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Employment of the Priests. 1 CHRONICLES, XL

Death of Saul. the Korahítes, were over the work of the B. C. 1200.jphaiah bis son, Elasah his son, Azel bir service, keepers of the 1 gates of the tabernacle: and their fathers, being over the 2 thresholds. 44 And Azel had six sons, whose naine host of the LORD, were keepers of the

are these, Azrikam, Bocheru, and Ishmaentry:

el, and Sheariah, and Obadiah, and Hag. 20 And Phinehas a the son of Eleazar a Nu.31.6. an. These were the sons of Azel. was the ruler over them in time past, and

CHAP, X, the LORD was with him. 21 And Zechariah the son of Meshele.

Israel; and the men of Israel fled miah was porter of the door of the taber

from before the Philistines, and fell down nacle of the congregation.

2or, wounded slain 2 in mount Gilboa. 22 All these, which were chosen to be

2 And the Philistines followed hard af porters in the gates, were two hundred

ter Saul, and after his sons; and the Phi. and twelve. These were reckoned by 3 or, Ishui, listines slew Jonathan, and 3 Abinadabs their genealogy in their villages : whom 1Sa.14.49 and Malki-shua, the sons of Saut. David

c and Samuel the d seer 4 did or- c c.26.1,&c. 3 And the battle went sore against Saul, dain in their 5 set office.

d! Sa.2.2 and the & archers 7 hit him, and he was 23 So they and their children had the founded.

wounded of the archers. oversight of the gates of the bouse of the 5 or, trust. 4 Then said Saul 10 his armour-bearer, LOAD, namely, house of the taberna. 6 shooters Draw thy sword, and thrust me through cle, by wards.

with bows. therewith, lest these upcircumcised come 24 In four quarters were the porters, to-found. and 8 abuse me. But his armour-bearer ward the east, west, north, and south. 8 or, mock. would not; for he was sore afraid. So 25 And their brethren, which were in

Saul took a sword, and fell upon it. their villages, were to come after e seven e 2Ki. 11.5. 5 And when his armour-bearer saw that days from time to time with them.

Saul was dead, he fell likewise on the 26 for these Levites, the four chief

sword, and died. porters, were in their 9 set office, and 9 or, trust. 6 So Saul died, and his three sons, and were over the chambers and treasuries 1 or, store- all his house died together. of the house of God.

houses. 7 And when all the men of Israel that 27 And they lodged rourd about the

were in the valley saw that they fled, and house of God, because the charge was

that Saul and his sons were dead, then upon them, and the opening thereof eve- f Le.26.31. they forsook their cities, f and fled: and ry morning pertained to them.

the Philistines came and dwelt in them. 28 And certain of them had the charge bring them 8 And it came to pass on the morrow, of the ministering vessels, that they should in by tale, when the Philistines came to strip the bring them in and out by tale.

and carry slain, that they found Saul and his sou 29 Some of them also were appointed to them out by fallen in mount Gilboa. oversee the vessels, and all the 3 instru- tale. 9 And when they had stripped him, ments of the sanctuary, and the fine flour, 3 or, vesrels. they took his head, and his armour, and and the wine, and the oil, and the frank. Ex.30.23,25 sent into the land of the Philistines round incense, and the spices.

h 1Sa.31.10. about, to carry tidings unto their idols, 30 And some of the sons of the priests) 4 or, trust. and to the people. made the ointment g of the spices. i Le.2.5. 10 And h they put his armour in the 31 And Mattithiah, one of the Levites, 6.21. house of their gods, and fastened his who was the first-born of Shallum the sor, on flat head in the temple of Dagon. Korabite, had the 4 set office over the plates, or, 11 And when all Jabesh-gilead heard all things i that were made 5 in the pans.


that the Philistines bad done ta Saul, 32 And other of their brethren, of the bread-of or 12 They arose, all the valiant men, and sons of the Kohathites, were over the dering, took away the body of Saul, and the bodies shew bread, 6 to prepare it every sabbath. Le.24.8. of his sons, and brought them to Jabesh,

33 And these are the singers, k chief of k c.6.31. and buried their bones under the oak in the fathers of the Levites, who remaining 25.4.

Jabesh, and fasted seven days. in the chambers were free; for 7 they were upon them 13 So Saul died for his transgression employed in that work day and night,

which he 8 committed against the LORD, 34 These chief fathers of the Levites & trans- even / against the word of the LORD, were chief throughout their generations : gressed. which he kept not, and also for asking these dwelt at Jerusalem.

z iSa.13.13. counsel m of one that had a familiar 35 And in Gibeon dwelt the father of 15.23. spirit, to inquire of it; Gibeon, Jehiel, whose wife's name was m 1$2.28.7, 14 And inquired not of the Lord: there. Maachah:n

&c. fore he slew him, and turned the king 36 And his first-born son Abdon, then Zur, in c.8.29. dom unto David the son of 9 Jesse. and Kish, and Baal, and Ner, and Nadab, o Sa.16.1,13.

CHAP. XE. 37 And Gedor, and Ahio, and Zecha- 28.17.

WHEN pall Israel gathered themselves riah, and Mikloth.

TH. 2Sa.3.9,10,

to David unto Hebron, saying, Be. 38 And Mikloth begat Shimeam. And


hold, we are thy bone and thy flesh. they also dwelt with their brethren at Isai. 2 And, moreover, 1 in time past, even Jerusalem, over against their brethren. p 28a.5.1,&c. when Saul was king, thou wast he hat 39 And . Ner begat Kish; and Kish begat q c.8.33. leddest out and broughtest in Israel:

and Saul; and Saul begat Jonathan, and Mal- Loth yester. the LORD thy God said unto thee, Thou chi-shua, and Abinadab, and Esh-baal. day and the shalt

2 feed r my people Israel, and thou 40 And the son of Jonathan was Merib- third day. shalt be ruler

over my people Israel. baal: and Merib-baal begat Micah. 12 or, rule,

3 Therefore came all the elders of Israel 41 And the sons of Micah were, Pithon, Ps.78.71. to the king to Hebron; and David mado and Melech, and Tahera, and s Ahaz.


a covenant with them in Hebron before 42 And Ahaz begat Jarah; and Jarah s c.8.35. the LORD; and they apo nted David king begat Alemeth, and Azmaveth, and Zim. 3 by the hand over Israel, according to the word of the ri; and Zimri begat Moza;


LORD 3 by Samuel. t 43 And Moza begat Binea; and Re- t 1Sa.16.1,12. 4 And David and all Israel went to


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slain by him at one time.

2 or, held

three mighties:

fied from before the Philistines.

Lavid's mighty men.

David's Ariny.
Jerusalem, which is Jebus;a where the Je-, B. C. 1048. with a staff, and plucked the spear out of
basites were, the inhabitants of the .and.

the Egyptian's hand, and slew him with
5 And the inhabitants of Jebus said a Ju.1.21. his own b spear.
to David, Thou shalt not come hither.


24 These things did Benaiah the son of Nevertheless David took the castle of b 1Sa.17.52 Jehoiada, and had a name among the Lion, which is the city of David.

three mighties. 6 And David said, Whosoever smiteth

25 Behold, he was honourable among toe Jebusites first shall be 1 chief and head.

the thirty, but attained not to the first Captain. So Joab the son of Zeruiah went

three : and David set him over his guard. first up, and was chief.

26 Also the valiant men of the armies
7 And David dwelt in the castle; there-

were, Asahel the brother of Joab, Elhanan
fore they called 2 it The city of David. 2i. e. Zron, the son of Dodo of Beth-lehem,
& And he built the city round about, 2Sa.5.7.

27 Shammoth 3 the 4 Harorite, Helez the
eren from Millo round alcut: and Joab 3 or, Sham. Pelonite, 5
repaired the rest of the city,

niah. 28 Ira' the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite,
So Darid 7 waxed greater and greater: 40r, Harodite, Abiezer the Antothite,
for the LORD of hosts was with him.

25a.23.25. 29 Sibbecai 8 the Hushathite, 9 llai the
10 Thesc also are the chief of the migh-5 or, Paltite, Ahohite,
ty men whom David had, who strength 25a.23.26.

30 Maharai the Netophathite, 1 Heled
ened a themselves with him in his king. revived.

the son of Baanah the Netophathite, dom, and with all Israel, to make him I went in

31 Ithai the son of Ribai of Gibeah, that king, according to the worú cof the LORD going and pertained to the children of Benjamin, concerning Israel

increasing. Benaiah the Pirathonite. 11 And this is the number of the mighty 8 or, Mebun

32 Hurai 3 of the brooks of Gaash, Abiels
men whom David had ; Jashobeam 4 an

the Arbathite,
Hachimonite, the chief of the captains: he 9 or, Zalmon. 33 Azmaveth the Baharumite, Eliakba
lifted up his spear against three hundred 1 or, Heleb. the Shaalbonite,
12 And after him was Eleazer the son strongly

34 The sons of 6 Hashem the Gizonite,
of Dodo the Ahohite, who was one of the

Jonathan the son of Shageh the Hararite,

with him. 35 Ahiam the son of 1 Sacar the Hara-
13 He was with David at 1 Pas-dammim, 3 or, Hiddui. 36" Hepher the Mecherathite, 'Ahijah the
and there the Philistines were gathered 4 or, son of Pelonite,
together to battle, where was a parcel of
ground full of barley; and the people 5 or, Abialbon son of Ezbai,

Hachmoni. 37 Hezro 2 the Carinelite, 3 Naarai the

38 Joel the brother of Nathan, 4 Mib-

And they s set themselves in the 2Sa 23.32,33. har the son of Haggeri,
olen the Philistines; and the LORD "Saved Sor, Eliphelet. Berothite, the armour-bearer

of Joab the
15 Noiv three of the thrirtycaptains went 1 or, Ephes-

9 or, Ahashai. son of Zeruiah, down d to the rock to David, into the cave dammin,

40 Ira the Ithrite, Gareb the Ithrite, of Adullam ; & the host of the Philistines 1Sa.17.1.

41 Uriah the Hittite, Zabad the son of

Ahlai, 216 flue David was then in the whola, 3 or

; Paarai benie, a captain

of the Reubenites,

and the Philistines garrison was then at the Arbite, thirty with him,
17 And David longed, fand said, Oh, that Haggerite. shaphat the Mithnite,

4 or, the 43 Hanan the son of Maachah, and Jo-
oue would give me drink of the water of Lor, stood. 44 Uzzia the Ashterathite, Shama and
the well of Beth-lehem, that is at the gate! 6 or, salva- Jehiel the sons of Hothan the Aroerite,

host of the Philistines, and drew water 7 or, three

45 Jediael the 8 son of Shimri, and Joha

his brother, the Tizite,
out of the well of Beth-lehem, that was captains
by the gate, and took it, and brought it

46 Eliel the Mahavite, and Jeribai and
te David: bat David would not drink of thirty.

Joshaviah, the sons of 'Elnaam, and Ith

mah the Moabite, 19 And said, My God forbid it me, that &c.

d 282.23.13,

47 Eliel, and Obed, and Jasiel the Me. I should do this thing: shall I drink the e c.14.9.


blood l of these men that have put i their f Ps. 107.5.
lives in jeopardy? for with the jeopardy 8 or, Shimrite N David to Ziklag, 1 while he yet kept

TOW k these are they that came to
of their lives they brought it. Therefore 8 Sa.7.6.

himself close because of Saul the son of he would not drink it. These things did h Le. 17.10,11. Kish: and they were among the mighty

Ps.72.14. 20 and I Abbhai the brother of Joab, he 9 with their

men, helpers of the war. Was chief of the three : for lifting up his lives.

2 They were armed with bows, and Spear against three hundred, he slew i Ju.5.18.

could use both the right hand and the them, and had a name among the three.

leftm in hurling stones and shooting ar9.17.

rows out of a bow, even cf Saul's brethan the two, for he was their captain; k 1Sa.27.2,6

1 Sa.19.5. thren of Benjamin. howbeit he attained not to the first three. 1 being yet

3 The chief was Abiezer, then Joash,the

sons of ? Shemaah the Gibeathite; and

shut up
of a valiant min of Kairzeel, 3 who had 1 25a.23.18,

Jeziel and Pelet, the sons of Azmaveth;
done many acts; he slew two liou-like

and Berachah, and Jehu the Antothite,

men of Moab: also he went down and m Ju.20.16.

4 And Ismaiah the Gibeonite, a mighty

man among the thirty, and over the thir. 23 And he slew an Egyptian, a man 4 of

2 or, Has.

ty; and Jeremiah, and Jahaziel, and Jo.

. prent stature, five cubiis nigh; and in the 3 great of

hanan, and Jozabad the Gederathite, Egyptian's hand was a spear like a wea- deeds.

5 Elúzai, and Jerimoth, and Bealiah,and Ver's beam, and he went down to him, of measure. 6 Elkanah, and Jesiah, and Azarceland

Shemariah, & Sheplatiah the Haruphite,


18 And the three brake through the

over the

it, bat poured it g out to the LORD,

these three mightiest.

21 of the three, he was more honourable

22 Bersaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son

slew a lion in a pit in a snowy day.

upon the

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David's mughty men.

David's Army.
Joezer, and Jashobeam, the Korhites, B. C. 1038. and two captains.
7 And Joelah, and Zebadian, the sons

29 And of the children of Benjamın, the of Jerobanı of Gedor.

1 brethren, kindred 1 of Saul, three thousand: for 8 And of the Gadkes there separated Ge.31.23. hitherto a the greatest part of them had themselves unto David, into the hold tola 2Sa 2.8,9. kept the ward of the house of Saul. the wilderness, men of might, und men 2a multitude 30 And of the children of Ephraim, of 3 war fu for the battle, that could han- a of the host twenty thousand and eight hundred, dle shield and buckler, whose faces were men of mighly men of valour, * famous throughlike the faces of lions, and were 5 as swift names. out the house of their fathers. as the roes b upon the mountains ; 5 as the roes

31 And of the half tribe of Manasseh 9 Ezer the first, Obadiah the second,

eighteen thousand, which were expressed Eliab the third,

mountains by name,

come and make David king, 10 Mishmannah the fourth, Jeremiah to make 32 And of the children of Issachar, the fifth,

haste. which cwcre men that had understanding 11 Attai the sixth, Eliel the seventh, b 2Sa 2.18, of the times, to know what Israel ought 12Johanan the eighth, Elzabad the ninth, Ca.8.14. to do; the heads of them were two hun. 13 Jeremiah the tenth, Machbanai thé c Est.1.13. dred, and all their brethren were at their eleventh.

Is.33.6. commandment. 14 These were of the sons of Gad, captains Mi.6.9. 33 Of Zebulun, such as went forth to batof the host: 6 one of the least was overan Ja.3.13,17. tie, expert in war, with all instruments hundred,and the greatest over a thousand. or, one that of war, fiity thousand which could & keep 15 These are they that went over Jor was least rank : they were not of double heart. dan ia the first month, when it had 1 over- could resist 34 And of Naphtali a thousand captains, flown d all his banks; and they put to anhundred, and with them, with skield and spear, fight all them of the valleys, both toward and the thirty and seven thousand, the easi, and toward the west.

greatest a 35 And of the Danites, expert in war, 16 And there came of the children of Ben- thousand. twenty and eight thousand and six hunjamin and Judah to the hold unto David. 7 or, rangers dred. 17 And David went out 2 to meet them, of battle,or, 36 And of Asher, such as went forth to and answered and said unto them, If ye ranged in 'baltle, 3 expert in war, forty thousand. be come peaceably unto me to help me, battle.

37 And on the other side of Jordan, of mine heart shall be knit unto you: but if 8 or, set the the Reuberites, and the Gadites, and of ye be come to betray me to mine enemies, battie in the half tribe of Manasseh, with all mine geeing there is no 5 wrong in mine hands,


ner of instruments of war for the battle, the God of our fathers look thereon, and without a an hundred and twenty thousand. zebuke it.

heart and al 38 All these men of war, that could keep 18 Then the spirit 6 came upone Amasai, heart,

rank, caine with a perfect heart to He who waschief of the captains, and he said, Ps.12.2. bron, to make David 'king over all lerael Thine are we, David, and on thy side, thou 1 fuled over. and all the rest also of Israel were of op son of Jesse: peace, peace be unto thee, d Jos.3.15. heart to make David king. and peace be to thine helpers; for thy 2 before them. 39 And there they were with David

od helpeth thee. Then David received 3 or, keeping three days, eating and drinking: for them, & made them captains of the band. their rank, their brethren had prepared for them. 19 And there feil some of Manasseb to ver.33. 40 Moreover, they that were nigh David, when f he came with the Pbilis. Joel 2.7.

them, even unto Issachar and Zebulun tines against Saul to battle; but they help. * le one. ed them not: for the lords of the Philis. 5 or, violence. and on camels, and on mules, and on

and Naphtali, brought bread on asses, tines, upon advisement, sent him away, 6 clothed, oxen; and weat, moal, cakes of figs, saying, He will fall to his master Saul, 8 Ju.6 34. and bunches of raisins, and wine, and oil

, to the jeopardy of our heads.


and oxen, and sheep abundantly : for 20 As he went to Ziklay, there fell toe 2Sa, 17.25. there was joy in Israel. him of Manasseh, Adnah, and Jozabad, ISa.29.2,3.

CHAP. XIII. and Elinu, and Zilthai, captains of the of meal.

, o , AND David consulted mindre en con thousands hat were of Manasseh.

Son our heads with every leader. 21 And : hey helped David 9 against the 9 or, with a 2 And David said unto all the congrega band get the rovers : for they were all band.

tion of Israel, If it seem good unto you, de mighty mea of valour, and were captains & 1Sa.30.1-10 that it be of the LORD Ou God let ust send in the host.

i toreak forth, abroad unto our brethren every where, 22 For at that time, day by day, there and send.

that are left hin all the land of Israel, and came to David to help him, until it was h Sa.31.1. with them also to the priests and Levites a great host, like the host of God.

2 the cities of which are in their cities and suburbo, 23 And these are the numbers of the theirsuburbs that they may gather themselves unto us bands 3 that were ready armed to the war, 3 heads, or, 13 And let us bring 4 again the ark of our and came to David to Hebron, to turn ithe

captains, God to us : for k we inquired not at it in kingdom of Saul to him, according to the

or, mnen. the days of Saul. word of the LORD.

4 abort.

4 And all be congregation said that 24 The children of Judah that bare i c. 11.1. they would do so : for the thing was right shield and spear were six thousind and k 18a.7.1,2. in the eyes of all the people. cight hundred, ready 5 armed to the war. 5 or, prepared.) 5 So i David gathereu að Israel together 23 Or the children of Simeon, mighty 128.6.1,&c. from Shibor m of Egypt even unto the men of valour for the war, seven thou-m Jos. 13.3.

entering of Benath, to bring the ark on sand and one hundred.

Je.2.18. Gol from Kirjath-jearim. 26 Of the children of Levi, four thon

6 And David went up, and all Israel, Band and six hundred.

Jos. 15.9,60. to aalah, n that is, 6 Kirjath-jearim, 27 And Jehoiada was the leader of the

which belonged to Juda!, to bring up Aaronites, and with hin wire three thou. a 18a.4.4. thence the art of God the LORD, that Band and seven hundred.

Ip 29a 8.17. dwelletho leturen te cherubims, whose 28 And Zadok, p a young man mighty of 6 made the

name is called on it. ralour, and of his father's house twenty) ark to ride.

7 And they 6 carried the ark of God in a 286


uzza to this day.

carry the

of God home to me?

the Gittite.

him an house.

of his pe ple Israel.

Death of Uzza.

Removal of the Ark. and Uzza and cast out of the louse of a Abinadab :( B. C. 1045. | battle: for God is gone forth before thee

to smite the host of the Philistines. 8 And b David and all Israel played be a 18a.7...

16 David therefore did as God command. fore

. God with all their might, and with 0 25a.6.5,&c. ed him: and they smote the nost of the singing, and with harps, and with psal-songs.

Philistines from Gibeon c even to Gazer. teries, and with timbrels, and with cym- c25a.5.25,

17 And the fame d of David went out bals, and with trumpets.

Geba. into all lands; and the LORD e brought 9 And when they came unto the thresh-d Jos.6.27.

the fear of him upon all nations. ing-floor of a Chidon, Uzza put forth his 2Ch.26.8.

CHAP. XV. hand to hold the ark; for the oxen stum- Ps.18.44. blod. 3

e De. 2.25. 10 And the anger of the LORD was

of David, & prepared a place for the

11.25. kindled against Uzza, and he smote him, 2 called

ark of God, and pitched for it a f tent. because he put his hand to the arki and

2 Then David said, - None g ought to there he died i before God.


carry the ark of God but the Levites : for

2Sa.6.6. them hath the LORD chosen to carry the 11 And David was displeased, because 3 shook it. the Lord had made a breach upon Uzza : f c.16.1.

ark of God, and to minister unto him for wherefore that place is called s Perez- It is not to

3 And David gathered all Israel toge12 And David was afraid of God that ark of

ther to Jerusalem, to bring up k the ark day, saying, How shall I bring the ark

of the LORD unto his place which he had God, but prepared for it.

for the 4 And David assembled the children of 13 So David 6 brought not the ark home Levites. to himself to the city of David, but car- & Nu.4.2.15.

Aaron, and the Levites : ried it aside into the house of Obed-edom De. 10.8.

5 Of the sons of Kohalh ; Uriel the chief,

and his 7 brethren, an hundred & twenty.

31.9. 14 And the ark of God remained with h Nu.4.15.

6 of the sons of Merari; Asaiah the the family of Obed-edom in his house c.15.13,15. twenty,

chief, and his brethren, two hundred and three months. And the LORD blessed I the i Le.10.2. house of Obed-edom, and all that he had. 5 i. e. The

7 of the sons of Gershom; Joel the

chief, and his brethren, an hundred and CHAP. XIV. NO TOW n Hiram king of Tyre sent mes

breach of thirty.

Uzza. 8 of the sons of Elizaphan; m Shemaiah sengers to David, and timber of cek IKI.8.1. dars, with miasons and carpenters, to build! c.13.5.

the chief, and his brethren, two hundred.

9 of the sons of Hebron; o Eliel the

6 had confirmed him king over Israel; for i Ge.30.27. hac And David perceived that the LORD - or, kinsmen. 10 of the sons of Uzziel ; Amminadab his kingdom was lift up on high, because

the chief, and his brethren, an hundred

c.26.5. and twelve. 3 And David took 8 more wives at Jem Ex 6.22.

Pr.10.22. 11 And David called for Zadok and rusalem : and David begat more sons and n 25a.5.ll,

Abiathar the priests, and for the Levites,

for Uriel, Asaiah, and Joel, Shemaiah,

&c. 4 Now these are the names of his chil- o Ex.6.18.

and Eliel, and Amminadab,

12 And said unto them, Ye are the chief dren q which he had in Jerusalem; Sham-8 yet, mua, and Shobat, Nathan, and Solomon, p 2Ch.5.11.

of the fathers of the Levites ; p.sanctify yourselves, both ye and your brethren,

of 7 And Elishama, and 9 Beeliada, 200 or, Eliada,

c.3.5,&c. prepared for it. 8 And when the Philistines heard that 25a.5.16.

13 For because ye did it not at the first, David was anointed king over all Israel, 25a.6.7,8.

the LORD our God made a breach r upon all the Philistines went up to seek David

us, for that we sought him not after the and David heard of it, and went out s 2Ch.13.17

c.13.9, 10. due order. s

14 So the priests and the Levites sanc20. tified themselves to bring up the ark of 1Co.11.2. the LORD God of Israel. 14.40.

15 And the children of the Levites bare Shall I go up against the Philistines ? and u Ex.25.14.

the ark of God upon their shoulders, with

the staves thereon, as Moses u command. Nu.4.15. ed, according to the word of the LORD. 7.9.

16 And David spake to the chief of the Levites to appoint their brethren to be the

singers with instruments of music, psal kad, God hath broken in upon mine ene- v 2Ch.5.13.

teries, and harps, and cyn.bals, sounding, mies by mine band, like the breaking w c.6.33.

by lifting v up the voice with joy.

17 So the Levites appointed Heman 2

the son of Joel ; and of his brethren, 12 And when they had left their gods 1 i. e, a place sons of Merari their brethren, Ethan y

a c.6.39.

2 Asaph the son of Berechiah; and of the there, David gave a commandment, and of breaches. the son of Cushaiah ; 13 And the Philistines yet again zz ver.9.

y c.6.44. 18 And with them their brethren of the

second degree, Zechariah, Ben, & Jaaziel, and Shemiramoth, and Jehiel, and Unni, Eljab, and Benaiah, and Maaseiah, and Mattithiah, and Elipheleh,and Mikneiah; and Obed-edom, and Jeiel, the porters. 19 So the singers, Heman, Asaph, and

Ethan, were appointed to sound with sound of going in the tops of the mul. 2 ver.18,

cymbals of brass ; berty-trees, that then thou shalt go out to Jaaziel.

20 And Zechariah, and 2 Aziel, and Shemiramoth, and Jehiel, and Unni, and


5 And Ibhar, and Elishua, and Elpalet,

And Nogah, and Nephes, and Japhia; Eze.48.11. God of Israel unto the place that I have


against them.
9 And the Philistines came and spread
themselves t in the valley of Rephaim.

20 And David Inquired of God, saying, t c.11.15;
wilt thou deliver them into mine hand?
And thr Lord said unto him, Go up; for
I will liver them into thine hand.
Als hey came up to Baal-perazim; and
David smote them there. Then David

forth of waters: therefore they called the name of that place 1 Baal-perazim.

they were burnt with fire.
bpread themselves abroad in the valley.

14 Therefore David inquired again of God: and God said unto him, Go not up after them ; turn away from them, and come upon them over against the mul16 And it shall be, when thou shalt hear


Removal of the Ark.

1 CHRONICLES, IVI. David's Praim of Prais. Elad, ana Vaaseiali, and Lanzia, in . . 1042. Remensuer bis inarreilaus house psalteries on Alamoth ;(

that he hath done, his wonders, and the 21 And Mattithiah, and Eliphelen, and a Ps.46.title. judgmects of his mouth; Mikuieran, and voea-ecom, ana uties, and

:39 je secü viisiae nis servants, yo Azaziah, with harps on the Sheminith 1 or, eights children of Jacob his chosen oues, 1 to excel.

to oversie, 14 He is the LORD Our God; his judg. 22 And Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, Ps.6.iitle. ments are in ali the earth. was a for 3 song: he instructed about the 2 or, was for 15 Be ye mindful always of his covesong, becanse he was skilful.

the carriage: nant, the word which he commanded 23 And Berechiah and Elkanah were he instructed a thousand generations; door.keepers for the ark.

about the 16 Even of the covenant which he made 24 And Shebaniah, and Jehoshaphat, carriage. with Abraham, b and of his oath unto and Nethaneel, and Amasai, and Zecha- 3 lifting up. Isaac; riah, and Benaiah,and Eliezer, the priests, b Ge.17.2. 17 And bath confirmed the same to Ja. did blow d with the trumpets before the c Ge.26 3. cob e for a law, and to Israel f for 23 ark of God; and Obed-edom and Jehiah d Ny.10.8. everlasting covenant, g were door-keepers for the ark.

Ps.61.3. 18 Saying, Unto thee will I give the land. 25 Son David, and the elders of Israel, Joel 2.1,15. of Canaan, the 4 lot of your inberitance the captains over thousands, went to bring e Ge.28.13. 19 When ye were but few,even a few,i up the ark of the covenant of the LORD 35.11. and strangers in it. out of the house of Obed-edom with joy. f Ex.3.17. 20 And when they went from nation to 26 And it came to pass, when God Jos.24.11-13. nation, and from one kingdom to another helped the Levites that bare the ark of the g Je.11.2-7.

people ; covenant of the Lord, that they offered n 28a.6.15,&c. 21 He suffered no man to do them wrong; seven bullocks and seven rams.

IKi.s.1. yea, he reproved kings k for their sakes, 27 And David was clothed with a robe 4 cord, 22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, of fine linen, and all the Levites that bare 5 men of and do my prophets no harm. the ark, and the singers, and Chenaniah number. 23 Sing i unto the Lord, all the earth; the master of the song with the singers: i Gc.34.30. shew forth from day to day his sulcation. David also had upon him an ephod of k Ge.12.17. 24 Declare his glory among the heathen; Jinen.

20.3. bis marvellous works among all nations. 25 Thusmall Israel brought up the ark of Ex.7.15,&c.j. 25 For great is the LORD, and greatly to the covenant of the LORD wiih shouting, 1 Ps.96. be praised : he also is to be feared above and with sound of the corret, and with cor,carriage. all gods. trumpets, and with cymbals, making a m c.13.8. 26. For all the gods of the people are noise with psalteries and harps.

2Ch.5.12. idols: n but the LORD made the heavens. 29 And it came to pass, as the ark of the Ezr 3.10,11. 27 Glory and honour are in bis presence: covenant of the Lord came to the city of Ps.47.1,&c. strength and gladness are in his place. David, that Michal,the daughter of Saul, 69.25. 28 Give unto the Lord, ye kindreds of looking out at a window, saw king David 98.4-6. the people, give ualo the Lord glory and dancing pand playing: and she despised 150.3-5. strength. bim q in her heart.

In Le. 19.4. 29 Give unto the LORD the glory due CHAP. XVI.

1s.44.9,&c. unto his name; bring an offering, and Siinhee best to the role of hand Des102.23. Nothey brought the ark of God, & set Je, 10.10.14. come before him; worship the Lord in

the beauty of holiness. had pitched for it: and they offered burat-/ Is.40.26. 30 Fearbeforehim all the earth: theworld sacrifices and peace-offerings before God.


also shall be slable, that it be not noved. 2 And when David had made an end of Re. 14.7. 31 Let the heavens be glad, and let the offering the burnt-offerings and the peace. p Ps.149.3. earth

rejoice : and let

men say among the offerings, he blessed the people in the Ec.3.4. nations, The LORD reigoeth. name of the LORD.


32 Let the sea roar, & ihe fulness thereof; 3 And he dealt to every one of Israel, 1 2Sa. 6. 17-19. let the fields rejoice, & all that is therein. both man and woman, to every one a loaf 2Ch.5.13. 33 Then shali The trees of the wood sing of bread, and a good piece of flesh, and a


out at the presence of the Lord, because flagon of wine.

Ps. 106.1. he cometh to judge the earth. 4 And he appointed certain of the Le

34 Os give thanks unto the Lord; for he vites to minister before the ark of the 118.1. is good : for his mercy endureth for ever, LORD, and to record, u and to thank and 136,1. 35 And say ye, Savet us, O God of our sal. praise the Lord God of Israel :

+ Ps. 106.47,48 vation, & gather us together, & deliver us 5 Asaph the chief, and next to him u Ps.38,&70, from theheathen, that we may give thanks Zechariah, Jejel, and Shemiramoth, and titles.

to thy holy name, and glory in thy praise, Jehiel, and Maltithiah, and Eliab, and v 1X3.8.15. 36 Blessed u be the LORD God of Israel Benaiah, and Obed-edom; and Jeiel with 20 De.27.15. for ever and ever. And all w the people psalteries 7 and with harps; but Asaph Ne.8.6. said, Amen, and praised the Lord. made a sound with cymbals;

1Co.14.16. 37 So he left there, before the art of the 6 Benaiah also and Jahaziel the priests instru- covenant of the LORD, Asaph and his with trumpets continually before the ark ments of brethren, to minister before the ark com of the covenant of God.

psalteries tinually, as every day's work required: 7 Then x on that day David delivered

and harps.

38 And Obed-edom, with their brethren, first this psalm, to thank the LORD, into 3 25a.22.1. threescore & eight; 'Obed-edom also, the the hand of Asaph and his brethren.

23.1. son of Jeduthun, and Hosal, to be porters: 8 Give y thanks unto the Lord,call upon y ?s.103.1:15.) 39 And Zadok the priest his brethrenthe his name, make known his deeds among 22Ch.1.3,13. priests, before the tabernacle of the LORD the people.

a Mal 3.16.

in the high place that was at Gibeon, a 9 Sing unto him, sing psalms ur to him, 8 in the 40To offer burnt-offerings un'o the LORD talk n ye of all his wondrous works.

morning 10 Glory ye in his holy name; let the and in the ually,s morning b and evening, and to do

upon the altar of the burnt-offering contin heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord. evening. according to all that is writes in the law 11 Seek the LORD and his strength, Ex 29.38. of the LORD, which he commanded Israel seek his face continually,

Nu.28.3,4. | 41 And with them lleman and Joduthun


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