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zens' Bulletin, of Cincinnati, “When reviewing in all its details the success that marked the sessions of the joint meeting in this city of the National Municipal League and the American Civic Association one is tempted to deal largely in superlatives. Probably nothing more superlative can properly describe what was the most successful meeting that these two great organizations have ever held.”

Instruction in civics in our schools, charter reform, including the commission form of municipal government, municipal research, the police question, the merit system, budgetary reform, electoral reform, to all of which the League has given continuous attention, came in for further elaboration. Important contributions to each subject were made and several new and most important topics were taken up with distinction.

This volume is sent forth with the hope that, like its prede cessors, it will prove an effective aid in the great and growing movement for the emancipation and upbuilding of American cities.



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