the

Fourth Session

Friday, Nov. 30 writ and copy. The copy had been served. The appli- Bye-day

Saturday, Dec. 8 cation was made on the twelfth day after service, but Default-day

Friday, Dec. 28. the Court said it was not too late, as no step in the

PREROGATIVE COURT. cause had been taken since service.

First Session With regard to the Bills of Exchange Act, it may

Wednesday, Nov. 7

Second Session...... here be noticed, that in the form of indorsement on the

Friday, Nov. 16
Third Session

Saturday, Nov. 24 writ of summons no mention is made of costs, and

Fourth Session therefore it would seem that on payment of the prin

Monday, Dec. 3

Bye-day cipal and interest within four days proceedings may be

Tuesday, Dec. 11

Caveat-day stayed. It would seem that the judges have not the

Thursday, Dec. 27.

APPEALS COURT. power, under the Common-law Procedure Acts, of making a rule that will meet this difficulty; and until

First Session

Thursday, Nov. 8

Second Session..... it is obviated the safer course (except in extreme cases)

Saturday, Nov. 17

Third Session will be to proceed under the old system.

Tuesday, Nov. 27
Fourth Session

Tuesday, Dec. 4


Wednesday, Dec. 12.

CONSISTORY Court. Ar the public examination of the Students of the

First Session

Saturday, Nov. 10 Inns of Court, held at Lincoln's Inn Hall, on the 30th

Second Session...... Tuesday, Nov. 20 and 31st October, and 1st November, 1855, the Council

Third Session

Wednesday, Nov. 28 of Legal Education awarded to

Fourth Session

Wednesday, Dec. 5 Charles A. Holmes, Esq., student of the Inner Tem


Thursday, Dec, 13 ple, a studentship of 50 guineas per annum, to continue

Extra Čourt-day...

Friday, Dec. 28.
for a period of three years.
Frederick C. J. Millar, Esq., student of the Inner

Temple, a certificate of honour of the first class.
Hopson P. Walker, Esq., student of the Middle

The act 7 & 8 Geo. 4, c. 29, under which Messrs. Temple; William Leech, Esq., student of Lincoln's Strahan, Paul, & Bates have been convicted, was Inn; Reginald John Cust, Esq., student of Lincoln's passed in consequence of a fraud committed by one Inn; Charles William Dyer, Esq., student of the Mid-Walsh, a stockbroker, upon Sir Thomas Plumer, dle Temple; J. F. Browne, Esq., student of the Middle afterwards Master of the Rolls, and the inadequacy Temple; and Arthur T. Watson, Esq., student of Lin- of the law at that time to meet the offence. A note coln's Inn, certificates that they have satisfactorily of this case, which is set forth in 2 Russell on passed a public examination.

Crimes, p. 30, may be interesting to our readers :By order of the Council,

The prosecutor, Sir Thomas Plumer, having con(Signed) RICHARD BETHELL, Chairman.. tracted, in July, 1811, for the purchase of a large cumstance that the bill had been lost or fraudulently obtained, estate, consulted the prisoner as to the most advanand that the plaintiff had no right to the possession thereof, it tageous time to sell out stock, so as to be prepared with was necessary that the defendant should distinctly give notice the purchase money about the ensuing Michaelmas. to the plaintiff that he meant to insist at the trial that the The price of the stock was then very low, and the plaintiff should prove the consideration upon which he received prisoner advised that the sale should be delayed as the bin. As to lost bills of exchange, see Byles on Bills, long as possible, which recommendation was adopted, pp. 93, 297, 6th ed.

and the prosecutor requested the prisoner to apprise

him from time to time of the variations that might that there was only a receipt for the Exchequer bills, occur in the state of the market. The prosecutor was and no receipt for the residue of the money. This cirnot called upon to pay the purchase money at the time cumstance caused suspicion, and an inquiry was almost first mentioned, as the title to the estate was not then immediately made, when it was ascertained that the completed; but in the month of October, having reason prisoner had on the afternoon of that same day set out to believe that the deeds would be ready on or before for Falmouth in the mail coach, in which he had prethe ensuing Christmas-day, he communicated that cir- viously secured a place in a fictitious name, and that cumstance to the prisoner, and consulted him as to the he had left a note, addressed to the prosecutor, with expediency of disposing of the stock immediately, when his clerk, dated on Saturday, the 7th December, and the prisoner again advised him to delay the sale. On stating that the business respecting Coutts's Exchequer the 25th November the prisoner stated to the prosecutor bills could not be finished until the following Monday. that he then apprehended a fall in the price of stock, This note he had desired might not be delivered till and apprised him that the transfer books at the Bank the Saturday. It appeared also, that for some time would shut on the 3rd December, and soon after he before he absconded the prisoner had been labouring became extremely urgent with the prosecutor to dispose under great pecuniary embarrassments, and had media of his stock immediately, writing to him, and frequently tated an emigration to America, and that about the calling upon him for the purpose of giving such advice, 29th November he had applied to an American broker and stating as the reason for his importunity a probable to procure for him American stock to the amount of fall in the price of stock. The prosecutor on the 28th 11,000l., and stock nearly to that amount was accordNovember gave the prisoner a power to sell out a ingly bought for him, and paid for by him on the quantity of stock, which on the ensuing morning he Thursday, the 5th December, with eleven of the same contracted to sell for 21,7001. The prosecutor went on bank notes of 1000l. each which he had received for the the next morning into the city with the intention of prosecutor's cheque; and it further appeared that several finishing the business, but the prisoner stated that others of the 10001. notes so received for the prosecutor's some previous notice must be given to the pur- cheque had been paid away by him to different persons chaser to be ready with the money, in consequence on his own account. It was proved also that on the of which the prosecutor appointed the 4th December same day (Thursday, the 5th December) he paid to a for making the transfer. On that day the prosecutor dealer in foreign coin 3001. for doubloons, which he attended and transferred the stock, and expressly had contracted for three days before, and which were ordered the prisoner immediately to invest the proceeds delivered to him on that day; and further, that he left in Exchequer bills, and lodge them on his account at his country house at Hackney early on the same mornhis bankers', Messrs. Gosling & Co,, in Fleet-street; but ing, and, having procured the foreign coin and American the prisoner told him it was then too late to procure securities, he absconded by means of the Falmouth mail. Exchequer bills to such an amount, which the prose- When the route which he had taken was discovered he cutor supposed to be true, (though in fact it was not), was speedily pursued, and apprehended at Falmouth and therefore left him to receive the 21,7001. of the as he was about to get on board a packet for Lisbon, to purchaser, desiring that he would pay it in to his bankers which place he acknowledged that he intended to go in on the same day. The prisoner accordingly received the first instance, and afterwards take the opportunity the 21,7001., paid it in to his own bankers, Robarts & of getting to America. On being told the charge made Co., and on the same day paid into Gosling & Co.'s against him, he delivered up the 11,000l. American his own cheque on Robarts & Co. for 21,5001. on the bank shares and the bag of doubloons. prosecutor's account. On the 5th December he called The question left to the jury was, whether the prion the prosecutor, and received from him a cheque soner before he received the cheque had formed the de(the instrument mentioned in the indictment) on Gos- sign of converting the money which should be received ling & Co. for 22,2001. The prosecutor directed him by means of it to his own use, or whether that design to go to Gosling's and get the money for it, telling him arose in his mind after he was in possession of it. They that it was for the precise and express purpose, and for were directed to find the prisoner guilty if they were of no other purpose whatever, of laying it out in Exche opinion that the former was the fact. The jury were of quer bills, which the prisoner positively promised to that opinion, and returned a verdict of guiltyJudgdo, and either pay the bills into Gosling & Co.'s, or ment was then respited, and the case reserved, in order bring them to the prosecutor by four o'clock on the that the opinion of the judges might be taken upon same day. The prisoner then went to Gosling & Co.'s several objections made by the prisoner's counsel. with the cheque, and there received for it 22,2001. in In Hilary Term (Feb. 1, 1812) the case was argued twenty-two bank notes of 1000l. each, and one bank in the Exchequer Chamber, before all the judges, (ex. note of 2001., and on the same day he purchased with cept Lawrence, J.), by Scarlett for the prisoner, and part of that money 65001. Exchequer bills, which he Gurney for the Crown; and again on the 14th FebTodged at Gosling & Co.'s on the prosecutor's account, ruary, 1812, before all the judges, (except Lawrence and took a receipt for them. Ābout half-past four and Chambre, JJ.), when all the judges present were o'clock on the same day the prisoner called on the pro- of opinion that it was not a felony, and that the secutor, and produced the receipt for the 'Exchequer conviction was wrong upon several grounds-first, be bills, and stated that he had paid the reinainder of the cause there was no fraud or contrivance to induce Sir money into Gosling & Co.'s, as he had contracted with Thomas Plumer to give the cheque; secondly, because Coutts & Co. for Exchequer bills to the amount of the cheque could not be called his goods and chattels

, 15,0001., but that one of the partners of the house of and was of no value in his hands*; thirdly, because he Coutts & Co. was at that time absent from London, never had possession of the notes received at the bankers', had the bills locked up in a drawer, and would not so that they could not be called his notes; and, fourthly, return to deliver them until the following Saturday, because the bankers were discharged of the money by the 7th December, on which day the prisoner said he paying it on the cheque, so that they were not dewould call again for the prosecutor's cheque for that frauded, and it could not be said the money was stolen amount, and lodge the Exchequer bills for which he from themt. had so contracted at Gosling & Co.'s on the prosecutor's account. The prosecutor did not examine the * See Rex v. Mucklow, (Russ. & M. C. C. 160), where a papers delivered to him by the prisoner during the similar point was raised, but not decided. time the prisoner was with him; but on looking at

+ Walsh's case, Hilary Term, 1812, (Russ. & R. C. C. them after he was gone away, he was surprised to find | 215; 2 Leach, 1054, 1082; 4 Taunt. 258, 284).


THOMAS WILKEY, Prospect-place, Walworth-road, Sarville, Duke-street, Adelphi, and Queen's-road, Regent's-park,

rey, glass paper manufacturer, Nov. 14 at half-past 1, and commission agent, Nov. 27 at 1, London, div.-Samuel Fenn Dec. 18 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Stansfeld; Sol. Stopper, and Joseph Fenn, Birmingham, tailors, Nov. 29 at 11, Bir52, Cheapside.-Pet. f. Oct. 26.

mingham, div.-Walter Marson, Wolverhampton, StaffordJOHN CARTER LUCAS and THOMAS LUCAS, Alders- shire, draper, Dec. 3 at half.past 10, Birmingham, div.-W.

gate-street, dealers and chapmen, Nov. 15 at 2, and Dec. 15 Kinton Gibbs, Dudley, Worcestershire, grocer, Dec. 3 at halfat 1, London : Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Dixon & Black. past 10, Birmingham, div.-Thomas Edwards, Shrewsbury, well, Sheffield ; Sudlow & Co., 38, Bedford-row.-Pet. f. builder, Dec. 3 at half-past 10, Birmingham, div.- John Oct. 29.

Roberts, Tividale Wireworks, near Dudley, Worcestershire, WILLIAM JOLLEY, Charing-cross, dealer and chapman, wire drawer, Dec. 5 at half-past 10, Birmingham, div.- Geo.

Nov. 15 at 2, and Dec. 11 at 1, London: Off. Ass. Ed. Foster, Liverpool, stockbroker, Nov. 29 at 11, Liverpool, div. wards; Sol. Newstead, 18, Ely-place, Holborn.--Pet. f. -Jonathan Higginson and Richard Deane, Liverpool, merOct. 31.

chants, Nov. 29 at 11, Liverpool, div. sep. est. of Jonathan JOHN DANKS, Great Bridge, Staffordshire, timber mer- Higginson. chant, Nov. 22 and Dec. 20, at half-past 12, Birmingham;

CERTIFICATES. Off. Ass. Bittleston ; Sols. Robinson & Fletcher, Dudley: To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or

Motteram & Knight, Birmingham.-Pet. d. Oct. 27. NICHOLAS MARTYN, Powey, Cornwall, baker, Nov. 13

before the Day of Meeting. and Dec. 13 at 1, Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzel ; Sols. Bishop, John Howick, Little Charlotte-street, Blackfriars-road, fur. Fowey ; Stogdon, Exeter.- Pet. f. Oct. 25.

nishing ironmonger, Nov. 28 at 1, London.-David Halket, JAMES RENTON, Bradford, watch maker, Nov. 16 and Herne Bay, Kent, shipowner, Nov. 28 at 12, London.-Thos.

Dec. 21 at 11, Leeds: Off. Ass. Young; Sols. Terry & Diron, Crook, Durham, grocer, Nov. 20 at half-past 11, Watson, Bradford ; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.---Pet. d. and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.- Jacob Abraham Jacques, Liverpool, f. Nov. 2.

trader, Nov. 29 at 11, Liverpool.-Edwin Johnson, Liver SAMUEL JUDKINS, Sheffield, dealer and chapman, Nov. pool, four dealer, Nov. 27 at 11, Liverpool.- Joseph Travis, 24 and Dec. 22 at 11, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Brewin; Sols. Green-bridge, Cage-will

, and Bridge-end, near Newchurch, Dixon & Blackwell, Sheffield.-Pet. d. Oct. 26, and f. Lancashire, woollen manufacturer, Nov. 30 at 12, Manchester. Oct. 27.

- Barnett Behrens, Birmingham, Dec. 29 at half-past 12, RICHARD KETTLE, Sheffield, woollendraper, Nov. 24 and Birmingham.-James Beardsmore and Thos. J. Beardsmore,

Dec. 22 at 11, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Brewin; Sols. Hoole & Audley, Staffordshire, millers, Nov. 29 at half.past 12, BirYeomans, Sheffield.-Pet. d. and f, Oct. 29.

mingham. GEORGE WEATHERHEAD, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, joiner, Nov. 20 at half-past 12, and Dec. 21 at 12, Newcastle-upon

To be granted, unless an appeal be duly entered. Tyne : Off. Ass. Baker; Sols. Chartres, Newcastle-upon

John Kennedy, Aldersgate-street, printer.-Wm. Edghill Tyne ; Shield & Harwood, 10, Clement's-lane, Lombard.. Coles, Strand, dealer in waterproof clothing.–Jas. Edward street.-Pet, f. Nov. 2.

Mitchell Williams, Whitstable, Kent, apothecary.-George

Haworth, Over Darwen, Lancashire, power-loom cloth manu. MEETINGS.

facturer. John Jones, Manchester, machine maker, Nov. 16 at 12,

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. Manchester, last ex.-Joseph Player, Winchester-buildings, Wm. Stevens and Richard Buncombe, Brighton, attornies Broad-street, mining agent, Nov. 22 at 11, London, aud. ac. and solicitors. -- Joseph Gill, King-street, Camden-town, licensed victualler, Nov. 19 at 1, London, aud. ac.-William Trego, Gunter's. grove, West Brompton, and Moore-park-terrace, King's-road, Salvage FOR HUMAN LIFE.—There seems to be a geneFulham, builder, Nov. 20 at 1, London, aud. ac.- Hansard ral impression among the public that there is no remuneJackson Bridges, Wandsworth-road, Surrey, and Stowmarket, ration provided by law for saving human life in cases of Suffolk, brewer, Nov. 14 at 1, London, aud. ac. Sarah wreck. That this opinion, however, is erroneous may Frampton, Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire, butcher, Nov. 16 be seen by reference to the Merchant Shipping Act, 17 & at 11, London, aud. ac.

:-William Aaron Rogers, Sutton, 18 Vict. c. 104. By sect. 458, whenever any ship or boat Surrey, licensed victualler, Nov. 16 at 11, London, and. ac.William Peter Grant, Cambridge, bookseller, Nov. 16 at 11, is stranded, or otherwise in distress, on the shore of any London, aud. ac.-George Gent, South-row, New-road, St.

sea or tidal water in the United Kingdom, and services Pancras, grocer, Nov. 16 at 11, London, aud. ac.-Stephen are rendered by any persons in assisting such ship, or Edward šherwood, Sellinge, near Canterbury, tailor, Nov. 17 saving the lives of persons belonging to it, or saving cargo, at 2, London, aud. ac.- - Charles Avery, Fenchurch-street, &c., they are entitled to receive from the owners of the colonial broker, Nov. 17 at 11, London, aud. ac. –

Robert ship or cargo a reasonable amount of salvage, together Almore, Gaywood, Norfolk, miller, Nov. 17 at 11, London, with all expenses incurred in the performance of such aud. ac.- James Harding, Edgeware-road, glass dealer, Nov. services; and by sect. 459 salvage in respect of the pre17 at 11, London, aud. ac.-Edward Davis, Upper Crisp servation of life or lives shall be payable by the owners street, Bromley, licensed victualler, Nov. 16 at 11, London, in priority to all other claims for salvage; and in cases aud. ac.-Thos. Barnes, Southampton, woollendraper, Nov, 17 where such ship or boat is destroyed, or where the at half-past 12, London, aud. ac. - John Thornton the elder value thereof is insufficient, after payment of the actual and Joseph Ridgway Thornton, Godley and Hyde, Cheshire, cotton-waste dealers, Nov. 16 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac.

expenses incurred, to pay the amount of any salvage John Horrocks, Salford, grocer, Nov. 16 at 12, Manchester, due in respect of any life or lives, the Board of Trade Thomas Bostock, Manchester, packer, Nov. 20 at may in its discretion award to the salvors of such life 12, Manchester, aud. ac. ; Nov. 27 at 12, div.-Joseph Meeke, or lives such sum as it deems fit out of the Mercantile Sheffield, draper, Nov. 17 at 12, Sheffield, and. ac.-Allan Marine Fund. Slewart Hay, Old Broad-street, shipowner, Nov. 29 at 1, INDIAN JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS.-Sir Lawrence Peel London, div.-Edward Biven, King William-street, watch- having intimated his intention to resign the office of maker, Nov. 29 at half-past 12, London, div.--Henry Prior, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature at CalEdwards-place, Hackney-road, and Henry Alkinson, Wood-cutta, Sir James Colvile has been raised to that office, street, London, and Manchester, warehousemen, Nov. 28 at 2, and Sir Charles Jackson has been promoted from BomLondon, div. joint est., and div. sep. est. of Henry Prior:-W. bay to Calcutta as puisne judge. The seat on the Dickinson, Bexley, Kent, and Mill-wall, Poplar, Middlesex, merchant, Nov. 28 at 1, London, div.- Alex. Bristow Fraser Bombay bench vacated by Sir C. Jackson has been and Charles Lightfoot, Lime-street, merchants, Nov. 28 at 2, offered to Sir William Jeffcott, who now holds the London, fin. div.-Cornelius Aubrey Markham, Godman- office of recorder of Singapore; and Mr. Richard chester, Huntingdonshire, currier, Nov. 27 at half-past 11, M'Causland, of the Irish Bar, has been appointed to London, div.-William Rhodes, Aldersgate-street, tea dealer, the second recordership recently created in the eastern Nov. 27 at half-past 12, London, div.-Wm. John Norman- settlements, namely, that of Prince of Wales Island.

6 0
1 6

LEGAL and GENERAL DIARY for 1856.a containing

BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT, 1855. Summary of Acts of_Jast Session-Commercial and General In: WRIT of SUMMONS, APPEARANCE, and JUDG.

MENT PAPER; also a variety of Common-law, Chancery, liamentary-Stamp Duties-- Taxes; and a variety of other information. Conveyancing, and other forms, general and special. Revised to October 20, 1855.

London: J. Sullivan, 22, Chancery-lane.

8. d. Ruled with blue lines, with or without Money Columns, 8vo. edi.

In I vol. 12 mo., price 188. cloth, tion, containing a week at an opening

2 6 JARMAN'S NEW CHANCERY PRACTICE. Second Ruled with blue lines, containing half a page for each day

Edition, considerably enlarged and extended, so as to form a Ruled with blue lines, containing a page for each day

complete Practice of the Court. Diary and Calendar only, cloth..

" It is most ably executed.”—Law Magazine. London: J. Sullivan, 22, Chancery-lane.

The author has ably arranged his work, which presents at a view

the various proceedings in a suit now requisite to be taken under the MR. R. MALCOLM KERR'S ACTION at LAW, new system."-Sun. Second Edition, price 108., is now ready.

W. Maxwell; S. Sweet; and Stevens & Norton, Law Booksellers and

William Henry Bond, Bell-yard, Temple-bar.

Recently published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 11s. cloth,
Now ready, Second Edition, enlarged, price 18. 6d.,
THE LIMITED LIABILITY ACT. With Introduction THE PARISH : its Obligations and Powers ; its' Officers

and their Duties. With Illustrations of the Practical Working of and Notes. By CHARLES WORDS WORTH, Esq, Barrister this Institution in all Secular Affairs. By TOULMIN SMITH, of at Law.

Lincoln's inn, Esq., Barrister at Law,
Sent by Post on receipt of nineteen postage stamps.

“ Parishes were instituted for the ease and benefit of the people." London: W. G. Benning & Co., 43, Fleet-street.

Chief Justice Holl.

"Cum haud pauca quæ omnino fieri necesse sit, alii autem ob innaRecently published, in 8vo., price 7s.6d. boards,

tam su perbiam subterfugiant, ipse sustineam et exsequar."-Bacon, De A

TREATISE on the ADMINISTRATION of TRUST Augmentis Scientiarum, lib. 7. cap. I.

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery.lane, Fleet-street.
Appendix, containing the Trustee Relief Act, the Act for the further
Relief of Trustees, the General Orders, and forms of Proceedings. By THE ROYAL BRITISH BANK, (incorporated by Char.

ter), for transacting every description of banking business on the “ The decisions already accumulated upon it (the Trustee Relief Scottish system. Act) are very numerous, and justify a formal treatise in which the Drawing accounts are opened for any parties properly introduced, general results may be collected and classified. This good service Mr. and interest allowed on the daily balances, if these do not fall under Darling has performed with great ability, shewing himself skilful in the

1001. Deposits of any amount are receivable, at rates of interest varyart of discovering the points really decided, and he has produced a ro- | ing from 2 to 4 per cent. per annum, according to the time for which lume which will be very serviceable to practitioners in the Chancery deposits are made. Promissory notes or bills, at any date, and with or Courts."-Law Times.

without interest, as may be agreed on, and circular bills or letters of “A very carefully-written work on the important enactments above credit, and drafts or orders, are granted, payable to bearer by the corspecified."--Law Magazine.

respondents of the Bank in every town of any note at home or abroad; Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

and bills of exchange or drafts on the Bank in sets, for use in the Co

lonies, in India, China, and America, may be obtained by customers CHITTY'S ARCHBOLD'S QUEEN'S BENCH PRACTICE. and others on application at the chief office. Advances for fixed periods Now ready, Vol. 1 of the Ninth Edition of

on securities readily convertible, and cash credits, on the Scottish ARCHBOLD'S (J. F.) PRACTICE of the COURT of item, es referantede oves pectable parties

, of customers of the Bank. QUEEN'S BENCH in PERSONAL ACTIONS and EJECTMENT, including the Practice of the Courts of Common Pleas and Ex

accounts with the Bank; for whom also remittances are made and bills chequer. By THOMAS CHITTY, Esq. The Ninth Edition. By ceived without charge.

collected in any place where there is a banker, and dividends, &c. reSAMUEL PRENTICE, Esq., Barrister at Law. In two thick yols. royal 12mo., price 21. 8s. cloth boards.

Form of application for opening accounts, &c. will be supplied, and London: 1. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, Branches, viz.–Strand Branch, 429, Strand: Lambeth Branch, 77,

any further information may be obtained at the Bank or at any of the 26, Bell-yard. The Publishers beg to assure the Profession that the Second

Bridge-road; Islington Branch, 97, Goswell-road ; Pimlico Branch, Volume of Chitty's Archbold's Practice will be ready for delivery (to all end, Southwark; Piccadilly Branch, 32, Regent-circus.

1, Shaftesbury-terrace, Victoria-street; Borongh Branch, 60, Stones'who may have purchased the first) before the end of this year, and without further charge. The progress already made in the printing

By order of the Court of Directors, enables them to promise this with confidence.

HUGH INNES CAMERON, General Manager.

Chief Office, 16, Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury,
Also in the press, and nearly ready,

London, Aug. 4, 1855.
CHEQUER, adapted to the Common-law Procedure Acts of 1852 and

Established 1838. 1854, interspersed with cxtensive Practical Notes, &c. The Seventh

Principal Office, 11, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall, London. Edition. By THOMAS CHITTY, Esq.

Assurances, Annuities, and Endowments granted, and every other

mode of provision for families arranged. SWEET'S LIMITED LIABILITY ACT, 1855.

Hall the annual premiums for the first fire years may remain on Now published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 98. cloth,

credit for any period until death, on payment of interest at 51. per cent. THE LIMITED LIABILITY ACT, 1855, and the Acts per annesi

Partics allowed to go to, or reside in, most parts of the world without for the Registration, Incorporation, and Regulation of Joint

extra premium. stock Companies, (7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, and 10 & 11 Vict. c. 78), under which Companies with Limited Liability are to be formed.

Naval and military lives, not in active service, assured at the ordinary Introduction, Notes, Forms, and Index. By GEORGE SWEET, Esq.,

Policies forfeited by non-payment of premium revivable at any time of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

within six months, on satisfactory proof of health, and the payment of a CONTENTS

trifting fine. I. INTRODUCTION.-1. Liability of Ordinary Partners

- Sharing Policies on the life of another secured, notwithstanding the part of the Profits-Provisional Committeemen.-2. Joint-stock Companies at the world to which the assured may go. Common Law, by Charter or Letters-patent, and by Private Act.-3. The

HENRY WILLIAM SMITH, Actuary and Secretary, Joint-stock Companies Registration Act - Provisional and Complete Registration-Duties, Liabilities, and Powers of Promoters, Share- CAUTION. TO TRADESMEN, MERCHANTS , 4.

SHIPPERS, OUTFITTERS, &c. panies with Limited Liability-Whether Certificate conclusive-Execu- WHEREAS it has lately come to my knowledge that some un principled tion against Shareholders- Evasion of Limited Liability-Increase of person or persons have for some time past been imposing upon the Capital prohibited— Auditor-Dissolution-Winding-up Acts.

public, by selling to the Trade and others a spurious article under the 11. Tie STATUTES, WITU NOTES, &c.-7 & 8 Vict. c. 110; 10 & 11 name of BOND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK; this is to give Vict. c. 78; 18 & 19 Vict. c. 133.- List of Forms for Registration, and Notice, that I am the original and sole Proprietor and Manufacturer of Scale of Fees.

the said Article, and do not employ any traveller, or authorise any perIII. APPENDIX.-Preoedents of Deed of Settlement-Abstract of and son to represent themselves as coming from my establishment, for the Schedule to Deed-Supplementary Deed for obtaining Limited Liability purpose of selling the said Ink. This Caution is published by me to ---Declaration by Promoters-Petition and License to hold Land.-Ob- prevent further impositions upon the public, and serious injury to servations on the Rule for ascertaining the Debtor in Mercantile Trans- myself. actions.-Index.

E. R. BOND, Sole Executrix and Widow of the late John Bond, London: H. Sweet, Chancery-lanc; V. & R. Sterens & G. S. Norton, 28, Long-lane, West Smithfield, London. 26, Bell-yard; and W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard.

To avoid disappointment from the substitution of counterfeits,

be careful to ask for the genuine Bond's Permanent Marking Ink; and Now ready, price 8s, cloth boards,

further to distinguish it, observe that NO SIXPENNY SIZE is or has THE METROPOLIS LOCAL MANAGEMENT ACT, at any time been prepared by him, the Inventor and Proprietor.

1855.-A complete Edition of this Act; with an Introduction, copious Practical Notes, and a full Double Index. Also, a Table of Printed by HENRY HANSARD, at his Printing Office, in Parker Qualifications for Voters, Vestrymen, Auditors, &c. By TOULMIN Street, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, in the County of MidSMITH, of Lincoln's-inn, Esq., Barrister at Law, Author of "The dlesex; and Published at No. 3, CHANCERI LAXE, in the Parish of Parish: its Obligations and Powers; its Officers and their Duties." St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET,

London : Henry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S. residing at No.34, Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, in the County of Norton, and W. Maxwell, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

Middlesex.-Saturday, November 10, 1855.

With an


No. 45, NEW SERIES.--Vol. I.
No. 984, OLD SERIES.-Vol. XIX.

NOVEMBER 17, 1855.



PAID-UP CAPITAL, £1,000,000.












1, St. James's-square.

J. W. WELDOX, Manager. BLOOMSBURY BRANCH ..214, High Holborn


3, Wellington-street, Borough

EDWARD KINGSFORD, Manager. EASTERN BRANCH.. 87, High-street, Whitechapel

W. D. ASPERNE, Manager, ST. MARYLEBONE BRANCH. 4, Stratford-place, Oxford-street..

G. M. MITCHELL, Manager TEMPLE BAR BRANCH .217, Strand .

CHARLES WARD, Manager Current Accounts are received on the same principles as those observed by the London Bankers. No Christmas Boxes or other gratuities are allowed to be taken by the Officers of the Bank. The Bank also takes the Agency of Joint-stock Banks, Private Bankers, and other parties residing at a distance. Cheques on Penny Stamps may be drawn from any place in the United Kingdom,

Strong Rooms are provided for the security of Deeds and other property lodged by the Customers of the Bank.

Sums from 101. to 10001. are received on Deposit, at a rate of interest to be fixed at the time, and they are repayable upon demand, without notice. If withdrawn within a month no interest is allowed.

Sums of 10001. and upwards are also received on Deposit Receipts, upon such terms as may be agreed upon, with regard to the rate of interest, and the time of repayment. Parties may lodge money upon an interest Account who have no Current Account, and those who have Current Accounts may transfer any portion of their Balance to an Interest Account.

The Rate of Interest allowed at present on Deposits of 5001. and upwards is Five per Cent. London, Nov. 9, 1855.

J. W. GILBART, General Manager. THE PROFESSION MAY SAVESTA INOTHE POUND BY PUR- | LAW PARTNERSHIP: -WANTED, by a Gentleman, : PARTRIDGE & COZENS, Law and General Stationers, Country, of the annuale value of 2501 or 2004for which an adequate

. S. C..
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66 THE PRACTICE of the COUNTY COURTS. By Superior ditto

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8 9 Law, Author of " A Selection of Legal Maxims,” &c.

A MAP, shewing the Boundarics of the Metropolitan County Courts, Good Brief Paper .

15 6 is appended to the above Treatise. Very best ditto, (usually charged by many houses 248.), none

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adapted to the Act to amend the Law of Real Property, (8 & 9 Cartridge Envelopes for Drafts 3s. 6d., Briefs 58., and Deeds 6s. 6d. per Vict. c. 106); with Practical Notes and Observations on the Act, and on 100, cheap.

the Act for the Cesser of Attendant Terms. By CHARLES DAVIDThick Blue Laid Adhesive, 78. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per 1000.

SON, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, and late Fellow of Poolscap Official Envelopes, 28. per 100, or 16s. 6d, per


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Red Tape, 3d., ls., and 1s. 1d. per dozen pieces; Green Silk and Cord, THE LAW of COPYHOLDS, in reference to the Enfran,

chisement and Commutation of Manorial Rights, and the Copyhold Bodkins, Runners, Knives, Inkstands, Elastic Bands, &c.

Acts, with Notes and the Forms, and Directions of the Copyhold Com

missioners. By LEONARD SHELFORD, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Indenture Skins, ruled and printed, 17s. per dozen, or 80s. per roll.

Barrister at Law.
Followers, ruled and printed, 15s. per dozen, or 708. per roll.

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with Notes, in Two Volumes: Building.


TUDOR, of the Middle Temple, Esqrs., Barristers at Law. MR. R. MALCOLM KERR'S ACTION at LAW, Vol. II.-By OWEN DAVIS TUDOR, of the Middle Temple, Esq., William Henry Bond, Bell-yard, Temple-bar.

W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. No. 45, Vol. I., New Series.


.. 10 6




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