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Atonement, importance of the doctrine, Believing that our sins are forgiven, nos
ü. 341.

justifying faith, iii. 92. and passim.
- necessary, why, i. 391-402. Bellamy, Dr. Joseph, life of, i. 31–40.
Atonement, taught by the Mosaic dis- - itinerant as a preacher in several
pensation, iü. 43.

parts of New-England, i. 32.
- the importance of seeing our need of his works, a catalogue of, i. 36.
it, i. 355. seeing our need of Christ, his system of theological questions, i,
what, i. 356.ij. 299. 383.

Assurance, Christian, attainable, i. 248. his religious sentiments, what, i. 36.

iii. 363. and how, ü. 274–277. ü. his death and funeral, i. 39.

- his directions how to profit by a pe.
- was possessed by all Christians in the rusal of his works, what, i. 51.
apostolic age, ii. 288. iii. 362.

Benevolence of God, i. 342.
- doctrine of, considered, ii. 274. 325. - tendency of the gospel to produce, i.

not of the essence of faith, iii. 81 461

Blessings of the gospel conditional, i.
- controversy about it, considered, ibid. 246. iii. 114.
Authades, account of, ii. 384.

- temporal, all the fruits of Christ's
Awakened sinners, doings and exercises purchase, i. 405.

of considered, i. 222. 234—236. Blameworthiness of the sinner, denial of,
directions to be given them, what, is a denial of the divinity of God, iï.
iii. 261. and passim.

nature of their prayers, what, i. Blood of Christ, efficacy of, i. 366..
306. iii. 419.

- gives encouragement to all sinners to


return to God, i, 386.

Boston, Mr. on the two covenants,

scheme of, ü. 242. Note.

Backsliders, to return to God, how, i.

410. ü. 296.
Baptism, qualifications for, what, ii. Calling, effectual, what, i. 536.
164. 342.

Calvinistic doctrines, whether they tend
design of, what is implied in this co- to licentiousness, or to the disuse of
Venant, iii. 165. 396. 402.

the means of grace, considered, üi,
covenant entered into by adults, what, 340.
ii. 342.

Carnal mind, enmity of, proved, iü. 304,
- duty of those under baptismal vows, consists in what, ii. 309.
what, iii. 403, 404. 421.

Character of the persons addressed in
- obligations arising from thence, what, St. Paul's epistle to the Galatians,
üi. 468. 470.

iii. 9.
- infant, a covenant entered into by Charity, evangelical, what, iii. 269.
the parent, iii. 184. 402.

Christ the second Adam, i. 309. 315.
does not entitle the subject of it to the anointed, i. 369.
all church privileges, ii. 188. nor lay - infinite dignity of, i. 566. ii. 314.
God under any obligations to grant High priest, i. 357. 369, 464.
them saving grace, iii. 278. 402. 421. sufficiently authorised to be a media
- duty of parents who have dedicated tor, i. 368.
their children to God in baptism, how- - divine and human nature of, united,
neglected, iii. 403. 411, 469.

i. 477.
directions given to persons, how to humiliation of, ibid.
become fitted to offer their children exaltation of, i. 482.
in baptism, what, iii. 426 443.

- intercession of, i. 374.
Baptism and the Lord's supper, seals of necessary that he should be God, iji.

the covenant of grace only, ii. 161. 528
and passim.

has made satisfaction to divine jus-
Believers, and their service,s accepted tice, i. 369. 373.

in Christ, i. 103. and rewarded, ibid. Christ's death, designed not to procure
- not justified for their faith, iii. 50. a repeal of the law, nor any abatea
- how justified, iii. 51.

ment of it, i, 121. but to fulfil all the
their spiritual conflict, i. 246.

demands of the law, \. 12%.
their views in believing, what, iii. 55.

lives of men,

Christ's death, not to lessen the evil of Covenant of grace, blessings of, what,

bin, i. 377. nor to draw forth the love i. 450.
&nd pity of God to sinners, i. 378. - condition of, what, i. 453. ii. 246.
· designed to honor the divine law, ii. stability of, i. 454.

is conditional, ii. 246. iii. 113.
the highest proof of the goodness of conditions of, to be complied with,
the law, ii. 386.

before we are entitled to its blessings,
Christ formed in the soul, what, i. 516.

iii. 114.
Christian faith, assent to the articles of, - is made to believers, iii. 126. to

has been uniformly a term of commu- none else, iii. 278.
nion in special ordinances, in New- the only. covenant extant between
England, iï. 371.

God and man, iii. 420.
Christian, marks of, what, and how dis- - is conditional, iii. 228.
covered, i. 268—274.

- seal of, may be applied to infants, iii.
- character of, drawn by our Saviour, 135. parents' covenant for them, iii.
ii. 278.

Christianity, happy effects of, on the Gentiles admitted into this covenant

considered, i. 533. on the day of Penticost, iii 156. their
Christian love, what, i. 182.

profession, what, iii. 159. their eviden-
- conflict, what, i. 244.

ces of

grace,' what, iii. 160.
Christian diligence and watchfulness, - complying with this covenant, what,
motives to, i. 285-292.

iii. 211. 415.
Christless sinner, what is meant by, iii. - performing the conditions necessary

to enjoy its blessings, iii. 228.
has no covenant-right to any good, - it requires holiness, iii. 408. moral
iii. 282-

sincerity is insufficient, iii. 435..
Children, morally depraved, i. 200- - no graceless heart complies with it,

iii. 416. 433. pretending to do it is wil-
- whether desirable, since they are born ful lying, iii. 434.
in sin, i. 336.

Covenant with Abraham, a covenant of
of believers entitled to baptism, and grace, iii. 131 and passim. 226.
why, iii. 136.

was conditional, iïi. 228.
- advantages of baptised children pi- consequences of supposing it uncon.

ously dedicated to God, what, iï. 186. ditional, what, iii. 230. and passim.

the Lord's property, why, iii. 464. - required faith and holy obedience, iii.
Coming to Christ, consciousness of, ne- 228.

cessary to assurance of an interest in - circumcision the seal of it, iïi. 132.
him, iii. 105–119.

baptism the seal of the same cove.
Common and special grace, difference nant under the gospel, iii. 135.
between them, what, iii. 246.

- it promised eternal life to them that
Confidence, difference between true and complied with it, iii. 133. 228.

false, what, i. 252, 253. Note. faith entitled Abraham to its bles.
Confidence that our scheme of religion is -sings, iii. 134.

right, no proof of orthodoxy, iii. 365. Covenant, graceless, none existing be.
Conscientiousness in wrong conduct,

tween God and man, iji. 155. 207.400.
does not exempt from blame, iii. 367. 424.
Conscience, a case of, resolved, iii. 67. definition of, iii. 211.
Constitution, original, made with Adam, supposed conditions of, what, iii.
j. 302.

holy, just, and good, i. 305.

use of it a proof of gracelessness
equitable for his posterity, i. 306. among a people, ii. 369.
Conversion, true, nature and manner

will be laid aside when religion is
of, what, i. 226. 431.

revived, iii. 370.
consists in, what, i. 231. ii. 266. Covenant, external, in what sense un-
and Note.

derstood by Mr. Mather, iii. 126.
evidences of, what, i. 268.

- essentially different from the
its counterfeits, what, i. 229. gospel covenant, iii. 154. and pas.
Convictions, genuine, what, i. 226.

legal, uses of, what, iii. 285.

vague and unintelligible, iii. 168.
Cornelius, in what sense a believer, and

accepted before hearing the gospel,

fi. 156.

Covenant, external, not a means of con- Covenant, half-way, absurdity of, iri. S9S.
version to sinners, iii. 236.

-is inconsistent, üi. 234.

effects of, what, ii 411.
not adapted to the state of a sin- why this covenant is retained and
ner under conviotion, iii. 173.

practised upon, iii 414. 432.
compliance with, not a means of Church of God miraculously preserved
grace and conversion, iii. 197.

in the world, i. 420.
- no defidable qualifications short of Church, primitive, not an example to
repentance and faith, iii. 172. 216. others in the admission of members,
218. 221.

and why, iü. 358.
Mr. Mather's scheme, view of, ü. Church, visible, nature of, iii. 135.
209. 290. 292. is inconsistent, ñi. 128. believers the only proper subjects
343. and Note.

of admission into it, iii. 150. none
Covenant with the Israelites at Sinai, others comply with the conditions
what, iii. 140.

of the covenant, iii. 205, 206.
- conditions of with which the Israel. Churches, duty of, respecting the ad.
ites professed to comply, ii. 141. mission of members, what, ii. 357.
the same as repentance and faith, 375.

- duty of, towards baptised persons,
in what sense it was a covenant of

what, iii. 469.
grace, iii. 153.

Creation, account of, ii. 53.
the law of Moses the rule of duty in Cross of Christ, motives and encou-
this covenant, how understood by Je- ragement from thence to repentance
sus Christ, üj. 145.

and reconciliation, ü. 309.
the law required holiness, iii. 146 calls to repentance, ü. 458.

- displays the Divine perfections and
Covenanting, church, qualifications for, the evil of sin, ü. 467.
what, ü. 169. 172. 367. 401.

Creed, apostles', so called, very ancient,
promises of sincere endeavors in- iii 338.
sufficient, iii. 171.

- articles of, what, ibid.
unregenerate unbelieving persons Creed, Christian, compared with the
improper subjects for, iü. 172. have Arminian, and that of Mr. Mather,
no right to promise obedienceby Di. iii. 338.
vine assistance, iil. 283. 289.

belief of, implies, what, ü. 341.
compliance with the covenant of Creeds and confessious, necessity and
grace alone entitles to its blessings, use of, üü. 43. 372.
üi. 176. 228.

- Christian communities have a right
views and feelings with which to form and impose them, iii. 373,
we ought to covenant, iii, 176, 177. 374.
- assurance vot necessary to it, iü. - in what cases they may be altered,
178. 361.

iii. 380.
different circumstances of the Cudworth, Dr. his notions of the pre-
first Christians and professors of the sent system of the world, as being the
present day, to be considered in judg best, ii. 135.
ing of qualifications, iii. 183, 184. Cudworth, Mr. errors of, respecting the

unregenerate persons improper foundation of love to God, ü. 351.
subjects for covenanting, iii. 218. and Note. 366. Note. 369. Note. 416.
passim. 277. ; have no title to any
Divine blessings, iii. 281. have no

holy exercises, üi. 285 their enmity
against God disqualifies them for Dana, Rev. Mr. strictures upon, üi.
sealing ordinances, iï. 313. direc. 387. and passim.
tions given to such, how to become David, the great evil of his sin, in the

fit and worthy subjects of it, iii. 445. case with Uriah, consisted in, what,
Covenant, half-way, considered, iii. 393. iii. 500.
nature of, what, ini. 438.

- conduct of, what, 501.
not practised upon at the first set- Day of grace, enjoyed by all gospel
tling of New-England, iii. 394. 412. sinners, i 423.

sets aside the command of Christ, Death threatened to Adam, temporal,
iii. 397.

spiritual, and eternal, i. 305.
- profession made by those who own - the same implied in the curse opon
it, what, üi. 398.

all transgressors, iji. 276.

Death, preparation for, what is im-
plied in, i. 15—20.

Edwards, President, the author's opinion
Declarative glory of God, whether God respecting his works, ü. 509. 512. üü.

does design and act to promote it, ii. 368.

Election, personal and absolute, i. 390.
Deereeing the everlasting misery of his Elect, God's designs towards, what, i

creatures, inconsistent with the good- 332.
Dess of God, stated and answered, - under condemnation while unbelie.
i. 91. Note.

vers, i. 397. ïïi. 279. and passim.
Delight in God, true and false, what, Election sermon, i. 517.
iii. 317.

Enlightened sinners invited to come to
Depravity of man, i. 200.

Christ, iii. 109.
its extent, i. 206.

Enmity against God and Christ the
- manifest in children, i. 200_203.

same, üi. 320.
- evidenced in their love of self, and Enmity against God, whether arişiug
contempt of God, i. 208–212. merely from considering God to be

in their departure from God, and our enemy, ü. 293.
hatred of him, i. 212--215.

whether we are enemies only to
in their resisting the spirit of grace, false and mistaken ideas of the Deity,
i. 230. and opposing the gospel, i. 235. iii. 301. or to his true character, üi.
criminality of it, i. 219-221.

-evidences of it, i. 316.

- in what this enmity and contrariety
Depravity, total, definition of, iii. 237. consists, iii. 310.
Devotedness to God, what, 193, 194. - criminality of it, iii. 31%.

Encouragement to return to God,
- reasonableness of, i. 276. 285.

through Christ, ground of, ij. 263,
- necessity of, i. 287.

Encouragement to all sinners to return
obligations to do it, what, i. 460. through the blood of Christ, i. 386.
- directions how to do it, what, i. 291. Enthusiasts, love and zoal of, what, i
Dickinson, Mr. Jonathan, notions of, 205, 229.

respecting infant baptism, and the faith of, i. 445.

Abrahamic covenant, what, iii. 356. - delusions of, i. 446.
Different experiences and conduct of conduct of, what, ii. 289. 295.

sinners, under the strivings of the - false pretensions of, to inspiration and
spirit, what, i. 421.

extraordinary sanctity, i, 50.
Difficulties of believing the gospel, from Enquiries respesting the duty of the
what arising, č. 268.

unregenerate, in the use of means,
Discipline, church, not maintained by answered, iii. 257. and with what pro-
false churches, iii. 196.

bability of success attended, iii. 259.
Directions to be given to awakened sin- Eternal damnation of the impenitent,
ners, what, iii. 261.

just and glorious, i. 201.
Doubting, mistakes about it, what, i. Eunuch, faith of the, what, iii. 158.

- is different from weak faith, ii. 195. Evidences of revelation, external, insuf-
Divinity of Christ, i. 463. and passim. ficient to convince the heart, ü. 208.
Divine will, can that be evil which ex- Note. 334.

actly coincides with the, considered, Examination, self, how to be perform-
ü. 148.

ed, i. 267,
Dunlop, Mr. his decisions respecting - standard by which, i. 269.

public creeds, what, iii. 374. 381. Excellency of the Divine nature, the
Duty, what God requires of us in his foundation of moral obligation, i. 127.
law, i. 53.

Excellence, moral, not amiable but adi-
motives from which it must be done, ous to sinners, i. 151. 154.

Existence, whether' a blessing, consi-
the measure of which God requires dered, i. 333. iii. 327.
in his law, what, i. 54.

Exhortations, and promises of the gos-

pel, a view of, iü. 248.

- certain connexion between the first
Edwards, President, sentiments of, res- act of compliance with the gospel,

pecting Divine illumination, what, ii. and the enjoyment of its blessings, üi.


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Bxperiences, difference of in the un., Foreordination, il. 32.
converted, i. 422.

Forgetfulness of God, criminality of

what, üïi 462.

Forgiveness, a spirit of, necessary to

our being forgiven, ii. 445.
Fall of Adam foreknown, i. 307. and Free-grace, the only ground of hope
decreed, how, i. 308.

and salvation, i. 107. 125. jj. 54.
man's doplorablc state by it, i. $33. - gives ample encouragement to return
- manner of, what, ii. 56.

to God through Christ, i. 399. üi. 109:
- temporal evils entailed on mankind
by it, what, i. 404.

reflections of the elect angels upon
the fall of man, ïi. 69.

God, his infinite understanding display-
Fall of angels and men wisely permitted ed, i. 72.
by God, i. 89. ï. 64

his infinite power, i. 73.
- to display his own perfections, i. 90. - his infinite wisdom, i. 74. ii. 34.
ü. 78. 82. 169.

- bis infinite purity and holiness, i. 77.
Faith, saving, nature of, i. 426.

- his impartial justice, i. 82. Ü. 391.
definition of, ii. 303.

- his infinite goodness, i. 84.
consists in, what, i. 434.

displayed in the gift of his son,
various senses of, i. 436.

and spirit, i. 85. ij. 523.
- justifying, what, i. 437.

in his providence, i. 86.
-- not a persuasion that Christ died for

- his truth and faithfulness, i. 92.
me, ii. 193. 224.

his sovereignty vindicated, i. 87.
fruits of, what, i. 435. 438.

- his love of holiness and hatred of in-
perpetuity of,

iquity, how manifested, i. 80.
unites to Christ, i. 456. ii. 239. 272. - his last end in creating and governing
jii. 80.

the world, what, i 90.
is before justification, iii. 80.

- the display of his own perfections, i.
Faith of the legal hypocrite, what, i. 90. ii. 337.

not merely the happiness of his
of the evangelical hypocrite, what, i. creatures, i. 91. ü 109. üïü. 459.

objection to this stated and an-
Faith, self-righteous, what, i. 240. swered, i. 261.
Faith, passive, not evangelical, ii. 403. to be loved for what he is in him.
iii. 252. 258.

self, ii. 203 321 404.
Faith, appropriating, mistakes about, ii. - worthy of being loved and obeyed, i.
226. 250. iii, 100. 107.

104. 127..
doctrine of, dangerous, iii. 112. - his claims to our homage, love, and
Faith, blind, condemned, f. 285.

obedience, reasonable, i. 78. iii. 457.
Faith always founded on evidence, ii. 464.
231. 250.

mean and contemptuous thoughts of
Faith required of the Israelites, what, him which the wicked have, i. 09.
iii. 110.

- in what sense grieved by the wicked-
Faith of miracles, what, iii. 116.,

ness of men, ii. 157 ii 509.
Faith, true and counterfeit, difference will overrule it to his own glory, and
between, ii. 270-273. 464.

the good of the system, i. 511. (See
Filial frame of spirit, peculiar to be. sin, permission of,)
lievers, i. 452.

the supreme good, ii. 427-432.
Finite beings, mutable and peccable, unchangeable, ii. . 180.
why, ii. 57.

reconcileable to the world, i. 399.
- incapable of making atonement for how, ii. 309.
" the least sin, iji. 522.

- willing to be reconciled to all that
Flavel, Mr. his notions respecting the return to him through Jesus Christ,

priority of regeneration to faith, what, ii. 432.
iii. 334. Note.

- justifier of all them that believe in
Forbearance of God to a sinful world, Jesus, ü. 392
i. 404

God's love, greatness of, manifested, i.
Foreknowledge of God, i. 340.

338. ii. 218.
connected with foredetermination, - his love to the world, how mani
i. 388.

festad, i. 297.

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