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(Italics indicate page on which exbibit was admitted into the record. Roman type
indicates page on which exhibit is printed.)


1. Articles of Association of the Detroit Bunkers Co., 5060_


2. Trust agreement with reference to the Detroit Bankers Co., 5064--- 5131

3. Printed circular dated October 7, 1929, addressed to the stockholders

of Peoples Wayne County Bank, First National Bank in Detroit,

Detroit and Security Trust Co., Bank of Michigan, and Peninsular

State Bank, and signed by Peoples Wayne County Bank, Julius

H. Haass, president, John R. Bodde, vice president; First National

Bank in Detroit, Emory W. Clark, chairman of the board, D.

Dwight Douglas, president; Detroit and Security Trust Co., Ralph

Stone, chairman of the board, Albert E. Green, vice chairman of

the board, McPherson Browning, president; Bank of Michigan,

John Ballantyne, chairman of the board, T. W. P. Livingstone,

president; Peninsular State Bank, E. J. Hickey, chairman of the

board, H. L. Chittenden, president.-


4. Copy of certificate for trustee shares, Detroit Bankers Co., 5076,


5. Copy of certificate of shares of common stock, Detroit Bankers

Co., 5076, 5133

6. Large chart entitled “ Organization of Detroit Bankers Co.", 5084--

7. A printed pamphlet entitled “Detroit Bankers Co., Consolidated

Balance Sheet of Wholly Owned Banks ", 5084----

8. Photostatic copy of service contract referred to and identified by

the witnesses, 5092--

9. Printed annual report for 1931 of the Detroit Bankers Co., 5112_

10. The annual report to stockholders for the year 1930 of the Detroit

Bankers Co., 5166_-


11. The semiannual report of Detroit Bankers Co. to stockholders, as

of the date June 30, 1931, 5170---

12. Photostatic copy of draft of letter dated November 21, 1931, ad-

dressed, on the letterhead of the Detroit Bankers Co., “To our

stockholders ", 5175-.


13. Mimeograph copy of letter on letterhead of the Detroit Bankers Co.,

dated November 21, 1931, address "To our stockholders” and

bearing facsimile signature of John Ballantyne, president, 5175_- 5176

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