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draper.—Josiah Overbury, Nind and Monk Mills, Wooton- road, coffee-house keeper, Dec. 18 at half-past 11, London, under-Edge, Gloucestershire, cloth manufacturer. - Thomas last ex.-Wm. Allwood, Old Dorset-place, Clapham-road, Barclay Armstrong, Mount-street, Grosvenor-square, and grocer, Dec. 7 at half-past 12, London, aud. ac.-Alfred Carpenter-street, Mount-street, fishmonger.—Thomas George Stanhope Hodges, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, photographer, Shaw and Joseph Lane, Old Broad-street, London, and Town- Dec. 13 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac.-Edward Willes Kniyht, ball-buildings, Manchester, wine merchants.-Stephen Edw. Bath, dealer in china, Dec. 13 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac.-Geo. Sherwood, Sellinge, near Canterbury, tailor.-Alexander W. Pyne, Bristol, cordwainer, Dec. 13 at 11, Bristol, aud. ac.Bell, Coles-terrace, Barnsbury-road, Middlesex, wine mer- John Thornton the elder and Joseph Ridgway Thornton, chant.-Henry Brown, Marden, Kent, potter.-Vincent Godley and Hyde, Cheshire, cotton-waste dealers, Dec. 7 at Snook and John Thomas Snook, King-street, Hammersmith, 12, Manchester, aud. ac.-Alexander Jackson, Manchester, linendrapers.—Thomas Brown, Great Guildford-street, South- clock manufacturer, Dec. 14 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac.; Dec. wark, brass founder.- James Alexander Hughes, Victoria 21 at 12, div.-John Richardson, Manchester, umbrella ma. Park-road, Hackney, builder.-Henry Paine, Strand and nufacturer, Dec. 14 at 12, Manchester, aud. ac.-J. Ffooks, Charing-cross, and Doddington-lodge, Battersea-fields, tailor. Sherborne, Dorsetshire, brewer, Dec. 11 at 1, Exeter, aud. ac.; --Richd. Clark, King's-cross, draper.—George Edw. Fordyce, Dec. 20 at 1, div.-J. Mawer, Louth, Lincolnshire, butcher, Astey's-row, Islington, plumber. - William Trego, Gunter's- Dec. 12 at 12, Kingston-upon-Hull, aud. ac.-G. S. Wells, grove, West Brompton, and Moore Park-terrace, King's-road, Halifax, cotton spinner, Dec. 17 at 12, Leeds, aud. ac.-James Fulham, builder.-Joseph Hayward, Church-court, Old Churchyard, Lothian-terrace, Coldharbour-lane, Brixton, Jewry, woollen warehouseman.—Thomas Godfrey, Forston- builder, Dec. 18 at 12, London, div.-Alexander Wm. Bell, treet, Shepherdess-fields, Middlesex, egg merchant.-Luiz Coles-terrace, Barnsbury-road, wine merchant, Dec. 18 at 11, Causie, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, lodging-house keeper.- London, div.- Robert Wall, Piccadilly, saddler, Dec. 17 at 1, Walter James Palmer, Hotwells, Bristol, cattle dealer.- London, div.-Henry Prior, Edwards-place, Hackney-road, Matthew Lichegary Dunsford, Exeter, cutler.-Thos. Banks, and Henry Atkinson, Wood-street, London, Manchester ware. Bradford, Yorksbire, washing machine maker.- Abraham housemen, Dec. 18 at 12, London, div. sep. est. of Henry At. Taylor, Westgate, Halifax, Yorkshire, coal merchant.- kinson.-Jonathan Higginson and Richard Deane, Liverpool, Joseph Aldridge, Leeds, Yorkshire, chemist.

merchants, Dec. 21 at li, Liverpool, div.-James H. Nuttall, Petition ANNULLED.

Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 20 at 11, Liverpool, div.-Henry Cyprian James Cotterell, Abingdon, Berkshire, draper. Brownentt, Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 20 at 11, Liverpool, PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED.

dir.-Martin Brown and Robert Ingham, Rawtenstall, Lan. Jonathan Robert Gooding and Brooke Taylor, Southwold, cashire, power-loom cloth manufacturers, Dec. 18 at 12, Man. Suffolk, attornies and solicitors.

chester, div. sep. est. of Martin Brown ; at 1, div. joint est.Charles Edmonstone, Over Darwen, Lancashire, paper manu.

facturer, Dec. 19 at 12, Manchester, div.-John Railton and TUESDAY, Nov. 27.

James Pavey, Manchester and Colne, manufacturers of mous. BANKRUPTS.

seline de laines, Dec. 19 at 12, Manchester, div. sep. est. of REBECCA CRONK, Conduit-street, Regent-street, mil. John Railton.- Wm. French, Bedlington, Durham, brewer,

liner, Dec. 7 and Jan. 12 at 11, London: Off. Ass. Nichol. Dec. 21 at half-past 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, div.-Samuel

son; Sol. Davies, 17, Warwick-street.--Pet. f. Nov. 22. Moses Lotinga and Noah Samuel Lotinga, Newcastle-uponHENRY PALMER, Portsmouth, linendraper, Dec. 11 at 2, Tyne and North Shields, merchants, Dec. 20 at half-past 11,

and Jan. 8 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Edwards; Sols. Low Newcastle-upon-Tyne, div. sep. ests. & Son, Portsea; Low, 65, Chancery-lane; Sole & Co., 68,

CERTIFICATES. Aldermanbury.- Pet. f. Nov. 23. FRANCIS PÚTLEY, Newington.causeway, Newington, To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or watchmaker, Dec. 6 at half-past 2, and Jan. 8 at 1, Lon.

before the Day of Meeling. don: Off. Ass. Lee; Sol. Landor, 25, Eastcheap.- Pet. f.

Henry Wright, Narrow-street, Limehouse, miller, Dec. 18 Nov. 26.

at half-past 12, London.- Daniel Benjamin Herts, Sidney. ROBERT WADDAMS STREET, Weston-super-Mare, square, Mile-end, commission agent, Dec. 19 at half.past 2,

Somersetshire, grocer, Dec. 7 and Jan. 8 at 11, Bristol: London.-- Charles Grossmith, Strand, and Wellington-street, Off

. Ass. Miller; Sols. Bevan & Girling, Bristol.-Pet. f. Strand, fancy soap manufacturer, Dec. 19 at half-past 1, Nov. 22.

London.- William Hurt, Old-street, St. Luke's, licensed FREDERICK EVERY, Exeter and Saint Thomas-the. victualler, Dec. 18 at 1, London.- Joseph Littleford, High

Apostle, Devonshire, scrivener, Dec. 6 at 11, and Feb. 6 at street, and Nottingham-mews, High-street, Marylebone, coach1, Exeter: Off. Ass. Hirtzel ; Sol. Daw, Exeter. Pet. f. builder, Dec. 18 at 2, London.-Joseph Gill, King-street, Nov, 23.

Camden-town, licensed victualler, Dec. 18 at half-past 12, JOHN DYER, Devonport, builder, Dec. 17 at 1, Plymouth, London.--Wm. Canute Bodley, Exeter, ironfounder, Dec. 20

and Jan. 14 at 1, East Stonehouse: Off. Ass. Hirtzel ; Sols. at 1, Exeter.-- George Atkinson, Liverpool, grocer, Dec. 18 Beer & Rundle, Devonport.- Pet. f. Nov. 23.

at 11, Liverpool.-William Clarke, Altrincham, Cheshire, BENJAMIN SCOTT, Earlsheaton, near Dewsbury, York- joiner, Dec. 18 at 12, Manchester. Wm. Earnshaw Cooper

shire, blanket manufacturer, Dec. 10 at 1, and Jan, 7 at 12, and Edward Cooper, Manchester, and Mottram, Cheshire, Leeds: Off. Ass. Hope ; Sols. Bond & Barwick, Leeds.-tallow chandlers, Dec. 19 at 12, Manchester.--Thomas Allen Pet. d. Nov. 23.

and Thos. Cuthbert Cockson, Manchester, Italian warehouseJOHN BAPTY, Leeds, woollen-yarn manufacturer, Dec. 13 men, Dec. 20 at 12, Manchester.-Richard Hardey, King.

and Jan. 18 at 11, Leeds : Off. Ass. Young; Sol. Middle- ston.upon- Hull, merchant, Dec. 19 at 12, Kingston-uponton, Leeds.-Pet. d. and f. Nov. 26.

Hull. --- George Thompson, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, leather JOHN VALLANCE BELLAMY, Sheffield, wine and spirit seller, Dec. 20 at 11, Leeds. merchant, Dec. 8 and Jan. 19 at 10, Sheffield : Off. Ass. To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. Brewin; Sol. Fretson, Sheffield.-- Pet. d. Nov. 20, and f. John Wm. P. Graham, King's-road, Chelsea, insurance Nov. 21.

broker.-William Palmer, Aldgate, draper. Robert Ewin, FRANCIS SCAIFE, Sheffield, cutlery manufacturer, Dec. 8 High-street, Islington, upholsterer. - John Durrant, High

and Jan. 19 at 10, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Brewin; Sol. Mar- Holborn, victualler.- Thomas Bacon, Colchester, printer. shall, Sheffield.-Pet. d. Nov. 20, and f. Nov. 21.

Peter Cattell, Long-acre, coachmaker.—Daniel Reen, Hil. ROBERT BURNS, Liverpool, millwright, Dec. 11 and 31 lingdon, Middlesex, brickmaker. — Meyer Jacobs, Steward

at 11, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Cazenove; Sol. Smith, Liver- street, Spitalfields, warehouseman.- Francis Butter, Berkleypool.- Pet. f. Nov. 23.

street, Clerkenwell, and High-street, Islington, baker,--John EDWIN TRAVIS, Luxley Brook Mills, near Oldham, cotton Battens, Tokenhouse-yard, shipowner. Thomas Thompson,

spinner, Dec. 14 and Jan. 4 at 12, Manchester : Off. Ass. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, licensed victualler.-James Meadows, Hernaman; Sols. Slater & Helis, Manchester.-Pet. f. Manchester, lime merchant.John Steele, Manchester, maNov. 22.

nufacturer. -Samuel Millner Barton, Manchester, smallware MEETINGS.

manufacturer.-John Mawer, Louth, Lincolnshire, butcher. Charles W. Woodworth, Liverpool, licensed victualler, John Henry Moore, Kingston-upon-Hull, joiner.-Wm. John Dec. 7 at 11, Liverpool, pr. d.-Wm. Miller, Whitechapel. / Mackarsie, Clay Cross, Derbyshire, surgeon.



FIRST ANNUAL REPORT OF THE DIRECTORS. THE Directors have much pleasure in submitting to the Shares are now at a very large premium; so that, both as regards

Shareholders the Balance-sheet of the Company, feeling the value of the Shareholders' capital, and the annual dividends sure that the results thereby developed will be received with a receivable therefrom, the investments in such Companies are high degree of satisfaction as regards the past, and warrant the of the most safe and advantageous description. most sanguine expectations for the future. It may, in truth, To add to the value of the Shares of the Law Union in a be said (and the accounts are the best evidence of the fact) like degree, and in a solid and permanent manner, is, and that the Law Union already occupies an important position will continue to be, a principal object of the Directors in the among insurance companies, and the confidence manifested in management of the affairs of the Company; while, by availing it by the public as a modern office may be said to be almost themselves of all the modern improvements in the principles unprecedented in the history of similar institutions.

and conduct of Insurance business, they secure to the insured The Law Union was completely registered in April, 1854, greater advantages, combined with the prospect of a larger and the Shareholders need scarcely to be reminded that some bonus, than many existing companies. months subsequently to that period were necessarily employed It has been suggested to the Directors that it would be de. in making preliminary arrangements for the transaction of sirable to select a position for the Offices of the Law Union in business; so that, practically speaking, the operations of the a more central situation, and nearer to the neighbourhood of Company may be considered as limited to twelve months. the Inns of Court, which subject is under their consideration.

The success of the Company is shewn by the simple fact, It is right to state, with reference to the preliminary and that its present income exceeds 10,0001. per annum.

law expenses of establishing this Company, that the proThe new business received from the Ist ultimo to this day is moters (although they devoted much time to that object) de. as follows -- viz. in the Fire Department, 356 Proposals, in- clined to accept any compensation whatever beyond their suring 204,095l.; and in the Life Department, 61 Proposals, mere travelling expenses; and that as regards the Solicitor, insuring 23,8957.; being a considerable increase upon the Mr. Durrant, who co-operated with them in originating the average of the business during the same period of last year. Company, and contributed throughout to its development, it

Of the One Hundred Thousand Shares, of 101. each, into was suggested that no bill of costs should be made out, which the Company's Capital of One Million is divided, nearly (which would have come to a very large sum), but that be Eighty-four Thousand have been allotted, and the first call should receive, in lieu of his professional charges, a fee of on every such allotment has been paid.

4001., which it is gratifying to us to state that he willingly The Directors have not adopted the usual practice of giving a agreed to, and such payment was, by order of the Board, commission or allowance on the allotment of shares, but, on the made to him accordingly. contrary, they have issued some of the shares at premiums, The Directors, on the suggestion of a large number of which appear in the accounts to the credit of the Company. Shareholders, unanimously resolved to make a payment in

The Directors would be overlooking a point of great mo. the month of April last, after the rate of 41. per cent. per ment were they not to draw attention to the number, in- annum, to the Shareholders, wbich interest (dating from the fluence, and position of the Proprietary. The Company is time when each Shareholder paid his first call, and calculated supported by more than Five Hundred Shareholders, almost up to the 30th of September last) the Directors now recom. all of whom are members of the Legal Profession, while others mend should be paid to every Shareholder, including those are connected with the management of estates, and bring with who have subscribed since the 31st of March, 1855. There them considerable business.

will remain, after deducting the amount so paid, a considerable In consequence of the prosperous state of the Company's um to the credit of the Company, solely arising from the inaffairs, the Directors, by a resolution unanimously adopted at terest on the paid-up capital, and irrespective of the profits a monthly meeting, were enabled to recommend that the re- derived from the business of the Company. The Directors imbursement of the preliminary expenses (all of which have further recommend that a Dividend out of Profits shall be debeen liquidated) should be extended over a term of five years clared when the first call on the reserved Shares (which there only, in lieu of the more usual period of ten years.

is no doubt will quickly be advantageously allotted) shall have It is well known that many insurance companies have erred been paid, and that until that time only the interest receivable in not making a reserve of Shares to secure connexions which the from the investment of the paid-up Capital shall be divided. offer of Shares alone could command; the Directors have, there. This arrangement will bave the advantage of placing all the fore, reserved several thousand Shares, which they are willing Shareholders on the same footing in respect of dividend. to allot to Solicitors able to transact business with the Com. In conclusion, it may be observed, that the success which pany, in such numbers as may from time to time be thought has attended the operations of the Law Union has been desirable, at par; but to no other persons, (with the exception achieved notwithstanding the depressing effect of the present of a few to members of the Bar or of the Medical Profession, war, and is a strong proof of the power and efficiency of the or to Land Agents), unless at a premium of twenty-five per Proprietary, and of the connexions of the Company. cent. on the first call, which premium has already in some The Directors who retire according to the Deed of Settlecases been paid. It may be observed, that, had not this rule ment are as follows, namely-James ALEXANDER Doug. been adopted, the reserved Shares would long since have been LAS, Esq.; John DABBS, Esq. ; Joux HOWARD, Esq. ; eagerly taken up by the non-professional public.

R. J. Sisson, Esq. ; HENRY MASON, Esq; CHARLES JOAX The Board has the gratification of adding that a great many Whishaw, Esq.; John Batten, Esq. ; J. F. ROBINSON, of the Shareholders bave redeemed the promise made on the Esq.; H. E. MARSA, Esq. ; John Cole, Esq.; John Lax. allotment of Shares, that they would transact some business BERT, Esq.; and H. TREMENAEERE Johns, Esq. The with the Company; and with regard to those who have not yet retiring Auditors are FRANCIS WORSLEY and W. H. GREY, been enabled to do so, the Directors have confidence in their Esqrs. endeavours during the ensuing year.

The above-named Directors, and Mr. Francis Worsley, While on this part of their Report, the Directors may be Auditor, are eligible, and offer themselves for re-election, allowed to make a remark, (which cannot be too often re

WILLIAM FOSTER, Chairman. peated), that if every Shareholder would make up his mind to Chief Offices, 45, Pall-mall, Nov. 23, 1855. complete at least one Life and several Fire proposals in the course of each year, the results to the Company would be At the Annual General Meeting of the Proprietors, held at the immense, while the individual exertion to attain that end Company's Chief Offices, the foregoing Report of the Board would be comparatively small. The effect of such a system of Directors having been read, was unanimously adopted, and has already been experienced by several Companies whose ordered to be printed in “ The Times” newspaper.

Printed by HENRY HANSARD, at his Printing Office, in Parker Street, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, in the County of Middle ex; and Published at No. 3, CHANCERY LANE, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, residing at No. 34, Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, in the County of Middlesex.-Saturday, December 1, 1855.

No. 48, NEW SERIES.-Vol. I.
No. 987, OLD SERIES.-Vol. XIX.

DECEMBER 8, 1855.


five years.


PAID-UP CAPITAL, £1,000,000.












1, St. James's-square.

J. W. WELDON, Manager. BLOOMSBURY BRANCH .214, High Holborn

WILLIAM EWINGS, Manager. SOUTHWARK BRANCH.. 3, Wellington-street, Borough

EDWARD KINGSPORD, Manager. EASTERN BRANCH.. 87, High-street, Whitechapel


4, Stratford-place, Oxford-street..

G. M. MITCHELL, Manager. TEMPLE BAR BRANCH 217, Strand.

CHARLES WARD, Manager. Current Accounts are received on the same principles as those observed by the London Bankers. No Christmas Boxes or other gratuities are allowed to be taken by the Officers of the Bank. The Bank also takes the Agency of Joint-stock Banks, Private Bankers, and other parties residing at a distance. Cheques on Penny Stamps may be drawn from any place in the United Kingdom.

Strong Rooms are provided for the security of Deeds and other property lodged by the Customers of the Bank.

Sums from 101. to 10001. are received on Deposit, at a rate of interest to be fixed at the time, and they are repayable upon demand, without notice. If withdrawn within a month no interest is allowed.

Sums of 10001. and upwards are also received on Deposit Receipts, upon such terms as may be agreed upon, with regard to the rate of interest, and the time of repayment. Parties may lodge money upon an interest Account who have no Current Account, and those who have Current Accounts may transfer any portion of their Balance to an Interest Account.

The Rate of Interest allowed at present on Deposits of 5001, and upwards is Five per Cent. London, Nov. 9, 1855.

J. W. GILBART, General Manager. L AW.-WANTED, a MANAGING CONVEYANCING WOODFALL'S LANDLORD AND TENANT, BY HARRISON. CLERK in a large office at the West-end. Age not under twenty

Now ready, in I thick vol. royal 8vo., price 1l. Us. 6d.,
He must be well recommended in every respect, particularly WOODFALL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE on the LAW

of LANDLORD and TENANT. With a full Collection of letter, (paid), to A. H., at Messrs. Stevens & Norton's, Booksellers, Precedents and forms of Procedure. By S. B. HARRISON, Esq. Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

The Seventh Edition, very considerably altered, by HENRY HORN, STRAHAN, PAUL, & Co.-ONE HUNDRED POUNDS EsenBarFister at Law, Recorder of Hereford.

Henry Sweet, 3. Chancery-lane; W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard; V. & R. REWARD.-To Solicitors and others.-A reward of £100 will be

Stevens & G. S. Norton, 26, Bell-yard. paid by the Assignees to any person who will enable them to RECOVER certain INDENTURES of LEASE and RELEASE, dated the 18th

JARMAN ON WILLS. and 19th January, 1804; the release made between Frederick Read Just published, in 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 31. 38. cloth boards, Orme Villebois.Mesgu Captain in his Majesty's uith Regiment of Lught A TREATISE on WILLS. By THOMAS JARMAN

Esq. The Second Edition. By E. P. WOLSTENHOLME, of Middlesex, gentleman, of the first part; James Brown, of Purbrook, M. A., and S. VINCENT, B. A., of Lincoln's-inn and the Inner in the county of Southampton, Esq., of the second part; and Andrew

Temple, Barristers at Law. Strahan, of New-street, Shoe-lane, in the city of London, Esq., of the

H. Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street.
third part; and which indentures relate to the estate of William Strahan,
Esq., at Ashurst, near Dorking, in the county of Surrey.

Solicitors for the Assignees.


Fifth Edition. By JOHN SIDNEY SMITH, Esq., Barrister 14, Old Jewry-chambers, Dec. 4, 1855.

at Law.

Benning & Co., 43, Fleet-street. THE ROYAL BRITISH BANK, (incorporated by Chara ter), for transacting every description of banking business on the

MR. BARBER'S RE-ADMISSION. Scottish system.

Now published, price 28. 6d., in paper boards 4s, by post 35., Drawing accounts are opened for any parties properly introduced, and interest allowed on the daily balances, if these do not fall under THE SUBSTANCE

of the EVIDENCE upon which is

based the JUDGMENT recently pronounced by the COURT of 1001. Deposits of any amount are receivable, at rates of interest varying from 2 to 4 per cent. per annum, according to the time for which


CATE; with full information on the matters which have been the subdeposits are made. Promissory notes or bills, at any date, and with or without interest, as may be agreed on, and circular bills or letters of ject of inquiry. credit, and drafts or orders, are granted, payable to bearer by the cor

Crockford, Essex-street, Strand., a respondents of the Bank in every town of any note at home or abroad;

IRISH JURIST. NEW SERIES. Vol. I.ZA Legal and bills of exchange or drafts on the Bank in sets, for use in the Co

Journal, published the 1st and 15th of every Month, free by post, lonies, in India, China, and America, may be obtained by customers

containing Reports of Cases decided in the Courts of Equity and Comand others on application at the chief office. Advances for fixed periods

mon Law, Bankruptcy, the Incumbered Estates Court, and Court of on securities readily convertible, and cash credits, on the Scottish Admiralty, and the Appeals to the House of Lords; also the Rules and system, are granted to respectable parties, if customers of the Bank.

Orders of the several Courts, Cause Lists, and other useful Legal InformaDiscounts of approved bills

of exchange are made for any parties having tion; with a Digest of the Cases reported in the Volume. Subscription, accounts with the Bank; for whom also remittances are made and bills

21. per volume; single number, 28. 6d. collected in any place where there is a banker, and dividends, &c. re- Dublin: Edward J. Milliken. Subscribers' names received by Messrs. ceived without charge.

Sterens & Norton, and all Law Booksellers. Form of application for opening accounts, &c. will be supplied, and any further information may be obtained at the Bank or at any of the Branches, viz.--Strand Branch, 429, Strand; Lambeth Branch, 77, Newspaper.—Price 20. unstamped, and 3d. stamped. It is Bridge-road; Islington Branch, 97, Goswell-road; Pimlico Branch, published every Saturday and Sunday Mornings Its weekly sale is 7, Shaftesbury-terrace, Victoria-street; Borough Branch, 60, Stones's upwards of 150.000 copies, (the largest circulation of any in the world, end, Southwark; Piccadilly Branch, 32, Regent-circus.

as proved by official returns), and it contains the best and latest intelli. By order of the Court of Directors,

gence that can be collected, and it is circulated amongst the most inHUGH INNES CAMERON, General Manager. fluential classes, thus proving its high and popular estimation.--News Chief Office, 16, Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury,

Agents should send their orders as carly as they can to the Offices, London, Aug. 4, 1855.

19, Exeter-street, Strand. No. 48, Vol. I., New Series.




Leeds, aud. ac.-Samuel Oldfield, John Allan, and Edward
J. S. Couzena, Huddersfield, woollen-cloth merchants. Dec.

13 at 11, Leeds, aud. ac.--Thomas Francis Featherstone, BANKRUPTS.

York, linendraper, Dec. 13 at 11, Leeds, aud. ac.-Henry JOHN DALBY, Knight's Hill-road, Norwood, carpenter,

Bull and John James Harper, Greenwich, upholsterers, Dec. Dec. 10 at 1, and Jan. 10 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Bell;

21 at 1, London, div.-Thomas Collinson and John Henton Sol. Armstrong, 33, Old Jewry.- Pet. f. Nov. 27.

Tritton, Lombard-street, bankers, Dec. 21 at 12, London, HENRY THOMAS HORWOOD, Gifford-street, Caledo- div. - John Buchanan, Moorgate-street, upholsterer, Dec. 21 nian-road, Islington, manufacturer of marble, Dec. 10 at

at 11, London, div.- John Dickie and Darid Dickie, Portsen, half-past 11, and Jan. 10 at 1, London: OX. Ass. Bell; Southampton, drapers, Dec. 21 at 12, London, div.- Robert Sols. Mardon & Prichard, Newgate-street.-Pet. f. Nov. 28.

William Wright, Charles Dary, and Jacob Dixon, DevonJAMES MORRALL, Upper Russell-street, Bermondsey, shire-street, Queen-square, goldsmiths, Dec. 21 at 12, London,

leather dresser, Dec. 11 at half-past 11, and Jan. 8 at 12, div.-J. Player, Winchester-buildings, Broad-street, mining London : Off. Ass. Stansfeld ; Sol. Chidley, Gresham-street, agent, Dec. 21 at 11, London, div.-John Pennycad, Wool City.--Pet. f. Nov. 27.

wich, grocer, Dec. 21 at 12, London, div.-Samuel Hodgson, JOHN SIMMONS, Bucklersbury, bill broker, Dec. 14 at 1,

Great Marylebone-street, stationer, Dec. 21 at 1, London, and Jan. 11 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Nicholson ; Sols.

div.- John Elsdon, Church-row, Limehouse, shipowner, Dec. J. & J. H. Linklater & Co., 17, Sise-lane, London.-Pet.

21 at 2, London, div.--Robert Wilson, Friday-street, Cheapf. Nov. 29.

side, merchant, Dec. 21 at 11, London, div.- Robert Nodes JOHN MUSCOTT, Westonbury, Pembridge, Herefordshire,

Newton and Thomas Godfrey Payne, New Park-street, engineer, Dec. 12 and Jan. 9 at half-past 10, Birmingham: Southwark, gas engineers, Dec. 21 at 11, London, div.OĦ. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. Colmore & Beale, Birmingham. Dec. 21 at 1, London, div.-John Field, Burnham Westgate,

Louis Lichtenstein, Great St. Helens, London, merchant, - Pet. d. Nov. 28. THOMAS PAGETT, Birmingham, builder, Dec. 15 and Norfolk, draper, Dec. 21 at 12, London, div.-A. Dalrymple, Jan. 12 at 11, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Christie ; Sols.

Lime-street, merchant, Dec. 22 at 2, London, div.-George Hodgson & Allen, Birmingham.- Pet. d. Nov. 22.

J. Humphreys, Crown-court, Old Broad-street, underwriter, FREDERICK DELACOURT BLYTH, Birmingham, papier Dec. 22 at 11, London, div.-Wm. Scales, White Hill Paper maché manufacturer, Dec. 15 and Jan. 12 at 11, Birming

Mill, near Chester-le-Street, Durham, paper manufacturer, ham: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. Jagger, and E. & Å. Dec. 21 at half-past 12, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, fin. div.Wright, Birmingham.- Pet. d. Dec. 22.

George Rennie, Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 21 at 11, Liver. SAMUEL PRIESTLEY, Accrington, Lancashire, grocer, pool, fin. div. Dec. 10 and Jan. 14 at 12, Manchester : Off. Ass. Pott;

CERTIFICATES. Sols. Ainsworth, Blackburn; Sale & Co., Manchester. - To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary or or Pet. f. Nov. 27.

before the Day of Meeting. WILLIAM MITCHELL, HENRY MITCHELL, and Wm. H. G. Mason, Brighton, printseller, Dec. 21 at half

JOHN MITCHELL, Hoarstones, Forest of Pendle, Lan- past 2, London.John T. Archer, Portobella-lane, Notting. cashire, worsted spinners, Dec. 13 and Jan. 11 at 12, Man- bill, Bayswater, licensed victualler, Dec. 21 at half-past 1, chester: Off. Ass. Hernaman; Sols. Wavell & Co., Halifax. London.-John Fairbrother, Hertford, brewer, Dec. 21 at 2, -Pet. f. Nov. 27.

London.-Henry W. Brown, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, innSAMUEL MEEK, Kendal, Westmoreland, innkeeper, Dec. keeper, Dec. 21 at 11, London.-J. Minter, Stock Orchard.

11 and Jan. 22 at 12, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Off. Ass. crescent, Caledonian-road, Islington, shipowner, Dec. 21 at Baker; Sols. Wilson, Kendal; Hoyle, Newcastle-upon- 1, London.-Israel Cowan and Mark Braham, High-street, Tyne.- Pet. f. Nov. 17.

Aldgate, waterproof clothing manufacturers, Dec, 22 at 2, MEETINGS.

London.-Elizabeth M. Muller, Castle-street East, OxfordCharles Dearie, Frederick’s-place, Old Jewry, merchant, Field, Burnham Westgate, Norfolk, draper, Dec. 21 at 12,

street, picture dealer, Dec. 22 at half-past 1, London.-John Dec. 13 at half-past 11, London, pr. d.--Hugh Williams the London.-Wm. Fisher, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, elder, John Williams, and Hugh Williams the younger, West Smithfield, tailors, Dec. 15 at half-past 11, London, last ex.

grocer, Jan. 7 at half-past 12, Birmingham.-Wm. E. Cooper Benjamin Parker, Albany-road, Camberwell, builder, Dec. 12 and David Cooper, (and not Edward Cooper, as before adverat 12, London, last ex. Philip Slatter, Woodstock and Kid- tised), Manchester, and Mottram, Cheshire, tallowchandlers,

Dec. 19 at 12, Manchester. lington, Oxfordshire, innkeeper, Dec. 19 at 3, London, avd. ac. - Wm. Long, Oxford-street, lace maker, Dec. 13 at half.

To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. past 1, London, aud. ac.-A. E. Trowse, Leather-lane, Hol. William Smith, Sheffield, edge-tool manufacturer.– Aaron born, coachsmith, Dec. 15 at half-past 12, London, aud. ac.- Marks, Sheffield, merchant.-Joseph Meeke, Sheffield, draper, E. Gibbs, Keppel-mews North, Russell-square, jobmaster, -John Burton Rhodes, Wakefield, shoemaker. - Samuel Dec. 11 at 11, London, aud. ac.- - George Fox Eames, Paul. Wilkinson, Bradford, Yorkshire, machine maker. - Henry street, Finsbury, colourman, Dec. 18 at 11, London, aud. ac.- Beauvoisin, Sheffield, file manufacturer.- William J. Arson, Absalom Francis, George-yard, Lombard-street, dealer in Leeds, cloth merchant.-Wm. Hopkins, Birmingham, grocer. mining shares, Dec. 18 at 12, London, aud. ac.-R. Hoyes, - Wm. Orton Goodwin, Longton, Staffordshire, earthenware West Cowes, Isle of Wight, postmaster, Dec. 17 at 2, Lon dealer. - John Stevenson, Barham, Suffolk, innkeeper.-H. C. don, aud. ac.-Charles Edmonstone, Over Darwen, Lanca. Timpson, Woolwich, surgeon.— Benjamin Kent, Norfolk-st., shire, paper manufacturer, Dec. 11 at 12, Manchester, aud. Strand, hotel keeper.- Lewis H. Meakin and John Farrell, ac.-- John Railton and James Pavey, Manchester, manufac- Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, earthenware manufacturers. turers of mousseline de laines, Dec. 11 at 12, Manchester,

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. aud. ac. sep. est. of J. Railton.-George Pryde, David Jones,

Benjamin Price and Thomas Price, Moorgate-street, attor. and John Gibb, Liverpool, sailmakers, Dec. 10 at 11, Liver. nies and solicitors.- Joseph Williamson Westmorland and pool, aud. ac.- John Strong the younger, Birkenbead, Che- Thomas Taylor, Wakefield, attornies and solicitors.- Charles shire, steam-boat owner, Dec. 11 at 12, Liverpool, and. ac.

Hoar, Wm. Beale, and Edward Hoar, Maidstone, attornies Sylvester Lewis Samuel, Liverpool, watch manufacturer, Dec. and solicitors. 10 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.- James Wilson Jeffryes and John Meek, Liverpool, merchants, Dec. 11 at 11, Liverpool,

TUESDAY, Dec. 4. aud. ac.- Jonathan Higginson and Richard Deane, Liver

BANKRUPTS. pool, merchants, Dec. 13 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.- James Hargreaves Nuttall, Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 13 at 11, THOMAS ARCHBUTT, Oakley-square, Chelsea, timber Liverpool, aud. ac.-Henry Brownentt, Liverpool, merchant, merchant, (formerly carrying on business with Henry AtDec. 13 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.—Edward Kegy, Liverpool

kinson at Cambridge-st., St. Pancras-road), Dec. 14 at 11, and Birkenhead, coal dealer, Dec. 13 at 11, Liverpool, aud.

and Jan. 17 at 12, London: Off. Ass. Johnson; Sols. ac.- Edwin Latham and Wilfred Latham, Liverpool, come

J. & J. H. Linklater & Co., 17, Sise-lane, Bucklersbury.mission merchants, Dec. 13 at 11, Liverpool, aud. ac.—John

Pet. f. Nov. 30. Lambert, Halifax, Yorkshire, timber dealer, Dec. 13 at 11,

[For continuation of Gazette, see p. 481].



CONTENTS. London Gazettes....


COURT OF QUEEN's Bench. Leading Article

473 By G. J. P. Smith and W. B. BRETT, Barristers at Law. Inns of Court Commission-Report

475 Lewis, App., The Churchwardens and Overseers

Swansea, Resps.-(Poor rate-Swansea corpora.

tion-Harbour-" Quayage" or town dues
COURT OF Chancery.

1108 By T. EDWARDS, Barrister at Law.

COURT of Comwox PLEAS. Morley o. Morley.--(Tenant for life paying off bond

By W. PATERSON and W. Mills, Barristers at Law. debts of testator-Presumption of law-Nocharge

Jones, App., Innons, Resp.-Godsell, App., Innons, or inheritance)

1097 Resp.-(Appeals under Registration of Voters Act).

-(Parliament - County vote-Notice of objecCOURT OF APPEAL IN CHANCERY.

tion to overseers by post-Omission of county in By F. FISHER, Barrister at Law.

address—6 Vict. c. 18, 88. 7, 101)

1112 Morison v. Morison.-(Lien of consignee appointed

COURT or ExchEQUER. by the Court)


By W. M. Best, Barrister at Law. Hughes o. Paramore.-(Statute of Limitations-Ac. Hall o. Coates-Robinson o. Cotterell.-(Summary knowledgment - Part payment - Open account

Procedure on Bills of Exchange Act, 18 & 19 current)

1101 Vict. c. 67-Indorsement on writ-Costs-Noting
- Irregularity-Time for moving)..

1113 Rolls Court.

By G. Y. Robson, Barrister at Law.

By G. FRANCIS, Barrister at Law.
Philpott o. St. George's Hospital.-(Charity-Mort.

Reg. o. Jarvis.-(Possession of counterfeit coin main)

Evidence-2 Will. 4, c. 34, s. 8)..


Reg. v. Stubbs.-(Evidence- Corroboration of ac-

1115 By C. MARETT, Barrister at Law.

Reg. v. Orman.-(Embezzlement-Money received Higginson v. Blockley.-- (Practice-Exceptions).... 1104

by virtue of employment)

1115 VICE-CHANCELLOR STUART's Court. Reg. v. Smith.---(Intent to murder-Shooting at one

1116 By T. F. MORSE, Barrister at Law.

person in mistake for another).. Ratcliffe o. Hampson.—(Settlement-Will, construc

COURT OF ADMIRALTY. tion of, as to power of appointment ---Appoint

By J. P. DEANE, D.C.L. ment to a person not an object of the power).... 1104

The Royal Stuart.-(Bottomry bond, duly of agent
advancing money on)..

1116 VICE-CHANCELLOR Wood's Coort.

By MATTHEW B. BEGBIE, Barrister at Law.

By J. P. DEANE, D.C.L.
Wood v. Scarth.-(Vendor and purchaser-Mistake) 1107 The Aina.--(Prize-Agency-Expenses and costs).. 1117

t 나


particular investments were made at the instance or

request, or with the authority, of either of the tenants LONDON, DECEMBER 8, 1855.

for life; but he found that it had been the intention of

the trustees to invest in the funds, and that at the inThe recent case of Raby v. Ridehalgh (reported 1 stance and request of the tenants for life, who wished Jur., N. S., part 1, p. 363, and somewhat more fully to secure as large an income as they could, this in3 Eq. Rep. 901) deserves particular notice. The prin- tention had been abandoned, and that it was at their ciple on which it proceeded is equally clear and satis- instance or request arranged that the monies should be factory, but at first sight there would seem to be some invested on mortgage, so as to secure a higher rate of difficulty in applying that principle to the facts of the interest than could have been obtained from an investcase; and as it is one of great importance with regard to ment in the funds. He further found that Robinson, the duties of trustees for investment, it may be useful who was employed by the trustees about the mortgage to consider what appear to have been the grounds on transactions, was employed by them and acted with which the Court considered that it ought to be so ap- the general privity and concurrence of the tenants for plied. The case is one not unlikely to be the subject of life, who knew that mortgages were being taken under some misapprehension, and to be understood as deciding his advice, and were in the habit of seeing or communimore than the Court appears to have intended to cating with him. decide.

By a decretal order made by Sir J. Stuart, V. C., on The suit was instituted for the purpose of making subsequent further directions, the trustees were declared trustees liable for loss occasioned by improper in- liable to make good the loss arising from the deficiency vestments of a trust fund bequeathed to them, upon of the securities, and the surviving tenant for life, the trust, as to one moiety, for J. S. Raby for life, with re- estate of the deceased tenant for life, and their respecmainder to his children; and as to the other moiety, for tive life interests in the trust estate were declared liable W. Raby for life, with remainder to his children, with to indemnify the trustees. It was ordered that J. S. out any directions whatever as to investment. The Raby, the surviving tenant for life, and the executrix trustees invested on insufficient mortgages, and a con- of W. Raby, the deceased tenant for life, should pay to siderable loss ensued. The children of J. S. Raby were the trustees the sum for which the latter were held the plaintiffs. The Master, in answer to an inquiry liable, accounts of W. Raby's estate being directed in directed by the decree, after stating what the securities case the executrix should not admit assets. The diviwere, and that they were improper investments, pro- dends payable to J.S. Raby were impounded for effectceeded to state that he did not find that any of the ing the recouping. The trustees did not appeal, but

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