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NOTE. The words and sentences inclosed in brackets in the following acts and resolution were in the bills and resolution as passed by the Legislature, but not in the enrolled copy as approved by the Governor. It should, how be borne in mind that under a decision of the Supreme Court, 57 Mich. 128, “Bracketed words, which were not in the law as approved by the Governor, have no proper place in the statute."



Act No.

1. Amending act in relation to the Wesleyan Seminary at Albion and the

Albion Female Collegiate Institute; custody of endowment funds.

2. Amending act relative to throwing missiles at passenger trains, street

cars, etc.

3. Amending judicature act; original writs.

4. Amending judicature act; removal, etc., of attorneys and counselors.

5. Amending act to bar debts, etc., against estates of deceased persons.

6. Amending general drain law; assessment to meet deficit.

7. Amending act relative to marriages; who incapable of contracting.

8. Amending act relative to resignations, etc., of officers; removals by


9. Amending general banking law; savings investments.

10. Amending general banking law; amending articles of association.

11. Amending act enabling counties to establish, etc., public hospitals; powers

and duties of trustees.

12. Amending insurance code; rating bureaus.

13. Amending judicature act; summonses, etc.; presiding justice in certain

justice courts.

14. Prohibiting taking of fish from inland waters, within which fish planten

by state, etc.

15. Act providing for administration of estates of decease persons in certain


16. Amending motor vehicle certificate of title act; definitions, etc.

V17. Repealing act providing for collecting agricultural statistics.

18. Salary of stenographer in seventeenth judicial circuit.

19. Regulating business of furnishing laundered articles for hire.

20. Repealing act protecting fish in Reed's and Fisk's lakes, Kent county.

21. Amending act prohibiting taking, etc., certain species of bass; closed


-22. Amending act authorizing boards of education in certain school districts

to provide advanced courses of study to high school graduates.

23. Preventing sale, etc., of certain milk, cream, etc.

m24. Amending act providing for state superintendent of weights and measures,


25. Amending act for incorporating trust, etc., companies; reports.

26. Amending general banking law; notice of application.

17. Amending act for collection, etc., of divorce statistics; returns to state

commissioner of health.

28. Fire protection in townships.

29. Amending act protecting fish in inland waters; number of brook trout that

may be taken.

30. Defining and regulating manufacture, etc., of cheese.

31. Amending judicature act; signing of summonses, etc.

32. Salary of stenographer in twentieth judical circuit.

33. Repealing certain section of act providing for preservation of forests.

34. Amending act to create state department of agriculture; certain powers,

etc., transferred.

Annexation to city school districts of certain school districts in territory

annexed to cities,

36. Salary of stenographer in twenty-fifth judicial circuit.

37. Salary of stenographer in fourteenth judicial circuit.

38. Salary of stenographer in thirtieth judicial circuit.

39. Salary of stenographer in sixth judicial circuit.

40. Amending act to protect fish in inland waters; unlawful to buy, etc.,

brook trout, etc., taken in Detroit river, etc.

41. Amending act protecting game and birds, etc.; use of pitfalls, scaffold,

etc., unlawful.

42. Repealing 'act regulating sale of poison and poisonous substances.

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Act No.

43. Amending act prohibiting transportation of fish caught in waters of Branch

and St. Joseph counties.

44. Amending act regulating fishing in great lakes; unlawful use of nets, etc.

45. Amending act relative to title to real property by descent.

46. Appropriations for public administrator.

47. Repealing bounty act relative to weasels, etc.

48. Amending act providing for leasing, etc., of certain lands owned by state;

leasing of.

49. Amending act defining powers, etc., of boards of supervisors, etc.; special


50. Amending act prohibiting hunting rabbits with ferrets, etc.

51. Amending insurance code; consolidations, etc.

52. Amending insurance code; continuing corporate existence.

53. Amending act fixing compensation of members, officers, etc., of legislature.

54. Providing for standard grade for grapes.

55. Amending act preventing importation, etc., of diseased sheep.

56. Permitting jury of more than twelve persons.

57. Amending act relative to offenses against chastity, etc.


Amending act providing for rural agricultural schools, etc.; consolidations.

59. Amending act relative to county treasurer; limit of consecutive terms of

office removed.

60. Authorizing supervisors to establish, etc., public market; referendum.

61. Amending act permitting taking of cisca with gill nets in Cass county;

open season.

62. Amending act defining limits of Duncan bay; unlawful use of nets, etc.

63. Amending insurance code; provisions of life insurance policy.

64. Amending act protecting fish in inland waters; closed season for brook


65. Salary of stenographer in seventh judicial circuit.

66. Amending act preventing animals from running at large.

67. Amending act prohibiting spearing, etc., in certain rivers, etc., in Eaton

and Ingham counties.

68. Open season for spearing sturgeon in Black rivers and Black lake, Cheboy-

gan and Presque Isle counties.

69. Amending act providing for lighting unincorporated villages.

70. Amending judicature act; adoption of minor child.

71. Amending insurance code; incorporation of companies for insurance against

loss of position, etc.

72. Salary of stenographer in twenty-sixth judicial circuit.

73. Protecting fish in trout streams.

74. Authorizing auditor general to cancel certain taxes.

75. Amending act regulating fishing with tugs, etc.; license fees.

76. Appropriations for bonus claims.

77. Amending corporation code; ecclesiastical corporations.

78. Amending act creating state welfare department; prison industrial plants,

supervision of.

79. Appropriations for board of osteopathic registration.

80. Appropriations for state board of accountancy.

81. Appropriations for Michigan historical commission.

82. Appropriations for commissioner of pardons and paroles.

83. Act supplementing laws relating to municipal courts of record; board of

jury commissioners.

84. Amending act to prevent certain state employes from purchasing lands for

sale by state.

85. Licensing and regulation of sale of cosmetics, etc.

86. Requiring railroads to equip engines with automatic fire box doors.

87. Amending act incorporating Protestant Episcopal churches.

88. Amending act to prefer ex-soldiers for public employments.

89. Amending act to suppress contagious, etc., diseases of live stock.

90. Amending general banking law; investment of deposits by savings banks.

91. Amending insurance code; taxation of foreign companies.

92. Regulating sale, etc., of certain habit-forming drugs.

93. Amending act regulating transmission of electricity.

94. Authorizing utilities commission to grant re-hearings, etc.

95. Amending act regulating manufacture, etc., of ice cream; license fee, etc.

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