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HYMN 131.

(S. M.) Rev. xxii. 17. 20. 1 THE Spirit, in our hearts,

Is whisp'ring, singer, come!
The Bride, the church of Christ, proclaims

To all his children, come! 2 Let him that heareth say

To all about him, come!
Let him that thirsts for righteousness,

To Christ, the fountain, come! 3 Yes, whosoever will,

oʻlet him freely come,
And freely drink the stream of life;

'Tis Jesus bids him come. 4 Lo! Jesus, who invites,

Declares, I quickly come: Lord, even so ! I wait thy hour;

Jesus, my Saviour, come !

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(C. M.)

HYMN 132. 1 YE humble souls, approach your God

With songs of sacred praise, For he is good, supremely good,

And kind are all his ways. 2 All nature owns his guardian care,

In him we live and niove; But nobler benefits declare

The wonders of his love. 3 He gave his Son, his only Son,

To ransom rebel worms; 'Tis here he makes his goodness known

In its diviner forms. 4 To this dear refuge, Lord, we come,

'Tis here our hope relies ; A safe defence, a peaceful home,

When storms of trouble rise.
5 Thine eye beholds, with kind regard,

The souls who trust in thee;
Their humble hope thou wilt reward,

With bliss divinely free.
6 Great God, to thy Almighty love,

What honours shall we raise ! Not all th' angelic songs above

Can render equal praise.




(C. M.)

HYMN 133. 1 APPROACH, my soul, the mercy seat,

Where Jesus answers prayer; There humbly fall before his feet,

For none can perish there.
2 Thy promise is my only plea,

With this I venture nigh;
Thou callest burden'd souls to thee,

And such, O Lord, am I.
3 Bow'd down beneath a load of sin,

By Satan sorely press'd,
By war without, and fear within,

I come to thee for rest.
4 Be thou my shield and hiding-place;

That shelter'd near thy side, I may my fierce accuser face,

And tell him," thou hast died.” 5 Oh! wondrous love! to bleed and die,

To bear the cross and shame, That guilty sinners, such as I, Might plead thy gracious name.

HYMN 134. 1 PRAY'R is the soul's sincere desire,

Utter'd or unexpress'd; The motion of a hidden fire,

That trembles in the breast. 2 Pray'r is the burden of a sigh,

The falling of a tear;
The upward glancing of an eye,

When none but God is near.
3 Pray’r is the simplest form of speech

That infant lips can try;
Pray’r, the sublimest strains that reach

The majesty on high.
4 Pray’r is the Christian's vital breath,

The Christian's native air,
The watch-word at the gates of death;

He enters heav'n with pray’r.
5 Pray’r is the contrite sinner's voice,

Returning from his ways;

(C. W)

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HYMN 135.

(L M.) í O THOU that hear'st when sinners cry,

Though all my crimes before thee lie,
Behold them not with angry look,

But blot their mem'ry from thy book. 2 Create my nature pure within,

And form my soul averse to sin :
Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart,

Nor hide thy presence from my heart. 3 I cannot live without thy light,

Cast out and banish'd from thy sight:
Thy holy joys, my God, restore,

And guard me that I fall no more.
4 Though I have griev'd thy Spirit, Lord,

Thy help and comfort still afford;
And let a wretch come near thy throne,

To plead the merits of thy Son.
5 A broken heart, my God, my King,

Is all the sacrifice I bring ;
The God of grace will ne'er despise

A broken heart for sacrifice.
6 My soul lies humbled in the dust,

And owns thy dreadful sentence just;
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye,

And save the soul condemn'd to die.
7 Then will I teach the world thy ways;

Sinners shall learn thy sov’reign grace;
I'll lead them to my Saviour's blood,

And they shall praise a pard’ning God. 8 O may thy love inspire my tongue,

Salvation shall be all my song:
And all my pow'rs shall join to bless
The Lord, my strength and righteousness.

HYMN 136.

(L M.) 1 STAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay,

Though I have done thee such despite; Nor cast the sinner quite away,

Nor take thine everlasting fight. 2 Thoug? I have most unfaithful been,

And long in vain thy grace receiv'd; Ten thousand times thy goodness seen,

Ten thousand times thy goodness griev'd; 3 Yet, oh! the mourning sinner spare,

In honour of my great High Priest; Nor in thy righteous anger swear,

T exclude me from thy people's rest. 4 My weary soul, O God, release ;

Uphold me with thy gracious hand;
Guide me into thy perfect peace,
And bring me to the promis'd land.
HYMN 137.

(L M) 1 0 THAT my load of sin were gone!

O that I could at last submit, At Jesus' feet to lay it down!

To lay my soul at Jesus' feet! 2 Rest for my soul I long to find;

Saviour of all, if mine thou art, Give me thy meek and lowly mind,

And stamp thine image on my heart. 3 Break off the yoke of inbred sin,

And fully set my spirit free; I cannot rest, till pure within,

Till I am wholly lost in thee.
4 Fain would I learn of thee, my God;

Thy light and easy burden prove,
The cross, all stain’d with hallow'd blood,

The labour of thy dying love.
5 I would, but thou must give the pow'r,

My heart from ev'ry sin release; Bring near, bring near the joyful hour, And fill me with thy perfect peace. HYMN 138.

(C. M.) Penitential Gratitude. 1 RISE, O my soul, the hours review,

When aw'd by guilt and fear,
To heav'n for grace thou durst not sue,

And found no rescue here

2 Thy tears are dry'd, thy griefs are fled,

Dispell’d each bitter care;
For heav'n itself has lent its aid

To save thee from despair.
3 Hear, then, O God! thy work fulfil,

And, from thy mercy's throne, Vouchsafe me strength to do thy will,

And to resist mine own:
4 So shall my soul each pow'r employ

Thy mercy to adore;
While heav'n itself proclaims with joy,

“ One pardon'd sinner more!"


(IIL 2)

HYMN 139. 1 ROCK of ages! cleft for me,

Let me hide myself in thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From thy side, a healing flood,
Be of sin the double cure,

Save from wra:h, and make me pure. 2 Should my tears for ever flow, Should


zeal no languor know,
This för sin could not atone,
Thou must save, and thou alone;
In my hand no price I bring,

Simply to thy cross I cling.
3 While I draw this fleeting breath,

When mine eye-lids closc in death,
When I rise to worlds unknown,
And behold thee on thy throne;
Rock of ages! cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in thee!

(L. M.)

HYMN 140. 1 FAITH is the Christian's evidence

Of things unseen hy mortal eye; It passes all the bounds of sense,

And penetrates tlie inmost sky. 2 Things absent it can set in view,

And bring far distant prospects home; Events long past it can renew,

And long foresee the things to come. 3 With strong persuasion, from afar The heav'nly region it surveys,

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