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Pursuant to the requirements of the Constitution, the members-elect of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, for the years 1921 and 1922, assembled in Representative Hall in the Capitol at Lansing on the first Wednesday in January, the fifth day of January, 1921, and, in accordance with law, were called to order by Charles S. Pierce, Clerk of the preceding House.

The following invocation was offered by the Reverend C. W. Kemper, of the First Baptist Church of Lansing:

“Our God, at this convocation we desire to express our gratitude for Thy good care over us in the yesterdays. Thy hand has been good upon us. Bounti. ful harvests have been ours and we have heard the hum of the wheel of industry among us. Peace and plenty has been our lot and to Thee we owe gratitude for uncounted blessings.

And now we are here, the chosen representatives of a great people, hence we are here to perform a great task. Our authority resides in the needs and wishes of the homes throughout the length of our great state. We are the representatives of the common people. We are here to translate their wishes into enactments; their desires into laws. We ask for wisdom, courage and strength that we may represent them accurately and faithfully.

Remind us of our social solidarity. We are parts one of another. If one suffer, then all suffer. We rise or fall together. Let us learn from the recent slowing down of our industrial life how our communal life is knit together. Remind us of all these fraternal relationships as we undertake our tasks. And now we invoke Thy blessings, motive, mind and spirit upon us that we may perform wel und as in Thy sight the duties entrusted to us. We ask this in the name of our Master. Amen."

The following communication from the Secretary of State was read:

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January 1st, 1921.
Hon. Charles S. Pierce, Clerk, House of Representatives, Capitol.

Dear Sir:-1 inclose herewith a certified list of the Members-elect of the State Senate and House of Representatives for the years 1921-22, as shown by the returns from the Clerks of the several counties in this State, now on file in this office.

Very respectfully,


Secretary of State. The following is the certified list of Senators-elect and Representatives-elect:

Members-elect of the State Senate.
First District-Walter J. Hayes.
Second District, John W. Smith.
Third District-Arthur E. Wood,

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Fourth District-George M. Condon.
Fifth District-Oscar A. Riopelle.
Sixth District, Donald C. Osborn.
Seventh District-Roy Clark.
Eighth District-Bayard G. Davis.
Ninth District-James Henry.
Tenth District-Burney E. Brower.
Eleventh District, John W. Smith.
Twelfth District-Charles A. Sink.
Thirteenth District-Henry T. Ross.
Tourteenth District-Byron P. Hicks.
Fifteenth District-G. Elmer McArthur.
Sixteenth District-Eva M. Hamilton
Seventeenth District-Thomas H. McNaughton.
Eighteenth District-Foss 0. Eldred.
Nineteenth District-Ernest J. Bryant.
Twentieth District-George B. Forrester.
Twenty-first District-0. G. Johnson.
Twenty-second District--Harvey A. Penney.
Twenty-third District-Arthur J. Bolt.
Twenty-fourth District-- Ralph W. Phillips.
Twenty-fifth District-Aaron Amon.
Twenty-sixth District-Charles Tufts.
Twenty-seventh District-Albert J. Engel.
Twenty-eighth District-Duncan McRae.
Twenty-ninth District-Herbert F. Baker.
Thirtieth District--William A. Lemire.
Thirty-first District-Frank H. Vandenboom.
Thirty-second District-James M. Wilcox.

Members-elect of the House of Representatives. Counties:

Allegan, First District-Frank R. Mosier.
Allegan, Second District-Fred Wade.
Alpena--Lemuel G. Dafoe.
Antrim-Thomas D. Meggison.
Barry-Alfred M. Nevins.
Bay, First District-John G. Dean.
Bay, Second District-James E. McKeon.
Berrien, First District-Herbert W. Gowdy.
Berrien, Second District-George S. Barnard.
Branch-Joseph E. Watson.
Calhoun, First District-Hammond J. Coleman.
Calhoun, Second District-Miles S. Curtis.
Cass-Fred B. Wells.
Charlevoix-Rollie L. Lewis.
Cheboygan-Frank B. Aldrich.
Chippewa-Henry A. Osborn.
Clare District-Richard Emerson.
Clinton-George G. Hunter.
Delta-Peter Jensen.
Dickinson-Walter A. Henze.
Eaton-Simon D. Bryan.
Emmet-Edward L. Sargent.
Genesee, First District-Peter B. Lennon.
Genesee, Second District-Charles A. Brown.
Gogebic-John Holland.
Grand Traverse-Emmor 0. Ladd.
Gratiot--David G. Locke.
Hillsdale-Floyd W. Rowe.
Houghton, First District-Robert B. MacDonald.
Houghton, Second District-James F. Jewell.
Houghton, Third District-William F. Miller.

Huron-Godfried Gettel.
Ingham, First District-Edwin B. Ramsey.
Ingham, Second District-Warren D. Byrum.
Ionia-Fred L, Warner.
Iosco District-Francis B. DeWitt.
Iron District-Patrick O'Brien.
Isabella-Martin Menerey.
Jackson, First District-George H. Townsend.
Jackson, Second District-C. Jay Town.
Kalamazoo, First District-Albion B. Titus.
Kalamazoo, Second District-Edward G. Read.
Kent, First District-William A. Haan.

Edward B. Strom.

George W. Welsh.
Kent, Second District-George H. Miller.
Kent, Third District-Oscar W. Braman.
Lapeer-David H. Butler.
Leelanau District-William L. Case.
Lenawee, First District-Charles Evans.
Lenawee, Second District-John R. Vine.
Livingston-Clarence J. Fuller.
Macomb-Will C. Hartway.
Manistee-Arlie L. Hopkins.
Marquette, First District---William S. Ewing.
Marquette, Second District-Thomas F. Francis.
Mason-David W. Leedy.
Mecosta-Aaron W. Miles.
Menominee-Edward R. Hubbard.
Midland-Clifford G. Olmsted.
Missaukee District-Ezra S. Hall.
Monroe-George Danz.
Montcalm-William E. Rasmussen,
Muskegon-Clarence G. Pitkin.
Newaygo-Orville E, Atwood.
Oakland, First District, David A. Green. •
Oakland, Second District-Andrew Bird Glaspie.
Oceana-Daniel D. Rankin,
Osceola-Irvin Chase.
Ottawa, First District-Gerrit W. Kooyers.
Ottawa, Second District-Harrison H. Averill.
Presque Isle District-Nelson G. Farrier.
Saginaw, First District, Alfred T. Robinson.

James A. Harris.
Saginaw, Second District-John C. Rauchholz.
Sanilac-Charles F. Burnham.
Schoolcraft District-David F. Morrison.
Shiawassee-William P. Strauch.
St. Clair, First District-William 0. Lee.
St. Clair, Second District-Franklin Moore.
St. Joseph-Homer L. Allard.
Tuscola-William C. Sanson.
VanBuren-Eugene J. Kirby.
Washtenaw, First District-Edward B. Manwaring.
Washtenaw, Second District-Joseph E. Warner,
Wayne, First District-James D. Jerome.

John Stevenson.
Milton R. Palmer,
Charles H. Culver.
G. Oliver Frick.
A. Ward Copley.
Albert H. Reutter.
George Lord.
Vincent P. Dacey.
Ralph W. Liddy.

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