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which, with untold mines of power, was meek and lowly and of childlike simplicity, as shewn, more or less, in every letter in the Life and Correspondence. That Southey was a great man and a great scholar, is comparatively, a little thing,—that he was a good man and a Christian every whit, and a righteous example and a pattern for ages yet to come, that is a great matter! His praise is this, that he was a humble minded man, a good son, a good father, a good Christian!

It is scarcely necessary to add, in the words of his prime favourite author, that “ he had a rare felicity in speedy reading of books, and as it were but turning them over would give an exact account of all considerable therein.” The words occur in the Holy State, in the Life of Mr. Perkins, who preached to the prisoners in the castle of Cambridge, “ bound in their bodies, but too loose in their lives.”

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Perhaps the Saxon plural in en may be English Hexameters.

advantageously restored. Aca U HE frequent occurrence of The fewest possible syllables in a line are Aby s monosyllables is unfavour- thirteen, the most seventeen. The first four

s able to hexameters in our feet vary from eight to twelve. I conceive la language. The omission of that any arrangement between these will be SK thee in the imperfect and sufficient if they satisfy the ear. participle, the contraction of the genitive, We have in our language twelve feet; the these also by shortening words increase the

Greeks and Romans had twenty-eight. difficulty.

Spondee . . . . . Egypt The Saxon genitive, then, must be re

Iambic . . . . . Děpārt stored; the pronoun genitive also, “his,"

Trochee . . . . . Lānguid and even “her.” The latter innovation or

Dactyl . . . . . Lõvelily renovation will remove one hissing sound.

Amphibrachys. . . Bělõvěd The English hexameter will be much Amphimacer . . , ūnděrtāke longer to the eye than either the Greek or

Antibacchius . .. Hoūsebreākěr Latin, but so many of our letters are use

Ditrochæus . . . . Lāměntātion less, that I do not think it can be longer to Dijambus Extinguisher, accordthe ear. We often express a single sound

Pæon Secundus] ing as it stands in by two characters, as in all letters with the Ionicus Major J the verse. h compounded.

Choriambic . . . . Arqŭibússiēr A trochee may be used for a spondee, perhaps an iambic, but the iambic must never follow a trochee.

Irregular Blank Verse. Like blank verse, hexameters may run into each other, but the sentence must not,

OF metres that must be the best which I think, close with a hemistich.

being harmonious enough to the reader, fetters least the poet's thoughts.

Those lines are admissible in irregular 1 The reader will find the question of English

blank verse of which none make the half of hexameters fully examined in the Preface to the Vision of Judgment.-J. W. W.

any other; for the Alexandrine is two tacked



together, and they never fit well unless you! Could trochaic lines be introduced into see the seam in the middle. So Warner's the rhymeless four-lined stanza ? or would long line is splittable into the common bal- | the change of cadence be too harsh ?, lad metre. Anapæstic. Iambic. Trochaic. 12.

Noan. Of all subjects this is the most magnificent.

This is the work with which I would atThe Adonic line, the Dactylic, the Ana

tempt to introduce bexameters into our lancreontic, the Sapphic.

guage. A scattered party of fifty or a hunThe sentence must not too often close on

dred do nothing; but if I march a regular a long syllable. The trochaic line of eight

army of some thousands into the country, is the only double ending. This may be palliated by running the lines into the de

well disciplined, and on a good plan, they

will effect their establishment. cimal one. And the anapæstic of nine will

My plan should be sketched before I have bear a redundant syllable at the end. There

read Bodmer's poem; then, if his work be may also be occasionally introduced the trochaic of six, and the Adonic, perhaps the

not above mediocrity, it may be melted at

my convenience into mine. Sapphic or Phaleucian line.

For the philosophy, Burnett's Theory is Thus are there thirteen usable lines. The

the finest possible; for machinery the Rabmore complicate ones can, however, only be

bis must give it me, and the Talmuds are in inserted in polishing; composition will not

requisition. pause for them.

The feelings must be interested for some

of those who perished in the waters. A Metrical Memoranda.

maiden withheld from the ark by maternal

love, and her betrothed self-sacrificed with How would the galloping dactylic metre

her. Their deaths and consequent beatisuit to be written rhymelessly ? rhyme is

tude may be deeply affecting. In the deseven less essential to harmony here than in the iambic cadence, for the lyric there would

potism that has degraded the world, and

made it fit only for destruction, there is room be the four-lined stanza of two twelve, two

for strong painting. The Anakim have once nine, with all its changes. *12 12 9 9

already destroyed mankind ! 9 9 12 12

March 26, 1800. 12 9 9 12

I have read the Noachid of Bodmer; it * 9 12 12 9

is a bad poem. In one point only does it In these long lines there is danger lest the | deserve to be followed, in adopting the sysepithets should be too frequent.

tem of Whiston, and destroying the world Of these duodecimo lines there is no frac by the approximation of a comet. This tion but the 9, for 8 and 9 are convertible, may be ingrafted upon Burnett's Theory. like 11 and 12, and 6 would be halving the long line only. The 7 makes a good line, June 29, 1801. the last half of a pentameter.

Itis unfortunate that Shem and Ham can

not be christened. With rhyme a correspondent metre to Japhet, the European inheritor, must be that of the ebb tide would have a good ef the prominent personage, and brimful of fect, rhyming alternately thus,

patriotism he should be. Some visit, per9 12 12 9

| haps, to Enoch in paradise. The death of

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