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Page 9. Miss-to Mr. H. Hinchinbrook, Christmas Day. 18

Suspicions of Omiah--cannot meet him to-day
Wishes his delicacy would permit his visit-

ing at Hinchinbrook as usual--fends her picture
Mr. H. to Miss - Huntingdon, 28 Dec.

Thanks her for condescending to remove
his groundless cause of jealousy-lines on

her picture.
The Same to the Same. Huntingdon, 1 Jan.76

On the new year—the soldier, whom the

defired him to beg off, was not punished.
The Same to the Same. Huntingdon, 8 Feb. 23

After having been weather-bound three
weeks by the snow at Hinchinbrook--uneasy
at the recollection of the return he made to

Lord S-'s hospitality. 13. The Same to the Same. Huntingdon, 16 Feb. 24

Praises her person and understanding, and
her talents for music-speaks of his ungo.
vernable passions-sends her Osian, and

Logan's speech to Lord Dunmore.
The Same to the Same. Muntingdon, 22 Feb. 29

On nature and fublimity in description-on
Robinson Crusoe, Faldoni and Teresa Meunier

- Jerningham's poem on their story ridiculed
-begs she will not forget to-morrow.

- to Mr. H. Hinchinbrook, 23 Feb. 35 Alarmed at his not keeping the appointment fad dreams last night-thought he and

Lord S-killed each other in a duel. 1.6. The Same to the Same. Hinchinbrook, 24

Fcb. Lord S- is called to town by business-she goes up alone, and promises to stop a night on the road-proposes to take a hint from

the Duke of C. and Lady G. at St. Albar's. 17. Mr. H. to Miss Huntingdon, 26 Feb. Impatient for her journey-lines on her

15. Miss





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Page He will endeavour to take her cruel advice,

and join his regiment. 24 Miss to Mr. H. Admiralty, 19


51 Begs him not to write, nor see her so often-

intreats him on the bended knees of love to go. 25. Mr. H. to Miss ---, Ireland, 26 March.

52 Love and tenderness on their cruel separation 26. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 8 April. 54

On their fituation, and a word of the Irish. 27. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 20 April.

On the wealth of poets--a poem “on the

Love of our Country.”. · 28. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 3 May. 62 Written with an affectation of good spirits

a bank-note she had sent himanecdote of Miss Catley, 29. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 29 May.

65 Refuses to let her go upon the stage for their support-Boardingham murdered by his wife and her paramour, at Flamborough

pedigree of the word bumper. 30. .

The Same to the Same. Ireland, 18 June.

Prophecy of Ireland--the author of Junius--
character of Mrs. ****, and of her husband,
who can do every thing but lose at cards

-letter from Lord Gowcr, recommend

ing Samuel Johnson to Swift. 31. Mis --- to Mr. H. England, 25 June. 72

Lively reproof of jealousy for what his

last faid of Mrs. ****.
32. Mr. H. to Miss Ireland, 1 July. 73

Love and tenderness- -begs her to send
him 66 Werther."

- to Mr. H. England, 20 Aug. 74
Uneasy, distressed, at not hearing for so long
a time--apprehensive that he may have seen
« Werther" (which the begs him never to


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33. Miss






read) and may have followed the horrid ex-
amplema distracted address to any person

whose hands her letter fall. 34. Mr. H. to Miss

Irelanı, 10 Sept.
His late silence occasioned by illness-anec-
dote of a letter in the 711t number of the

35. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 15 Sept:

78 Character of Mr. *****Irish robbery

anecdote of Irish history. 36. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 18 Sept. 83

Story of Count Alberti-poetical ridicule of

an astrological father. 37. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 26 Jan. 1777.90

Lord Harcourt quits his vice-royalty-as an
answer to her reproofs for the tenderness of
his letters, sends her a letter to Lady Marl-

borough from her royal mistress.
38. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 6 Feb.

93 Extraordinary will of Jane Dixon, a Scotch

fuicide. 39. The Same to the Same. Ireland. 27 March. 96 A beautiful French

40. The Same to the Same. Ireland, 20 April.

In answer to one that does not appear, by
which he learnt she is very ill--anecdote of
the death of the Irish Chief Justice, Sir
William Yorke-determined to go to Enge
land, in confequence of her illness, though

for that purpole he should be obliged to fell 41 The Same to the Same. Cannon Coffee-Ho.4 May. 100

Distracted that he cannot gain admittance at
the Admiralty, in consequence of her dan-

gerous illness. 42. Miss

's maid to Mr. H. Admiralty, 4 May 101 Written froin Miss- -'s mouth-she is given over, and dying



43. Miss

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